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October 26, 2009
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Marnie was your typical self-centered, conceited cheerleader. She was toned and beautiful on the outside, but fragile on the inside. She was the captain of the cheerleading team at Jameswood High. Marnie was the richest girl at school ever since her dad had gotten into a car accident and came out with a large amount of money. But, aside from the clothes and the stuck-up attitude, Marnie was a girl begging for the attention of one guy.
What do I even see in him? She thought. She watched him as he walked to his seat, sitting next to her. She inhaled a whiff of his cologne, which changed everyday, she noticed. She sighed to herself.
You can do it Marnie, she chanted in her head, you can do it.
“Hi, Ned.” She whispered loud enough for him to hear and gave him a small little smile.
It wasn’t like he didn’t like Marnie, he just thought she was only the biggest jerk in the school. But, Ned wasn’t a rude guy.
“Hello, Marnie. How are you today?”
She smiled, “I’m fine, thanks.” Marnie looked away from him for a second, debating whether or not to take the conversation further. “There’s a party this weekend. Are you going?” She looked hopeful.
“I wasn’t invited, so I guess not.” Ned wasn’t a party animal but, Ned wasn’t your ordinary “geek” either. He was more confident in himself, friends with the jocks, and had three attractive girlfriends, only one serious relationship. Ned and Marnie had known each other since elementary school; Marnie would cheat off Ned’s tests. He knew Marnie liked him. When he first realized, he was flabbergasted, but he wouldn’t believe me.
You’re probably wondering who I am and how I know so much about them. I’ve been close friends with each of them since sixth grade. I’ve found their love for each other interesting. I knew they were meant for each other before they did. But I’m not the important one here, they are and I’ll show you everything that happened between them that night they realized they were meant to be.

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Erudite said...
Jul. 6, 2010 at 6:39 am

WOAH...seriously, wow!!

and if u need help here is a liitle suggestion:

there is a Christmas eve party and they both come, they are both standing under the mistletoe..and you know..


thats really unoriginal, but i just wanna break through your writers block so we can read more!!!!!!!!!

adorabiblegirl said...
Dec. 2, 2009 at 12:41 pm
aww come on u gotta keep going!!!
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