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November 3, 2009
By CharlotteS. BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
CharlotteS. BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
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I was sitting on a subway ready to get home, when a very handsome man with dirty blond hair and eyes that shined like emeralds, sat down next to me. I noticed he was wearing a gray suit as I turned to him, and one of my pink strands in my hair flew into my face along with my bright white blond hair. “Hello sir how are you today?” I asked cheerfully. He turned to me tiredly, “I am fine today miss, just a good days work at the office.”

“That sounds nice what’s your name?” He looked at me strangely, “Adrian Carroll and what is yours?” I grinned at him

“Alexandra Masen, Alex for short.” He smiled,

“that is a very lovely name you have, if I may ask what do you do for a living?” I smiled when he asked this.

“I am a detective, the only girl to graduate at my academy, what about you?” I asked still grinning

“I work at a small law firm in the city” I was grinning at this wow we work in a similar background I thought.

“Do you like working in law and what field of law do you work in?” He was grinning at this. It was such a breathtaking smile that lit up his face.

“I work in criminal law and I love it all of the work I get to do, being able to help someone who can’t help themselves or speak for themselves.” I smiled at what he said and looked out the window for a few minutes as the city of Chicago was pasting us by, then looked back at him. He looked at me and asked, “How do you like your work?” I knew just as he asked the question I would not stop talking for a while.

“I love learning about people to help them or catch them, or proving that someone has done wrong, though it can be hard to keep order. I'm dead clumsy.” I finished, blushing a little, he laughed. It sounded so musical and beautiful.

“You don’t seem like the clumsy type at all” I grinned, “well I am. Everyone I know thinks it is funny, but I think they have gotten use to me tripping that they have learned I won't get hurt.” He smiled a tiny bit and oh how smile made me melt. Such a beautiful angel like smile, I hope I could see it more.

“Well I take it you must fall down a lot if they have gotten use to it. I don’t know a lot of clumsy people so I wouldn't be used to it.” I smiled shyly and nodded. Put my hand out

“Well you just met a clumsy person.” He smirked and grabbed my hand. I swore my heart stuttered at his touch. The subway came to a stop we both stood up and walked off. I looked up at him, “You get off here too?” He grinned.

“Yes I live on Fitch street.” I was beaming at this, yes I can spend more time with him I thought

“I do too, in the Baker apartments.” He looked very surprised and happy at what I had just told him.

“I live there too” he said in a quiet voice. I knew I was grinning ear to ear at this. Now I got what my mother meant love would make you grin like an idiot and yet I could not care less.

“What floor do you live on?” He smiled his amazing smile that made my heart quicken, “I live on the sixth floor what about you?” I asked just now noticing it was getting late. How the sun setting over the buildings gave them a glow. Not that I could care I got to spent time with the most amazing man that I now knows lives on my floor, “The same floor,” I replied. He nodded with a little grin,

“Do you have any pets?” He asked. I was shocked, how did we go from talking about are home to pets I wondered.

“No I do not do well with pet they always find a way to run away or die so I gave up. What about you?” He laughed at my story oh that laugh I knew my heart was quickening.

“No I don’t do well with pets either.” I just now noticed we were on our floor, I sighed quietly. He noticed “I would love to talk to you some more. How about I meet you downstairs at nine for breakfast?” He asked, I grinned and nodded as I walked into my apartment, I did my nightly routine and fell asleep the minute my head hit the pillow.

The next morning I woke at 8:30am and started to get ready brushed my teeth and hair. Picked out a black knee length skirt and pink blouse. By 8:50am I was ready to leave and rushed down the stairs to meet Adrian, I noticed him before I took the last step and didn't see the last step I fell with a crash. “Ow.” Next thing I knew someone was pulling me up from the ground “You weren’t lying when you said you were clumsy.” I turned around. There stood a Greek God he looked amazing in jeans and a plain blue t-shirt and he was grinning his beautiful smile that I loved so much.

“Hi how are you this morning?” I asked blushing.

“Fine thank you how are you this fine morning. Are you hurt after that fall?” He sounded worried.

“I’m fine and OK after that fall so where do want to go?” He grinned, “I know this lovely café down the block from here, if you would like?” I smiled.

“Yes that sounds lovely, lets go” we started walking, and took turns asking each other question till we got to the cafe. I managed not to trip the whole way. Quite a good thing for me. The café was very relaxing with the smell of fresh cooked bacon, eggs, omelets, and coffee going through the place. We ordered some coffee and eggs. We asked about past relationships and anything we could while we were eating. We ate pretty quickly and paid for the meal, then decided to take a walk through the park.

“So would you call this a date?” He asked. I looked up at him and smiled,

“Are you saying you like me and want it to be a first date?” Unsure of his answer, he looked down at me and smiled.

“Yes I like you and want it to be a date.” I smiled.

“Then yes, would you like to see a movie next Friday?”

The End

The author's comments:
It is a cute love story about two people meeting on a story hope you injoy.

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