To Take A Chance on Love

November 7, 2009
By bella123 BRONZE, Indianapoils, Indiana
bella123 BRONZE, Indianapoils, Indiana
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"Never doubt why you are special, only doubt why you are not."

The rain falls and I barely notice its continuing downpour. I feel a smile stretch across my face as I looked into the eyes of the boy I had completely fallen for. I couldn’t ask myself why I was so certain of my decision, because as I began to doubt myself his returning smile reminded me again. His smile held that since of glow and that light I had always longed for. He took my hand and the warmth threaded through me. His other hand caressed my face and I fell into a pit of happiness that no one would ever wanted to walk away from.

I tried to move closer but he held me away so he could memorize my features and the light that he needed from me. “Why are you everything for me?” I asked the question without thinking, but once I said it, it was almost needed for me to feel that way again.
“I want you to be with me in my heart and you are the only thing that keeps me breathing at night and waking up at the beginning of each day.” I was flooded with something that is indescribable in words, the closest I could come to would be like breathing for the first time and looking at your hero for the first time. It’s the since of absolute true in which you could never forget and always need and want.
“I will always love you.” The words passed through my lips and then I began to fall. He looked back at me and his eyes filled with sadness and I felt like being sad too because he was. I shook myself from his hold and I was overcome with black. I couldn’t think as the blackness surrounded me; his face was gone from my memory and replaced with reality.
I opened my eyes and stared at my ceiling. My eyes filled with tears as I remembered the look on the face of that strange man. He had loved me and for some strange reason I felt the same. Who was he? Did love really exist like that? Would I really ever fall so deeply? The questions continued as the tears made paths on my face. I closed my eyes and his face lit with such a strong smile pulled me back into my everlasting dream that I never wanted to wake up from.

The author's comments:
I was insipred by the fact that so many people fall in love without the true meaning or never believe in love, because somewhere out there love exists.

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