Love is

November 13, 2009
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Love is a moment. She, in a rush, on the phone and writing a list and pushing the shopping cart through the aisle. He, in a daze, grocery list at home, mind completely lost, fingers running through ruffled hair as he tries to stay in the atmosphere. A crash jolts them, not into life but out of it, as their carts collide. Eyes meet and connect, and are torn away as two souls spin back into reality. Destiny is strong, strong enough to pull them together for a moment, but not as strong as the tug of reality. Both walk away from Love without even realizing its presence.

Love is a snapshot. Two mothers walk in to find their toddlers asleep, she with her head on his shoulder, he with his arm protectively around hers. In the dim light, the curve of their smiles light up their faces with an innocence lost too soon. They sleep on, oblivious.

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