You Belong with Me

October 1, 2009
By Emma Miller BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
Emma Miller BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
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Chase was sitting on his bed with a pile of books around him not wanting to do his physics homework when something captured his attention on the radio. He turned it up to find “You Belong with Me” by Taylor Swift playing. He grabbed his guitar, thankful for the distraction and began to play along. Wow, he thought, this is the song of my life.

A few houses down, Peyton, his best friend since they were in preschool, was on the phone with her boyfriend. Peyton was the prettiest girls in school with her long brown waves and perfect skin, and all the boys wanted to meet her. Her current boyfriend, who Chase thought was a total jerk, was mad at Peyton for not choosing him to be her lab partner.

Chase, being bored out of his mind, picked up his cell phone and hit speed dial number one. The phone rang three times when Peyton answered. Chase could tell that she was really upset by the tone in her voice. He could her sniffling and trying not to cry. Oh no Peyton, Chase thought, not again…

After their short lived conversation Peyton told him she had to go and would talk to him later. Chase sighed and started planning on something he’d wanted to do for a long time. He pushed his physics homework away; after all he did have all weekend to do it, laid back and blasted the country music, mentally preparing himself for Peyton’s tears.

The next morning Chase was playing “Your Guardian Angle” when Peyton came bursting through the doors collapsing face first on his bed. “Your mom let me in,” she said.

Peyton’s face was tear streaked and it looked like she hasn’t slept at all last night. He stopped playing, set his guitar down and went to sit on his bed by Peyton. Automatically his arms went around her trying to console her. She blabbed on about Jordan, her now ex-boyfriend. He had spent the whole day listening to her cry and whished she was just ditch the jerks and find someone worth her time and that really cared about her…someone like him.

Chase realized that it was either now or never with Peyton. By Monday, Peyton would be off with another guy that was even more of a jerk than the previous boyfriends. Chase hit number one on his speed dial and wait for Peyton to answer phone. When she answered she seemed oddly happy for someone who had just gone through a break up. Many thoughts raced through his head: had they gotten back together, did she move on to someone else, was he to late?

“Hey!” she replied cheerfully.

Chase could envision her tell him all the details and how they’d gotten back together.

“Hey! How are you doing?” Chase questioned her hoping she would say bad.

“I’m fine for just going through a break up.”

A wave of relief came over him as he heard that.

“Ok well I was wondering about something and well um, do you want to come over tonight?” he asked his voice shaking.

There was a pause.

“I have a surprise for you that I think you might like,” he quickly added.

“Sure!” she said excitedly. Chase was so happy! He wanted to jump around his room like a 5 year old. He had waited for this moment this moment since he was twelve. He ran down the stairs to make sure everything was perfect for tonight.

The doorbell rang at a quarter to eight. Peyton walked through the door looking like an angel. Her long brown hair was curled to perfection and her tan skinned glowed in the light of the porch.

The evening was going great! Chase couldn’t remember the last time he had laughed so hard. After playing rock band, their favorite game and watching Just Friends, their favorite movie, they were on the floor laughing and throwing popcorn at each other.

“Take it outside!” Chase’s mom yelled from the upstairs.

“Ok, sorry mom!” Chase yelled back still winded form laughing.
As they walked outside, they sat under the big tree in Chase’s backyard. They were both looking at the stars twinkling on the dark velvet sky still a little giggly from the past events.

“Its beautiful!” Peyton sighed as she laid her head on Chase’s shoulder.

“Yeah…just like you.”

Peyton smiled, “Not looking to bad yourself.”

They sat in the moonlight smiling at each other then Chase decided that it was time for his surprise.

“Hold on,” he said, “Ill be right back.” He ran into the house and grabbed his guitar. Took a couple deep breathes and walked back out and sat down again next to Peyton.

“You ready?” he asked softly.

“Ready, “ she said so softly the slight breeze in the air practically carried it away. He started to play and sing “You Belong with Me” with the new words he had written. When he had finished he looked down at Peyton whose head was on his shoulder, the stars glittering in her eyes.

“Yeah, I do belong with you,” she replied and she scooted closer to him. He put his arms around her smiling as he finally heard the words he had waited many years for.

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