Just Know

November 8, 2009
By , Elk Grove, CA
You see her, and you feel it. You just know. She’s the only one for you. You love her. You love the way her eyes sparkle when she laughs. You love the way looks at the stars, as if she knows there’s something more out there.

You love her golden hair and how it floats in the breeze. You love her witty remarks and deep thoughts. You love how her bright eyes grow wide in awe. You love her. More than anything in the world.

As this realization hits you, it’s as if time altogether stops. Like a pause button on life. It’s only you and her. When the world starts to turn again, she turns to look at you, a beautiful smile on her face.

You want so badly to tell her how you feel. But you can’t. Could you really take that risk on your friendship? Never.

Her small footsteps close the distance between you. She stares up at you as you stare down at her. Could she possibly love you too?

You can’t decide what to do. And you know you should probably stop staring at her. But you can’t. Your heart is racing as you try not to panic.

Next thing you know you’re leaning down and kissing her. And she’s kissing you back. You pull away and smile. And she smiles back at you, a smile of true love.

You know then that everything’s okay. That nothing can go wrong. So you take her hand and walk away with her. And you just know. And it’s okay.

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Meli(: said...
May 31, 2010 at 8:31 pm
this was adorable!!! It was so sweet and sincere! Great job! :D
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