Contemplation Station

October 26, 2009
By , North Las Vegas, NV
The air is dry and hot. The heat from the sun is absolutely revolting yet there is some ease in the air. As the young girl gets out of the arriving train, she sees what is waiting for her at contemplation station. She looks to her left and sees what could be perceived as perfection. The perfect, the safest person to run to. The person that would hold her when she was sick or tired or sad. The person that makes her laugh when he isn't even trying to. She sees him there and he is waiting for her just like he has always been. he stands there taller and greater than anyone she has ever seen before. He is already amazing yet he has the most potential of any one she has ever met. In all ways and in every view from everyone's perspective he is just what this girl needs. He is the perfect guy who doesn't know he is that great. He is handsome when he takes of his glasses and he is adorable when he has them on. The way he acts strangely around her just makes her like him all the more. He spots her coming of the train and he smiles. His smile is one that is shy and warm at the same time. It is the smile of a long awaited hello. It is a smile that screams "Pick me, choose me, Like me!" His eyes are warm and chocolate like with brown curls to match on the top of his head. He is in every way what the girl wants. She steps toward him with a warm smile, but a gust of cold wind hits her. The wind makes her look to the right and that i when she spots him. She spots hell right than and there. Hell is not waiting for her, but rather he is flaunting the woman next to him. He holds her tight and he loves her, yet something in his eyes scream to the girl that is trying to find her way to the person on the left. Hell is not just a person though; he is a man and worse yet, he is the only man the girl could ever imagine herself loving. The wind pulls her in the direction of hell and she feels absolutly helpless She is moving to the right even though she is fighting with all her heart. That damned hell who loves the woman in his arms is pulling the girl toward him with his intense stare. He is greedy because even though he already has his great woman who he loves, he still pulls the poor girl to his side. She doesn't want to be there and he knows he can't even offer her a good response to her forced love. He only feels mighty with the love of the girl, but he will never do anything to help the girl find her own happiness. So as the girl fights to walk to the perfection on the left, hell knows that he will always beat anyone who tries to take his girl away from him and he also knows that he will never in his life give that poor girl one ounce of his love. He won't even help her get off of contempation station. Hell gets on the upcoming train with his woman and the poor girl is dragged along with contemplation station in her heart. The worst part of her story is that she couldn't help but to drag on the potential person that is always waiting for her.

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