Rebekah's Diary

October 26, 2009
By sabrina668 BRONZE, San Jose, California
sabrina668 BRONZE, San Jose, California
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Friendship... is not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything.
-Muhammad Ali

Rebekah's Diary
May 31
My name is Rebekah Luna. I am 15 years old. My parents got divorced 3 weeks ago and I'm writing this diary because I'm about to start a whole new life. I would have rather stayed with my father in the US but the courts decided otherwhys. I'm leaving tomorrow  to meet up with my mother in Kyoto where I will live until I'm legally old enough to live on my own when I'm 18 aka 3 years of foreign hell starts tomorrow.
June 1
Today was very uneventful for my supposed first day in hell. The long plane ride was bearable. I'm in my new room and bed. Today is Sunday so tomorrow will be my first day of school at Kyoto High School. The uniforms are the ugliest things I have ever layed my eyes upon. Goodnight.
June 2
Today was crazy literally. My mother left before I went downstairs showing how caring she is with a piece of burnt toast. I had no idea how to get to school. I followed some girls wearing my uniform but soon they outwalked me leaving me hopelessly lost. While standing looking at a map I had, a boy walked up to me speaking Japanese. I must have looked so confused because he then started speaking somewhat good English. I can understand some Japanese but not alot. This is how our conversation went:
Him: Are you looking for the school?
Me: Yes Kyoto High School.
Him: Walk with me, I go there too. So you're new here?
Me: So new as in about 12 hours in japan so far.
Him: And your parents made you go to school today?!?
Me: My mother is crazy.
Him: Makes sense, I'll take you to the office to check in. Do you have any papers?
Me: Yeah this one.
Him: Oh you're a second year too.
Me: Apparently.
(After going to the office)
Him: Well our classes are by gender but I'll find you at lunch. My name is really long  so call me Yet.
Me: Alright I don't really like my full name so I'm Beka.
Him: Beka... Pretty. I promise to find you after class.
(He walks off into his friend group of guys. And left me with Japanese girls staring like I'm some chicken,
Girl #1: Hey!!! She was walking with Yet to school. I totally saw her!
Girl #2: With Yet?!?! But thats crazy he just never does that!
Girl #1: Talk to her already!
Girl #2: Fine! Come with me! But really Yet!!
( The other girls seemed just as surprised as the first two but they didn't approach me)
Girl #2: (In English) Hello!! I'm PK! Where are you from? This is my friend Reda.
(Basic getting to know you stuff then classes which were all difficult except for english.)
After morning class:
PK: Rebekah, you can come to lunch with us if you would like we have 2 hours off.
Reda: Yeah come! It would be fun!
(Yet sneaks behind me and drapes his arm on my shoulders.)
Me: What?!?
(Both girls stare at me!)
Yet: Sorry, but I gave my word to take Beka to lunch.
Reda: Uhh........
PK: Yeah thats uhh totally normal I mean ok! Um Beka we can go to lunch tomorrow! See you later in class!
(Yet grins at them as they hurry off leaving me with his arm securely around me being stared at by almost everyone in the courtyard.)
Yet: Beka, you still talk right?
Me: Of course.(As I remove his arm)
(He frowns a bit) Yet: Come on then it's lunch time. I hope you don't mind but my friends and I are going to Mcdonalds it's Mac Monday in our books.
Me: Thats fine with me.
(As we walk over to his friends, I can almost feel eyes boring into my back as his friends look at me head on)
To make this clear: I would never describe myself as pretty but I've been called that and can't complain about my weight or height though they are both on the small side my breasts are B cups and my legs are longer than any part of me. My hair is the darkest brown possible and I have hazel eyes.
Back to the day:
Yet: These are my friends.. well most of them at least. (he points to each one)
{I just realized I never described Yet!! So Yet is around 5'10 taller than all his friends but one with jet black hair and dark brown eyes. He's quick to smile and thin but somewhat muscular figure. Gym possibly?}
Back again:
Yet: This is Teke, Wei, Xen, and Goy.
[Teke is a smaller quiet one, Wei is the tallest probably around six foot that looks relaxed more go with the flow type, Xen is average height that looks talkative, and Goy is average tall who looks almost out of place among them with longer hair]
Me: Hi, I'm Beka.
(Teke and Wei nod to me]
