Modern-Day Antigone Part 2

September 30, 2009
By notjustcino SILVER, Alabama, Alabama
notjustcino SILVER, Alabama, Alabama
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“I didn’t see any other people with her, and there aren’t many people around this part of the beach. Should we take her to our condo?” Chris asked Wes.

“Of course.” Wes picked up the girl and the two boys carried her back to their condo and laid her down on the bed. “Let’s leave her alone until she wakes.”

“Yes sir.” Chris walked into the next room and switched on the TV.

After only one hour, Chris and Wes heard shifting in the girl’s room. Wes got up to check on her and found her beginning to wake up. He sat on the bedside, patiently waiting for her to fully awake. When her eyelids lifted just fractionally, he asked for her name.

“Natalie. Where am I?”

“I’m Wes. My friend Chris and I saved you from drowning earlier. Do you remember anything?”

“Not really, it’s all just a blur.”

“I figured it would be. But there’s no reason to worry, the paramedics assured us you’ll be just fine.”

“Thank you.” Natalie rolled over and fell back asleep.

He remained sitting on the bedside admiring her beauty. She had long, beautiful, wavy brown hair. He traced his fingers through it and wished he could stay there forever, never removing his hand from her silky hair. Her body was a tan color; enhanced by the jet-black bathing suit she wore. She changed positions, now turning her face towards Wes. He was blown away by her exquisiteness; even her mascara-stained cheeks were lovely. He almost felt compelled to kiss her as he gazed at her soft pink lips. Of course, this moment could not last forever and was interrupted by Chris.

“You doin’ okay, man?”

“Yeah. I was just about to head back to the next room. She woke up a few minutes ago, her name’s Natalie.”

“Cool. That was real good of you today, Wes.”

“Thanks, let’s go watch more TV and wait for Natalie to wake up.”

Wes’ mind was nowhere near the game they were watching, it was all on Natalie: her eyes, lips, hair, and body, everything he could remember. Chris noticed that Wes wasn’t really focused on the game, but he decided that Wes must have been partly traumatized by the events earlier, so he left it alone.

Three hours later, the boys again heard stirring in Natalie’s room. Wes immediately jumped off the couch, ensuring that he would again be the one to check on Natalie.


“Yes, I’m awake now.”

“Is there a number we should call? Your parents or anyone?”

“No, that’s fine.”

“Are you sure? Natalie, you almost drowned, your parents might need to know.”

“No, please don’t call them. They’ll overreact and worry too much; I’m here to get away from them. I’m staying with my friend, Khadijah, at a condo just down street from here. Can you call her and let her know I’m safe and I’ll meet her tomorrow?”

“Sure, anything you need.”

“Thanks, but first please tell me what happened.”

“Okay. What do you remember?”

“The last thing I can think of is being trapped under the water yelling for help.”

“Alright, let me fill you in.” Wes took her hand.

“Please.” She half-smiled.

Wes explained in detail what had occurred up until she completely awoke, only omitting the time he spent gazing at her beauty. She thanked him profusely for saving her life and asked if he would hold her hand to comfort her just a little while longer. Wes eagerly accepted the offer, though he tried not to show his excitement. He traced with his thumb along and between her fingers. She eventually fell asleep and once again Wes rejoined Chris. It was midnight by this time and the boys agreed it was time for bed. They would have to wake up early the next morning; they were still behind by fourteen phone numbers

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