Amor Vincit Omnia

October 6, 2009
By jessemccluver BRONZE, Portland, Indiana
jessemccluver BRONZE, Portland, Indiana
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It was late April, almost May, when word had finally reached Abigail about her sister’s passing. She received this horrific news by letter delivered by horse. Since Abigail lived in the valley of a huge mountain, it had taken the messenger weeks to reach her. At first Abigail didn’t believe it to be true, it took a few minutes for her to come to the reality that her beloved sister had died. The letter had been written by her sister before her death.

My dearest baby sister,

How dear you are to me. Oh how I miss you. How I miss spending time with ma and you talking of the past. I remember once when you were so very little you fell running after a kitten. You scrapped your arm, I held you as ma disinfected the scrap. How my heart sank seeing you cry. It pains me to see you in pain. It nearly kills me to tell you this now, but I must for I know no one else but you who could take care of my children. I know you live in a place of great beauty and little noise, but I must ask of you to take care of my children when I’m gone. For I know I shall not be alive much longer, the pneumonia has become to strong and my body is too weak to fight any longer. Ma and Pa have had you for long enough, so I must ask you to move to the city. It is time for you to become the woman you were destined to be. My children shall welcome you for I have told them plenty of stories about you and I. Jon, my husband, will make sure you are well provided for. Please come to the city, I would not ask you if it were not vital to the growth of my children. A child needs a mother and I cannot stand the thought of leaving my precious babies without a mother to love them and teach them how to be. Baby sister, I love you so much. I pray to the Lord that you will move to the city. I know it pains you greatly that I am no longer living, but do not forget that I shall always be in your heart as you shall always be in mine.



“Abigail, who was that?” Pa hollers from the red barn that we kiddies had help build. How hard it would be to tell Pa and Ma that I am to leave. Leave my home that I feel so content in for some strange place in the city.
“It was the mail man,” I holler back, “he brought a letter from my sister.”
“Oh, well bring it here my dear so I can see it with my own two eyes,” Pa replies surprised that Crystal had written a letter. I quickly walk to the barn and hand Pa the letter. I watch as Pa’s eyes grow as he reads the letter.
“Ab, you must go,” Pa tells me with a look of great sadness. My heart sinks so deeply I could cry.
“But Pa...I don’t want to go. I want to stay here with Ma and you, please,” I plead. “The thought of leaving this place is so dreadful I don’t think I could bear leaving.”
“Abigail, you’re going no ifs ands or buts. My dear child, your sister needs you to look after her loved ones. Do you not wish to help your big sister?” Pa says struggling to remain a neutral tone.
“Yes, I wish to help her, but not at the expense of not being here with baby Alex, Matt, Ma, and you. Pa, I love you all so dearly,” I try and explain tears rolling down my cheeks. As Ma is coming up the lane carrying baby Alex I run to her.
“Ma tell me I don’t I have to go,” I cry.
“Go? Go where?” Ma asks calmly.
“Pa is sending me to the city to look after Crystal’s children,” I explain in one breath.
“Why would he do such a thing? You are to be wed to Matthew in a few months,” Ma says not understanding what was going on at all.
“Ma, may I go see Mattie?” I ask shakily.
“Sure but be home in an hour we have to fix dinner,” Ma replies as she continues up the lane. I proceed to Mattie’s house as quick as my legs could run.
“Hello Abigail,” Matt’s mother says to me as I reach the house.
“Hello Mrs. Foster, is Matthew home?” I ask barely able to speak.
“He is around back entertaining the children,” Mrs. Foster replies from the porch. She is sewing up one of the boys’ shirts.
“Thanks,” I reply before walking to the back.
“Abby, how good it is to see you,” Matt says to me as soon as he sees me. He walks over to me, grabs my hand but I quickly pull it away not in the mood for his sweet manner.
“What is wrong?” Matt asks starring at me.
“Pa is sending me to the city…”I barely manage to say before I start crying. Matt lets me cry into his chest, getting his shirt wet. When I’m finally done crying, he kisses me gently on the lips.
“What is the big deal with your Pa sending you to the city?” Matt asks running his hand threw my hair.
“I don’t want to go. I want to stay here with you,” I reply quietly.
“Oh sweetheart, I promise to you that I will wait for you to return from the city. I want no one else but you. My parents may try to purse me to marry another, but my heart is already taken. You, my dear, have my heart. Go to the city, stay as long as you must, and then return here to me,” Matt says try to sooth my nerves.
“How can you promise me what you do not know yourself?” I reply unsure if he could wait for me.
“I know that my heart desires only you my dear. Please trust in me when I say I shall wait for your return no matter how long it takes. But while you are away I will begin to build us a home,” Matt says in a soft manner. He leans in and kisses me on the forehead.
“Oh Mattie I know not how I will survive without you. You know me so well and I know little of my beloved sister’s children. What if they do not understand me and find me so foolish?” I ask looking towards the sunset.
“Love it is getting quiet late, shall I walk you home?” Matt asks intertwining his fingers with mine. I smile freezing this moment in my memory.
We walk slowly towards my home. Matt is walking faster than I, so I must take more steps to keep up with him. I dread returning home almost as much as I dread losing my soul mate. Upon our arrival at my home, my parents call to Matthew.
“Ay Matthew, come here my boy,” Pa says to Matt. Matt lets go of my hand and walks over to my father. I watch them talking but I could not make out what they were saying nor could I hear what was being said.
“Abigail, come hither,” Pa says sternly.
“Yes pa?” I say not making eye contact.
“Your mother does not approve of my sending you to live in the city with your sister’s children for you do not know them not do they know you. So your mother and I found a compromise that we think will suit you,” pa says looking from Matthew to me.
“What could that be?” I ask pa uncertain about his and mother’s idea.
“Well Matthew and you are to be wed in a matter of a few days. After the marriage you accompanied by your husband will go to the city and take care of your sister’s children. If you wish to stay in the city, so be it. If you wish to return home, which is what I believe both of you desire, there will be a few acres to the west in your names,” pa says triumphantly.
“Oh pa,” I say before embracing him and tearing from joy, “I love you.”
“Now I must go help your mother with dinner, you two stay out here and discuss this matter further,” pa says before heading inside.
“What do you think?” I ask Mattie, unable to read his face.
“I…I’m not sure, I am so shocked and thankful,” Matt replies and kisses me tenderly on the lips.
“Love conquerors all…,” I say as we walk inside for dinner.

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