Xen: Oh we know, we don't let just anyone come with us( he smiles)
Goy: Welcome.
Me: Thanks.
(We all start walking in pairs because of the small sidewalk: the quiet ones, Xen and Goy, and Yet and me)
Yet: Dont mind Teke and Wei, they're just shy, and don't kill Xen when he starts talking like crazy.
Me: Im pretty shy too. They all seem pretty nice to let me come in your exclusive group. (I lightly elbow him)
Yet: (laughs) The Exclusive Five. I'm just kidding we're just friends.
Me: Sure. Just friends(As I glance back to see many girls giving me somewhat dirty looks)
[Yet motions for me to sit down]
Yet: We'll take this bus to the subway station to get to the Mcdonalds by there.
Me: Sounds good.
Yet: So why are you here?
Me: (I smile) Because you're taking me to lunch.
Yet: Bad question, why are you here in Kyoto?
Me: I was living in the US but my parents got divorced. My mother won the custody battle so I'll live here till whenever.
Yet; Harsh but when is whenever.
Me: Until I'm 18 when in the US I'm legally an adult.
Yet: So I have two years to convince you to stay?
Me: Actually three years I'm fifteen.
Yet: Even better. I'll get you to stay.(He smiles at me) Come on! This is our bus.
[I looked up and saw almost all the guys were on the bus. Yet grabs my hand and pulls me on]
{I look around the bus for a seat and only see one open by Xen as Yet motions for me to sit there]
Xen: Nice for you to join me huh pretty Beka?
Me: Just Beka. And yeah.
Xen: So Beka, why didn't you find me instead of icky Yet.
Me: I didn't find him, quite the opposite I was really lost and he helped me get to school.
Xen: (he makes a face) That's cruel! I wish I went that way to school just to meet you. [he started to move closer]
Yet: Come on, Beka! This is our stop.
Me: (quietly) Thank God.
[We walk inside of McDonalds]
Yet: What do you want, a cheeseburger?
Me: No thanks, I'm just getting fries.
Yet: What?! I thought all Americans eat cheeseburgers. Aren't you the typical American girl?
Me: No and I don't even think that girl exists.
Yet: Hmm. (And smiles at me)
[As we sit down to eat, I listen to the other guys talk in Japanese]
This is what was said:
Xen: Can you believe it Yet is the guy who never even talks to girls but the pretty foreign one comes along and he befriends her?!
Teke: Why do you care so much?
Xen: I care.. I care because..
Goby: He cares because he already likes Beka.
Xen: I don't even know her!
Wei: That doesn't really seem to matter to you.
Xen: I don't!
Back to me not eavesdropping:
Yet: Beka.. Beka!
Me: Hmm..what?
Yet: Oh nothing I just asked you a question while you were staring at the guys.
Me: Sorry. I was umm jetlag?
Yet: You know some Japanese don't you?
Me: Only some but I can't speak it for my life.
Yet: So you heard them and everyone this morning?
Me: Unfortunately.
Yet: Haha sneaky. All done?
[I nod and we walk out after saying goodbye to the guys and one unhappy Xen]
Me: My turn to ask questions now.
Yet: Shoot.
Me: So why was everyone shocked this morning?
Yet: I.. don't really talk to girls that often especially not walking them to school.
Me: I'm glad you did or else I would never get to school.
Yet: I'm glad I did. You seem different.
(Sorry too long)

The author's comments:
I went to Japan this past summer and seeing all the school students made me curious. I know the facts might not all be right but I wrote this on my iphone while traveling over there. It's rough but you can get the basic idea.

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on Jan. 24 2010 at 6:17 pm
contrygurl BRONZE, Sanbernardino, California
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Favorite Quote:
to love and to be loved is lifes greatest joy

this is so amazing its like im there in the story keep up the good work

on Jan. 11 2010 at 10:42 pm
sabrina668 BRONZE, San Jose, California
3 articles 0 photos 1 comment

Favorite Quote:
Friendship... is not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything.
-Muhammad Ali

thanks! It is a lot longer than this. I think Beka's diary is about 30 pages now. I have another two that connect to this story too. It is like a "book" with diaries from different people and how they view each situation in their intertwined lives.

biddycakes said...
on Nov. 30 2009 at 8:23 pm
biddycakes, Charlotte, North Carolina
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wooow!!!!!!! that was fantastic! please pleasewrite more that was intresting! keep writing and let me know when you have another!

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