The Amethyst Ring

October 16, 2009
Every women in the world would die for an diamond ring, I just want an Amethyst one. I think amethyst stones are the most mysterous and beautful of all stones. The one I'm wearing now is the one my love has given me.
I'm only seventeen and he's eighteen. We're planning on getting married when I turn 21 and he turns 22. How did we meet you say? well it all always in school.
We met eyes first, I was so shy I could bare to look at him any longer...I could still feel his eyes on me, like warm beams of light from the sun, and it was a cold day too.
Every girl wanted him, I can't complain, his blond hair, blue eyes and angelic smile caught the hearts of any girl of age. His rough and tough appearence threating to football players, not that he is any way.
A month later, he finally came up to me and asked me out, as shy as I was I chillyingly answered yes, that one date didi it all, he never wanted to leave my side he wanted to protect me till the end and I never wanted to let go either.
One day he bought me an amethyst ring, I wonder how he knew..well appairently, my name. He slid the ring on my finger and siad.
"One day, this will also be your wedding ring, just a reminder that I will never forget you and for you to never forget me."
I cried as he held me close...I could hear his heart beat...funny it sounded more like a melody...I hope it never stops. "I love you." I whispered, and tightened the embrace.

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