happyness in sorrow

October 14, 2009
By insane BRONZE, Abbotsford, Other
insane BRONZE, Abbotsford, Other
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Andrew where are you Andrew woke up in such a startle that he hit his head on the bed frame then he realized it was his father drunk again he was scared because his father would start beating him soon so like many times before he climbed out of the window in his bed room and started running to his friend’s house nick was two blocks away and always let him in because of Andrews father normally they would sit and play video games but today was different nick started talking about social services to get him away from his father because of how he beat him so they told nicks parents that they were going out and then went to social services when they got there they immediately went to the front desk and told the secretary that they needed to talk to one of the advisors she told them to wait a second as she started typing on her computer she said we have a spot she could put them in about an hour they said that would be a great time so they left and went window shopping they went to electronic stores and they found a cool looking remote controlled car in one of the shops but that was it nick looked at his watch fifteen minutes left they started to head back to the community center but were still window shopping a little bit he looked at his watch again five minutes left he said so they sprinted all the way back they got there just in time they went back to the front desk and told the new lady they had an appointment they followed her to the room they had the appointment with they told her there story and then she told them that they needed to get him out right away she also told them that they could move into a place together and that they would get checks every month to help pay rent food clothing and school supplies they could choose where they lived went to school they could start when they were both sixteen Andrew told her he was turning six teen next week nick told her that he already was sixteen so he told them they could start today and that a delivery truck would go to both of their houses and bring their stuff to a to the new one if they wanted they could make a mortgage for a house which they didn’t have to take care of she would put it into the system that it would be paid automatically and deducted off their checks each month and she would find one in the area she could also help them get a job they said that would be a great idea so she asked where they wanted to live and what school they wanted to go to they asked where would there be a good neighborhood and cheaper mortgages she told them about a place in alder grove with a payment of two thousand dollars a month which would take up most of the money that’s why she would help them get jobs to help with food clothing and school supplies they couldn’t find a job that was quite right they were both not very strong and they were both short and skinny than she told them about a job that would pay sixty dollars an hour and they only had to work for two hours a day for Monday to Friday but Saturday and Sunday they would work six
And all they had to do was pick grapes for the local winery they looked at each other and said yes we will take it so she got a delivery truck to get their clothes beds and other stuff in there room and a van to bring them to their new house Andrew and nick arrive at their new house an hour later the delivery truck shows up with their stuff they start unpacking and telling the delivery men where to put their stuff once they get everything set up they are so tired that they just fall asleep in the mourning they go out with the new money they got they decided that food was the biggest necessity so they found some good food that they liked and went off to find clothing that would fit them and look cool they both got a camouflage hoodie a black shirt and a pair of blue jeans they looked in their pockets and counted they money they had left and saw they had five hundred dollars left they got a couch a TV a vcr and a DVD player which only cost a hundred dollars so they went to the bank made an account then went home a couple months later they start going to school he sees her every day at school but never get the guts to ask her out his friends all laugh at the fact that I like her his friends think she is so obnoxious but Andrew thinks she is the most wonderful girl in the world he always remembers about the saying boys are supposed to be tough but he never was strong he was a skinny short fifteen year old guy that couldn’t get a date because he was too embarrassed to ask he just wants a relationship where he can talk about his feelings one day a girl named Elisabeth went up to him and asked him out he was so shocked that a girl might want to go out with him he just goes blank not knowing what to say she snaps him out of it earth to Andrew anybody in there he wakes up what what’s happening she asks him again do you want to go out with me he just says sure they start hanging out talking about life going for walks it goes on for some time till he asks her if she wanted to go out for dinner at Roseland she is so happy that she said almost instantly yes she cannot believe it she asks when he just tells her when does she want to go she just says how about tomorrow at six he is delighted that he is finally going on a date with her he is so exited he shows up at five an hour later she arrives they go inside and ask for a table for two they sit down and the waiter gives them the menu he asks what she wants to eat she says she just wants a small salad he asks her why such a small meal you shouldn’t be worried about your figure you look so pretty order what you want money is no problem so she orders a baked potato and fries with a medium coke while he orders a beef dip with a medium root beer they start to talk like they always do but this time it feels different they are bonding closer to each other they finish up he pays the bill then asks if he can walk her home she politely says no and that her dad would be picking her up soon and that she lives in surrey. He waits with her till her dad picks her up and then he walks home when he gets there nick just starts throwing questions at him how was the date what did you do nick shut up I’m tired talk to you in the morning and with that he went to bed …

The author's comments:
i need help for ideas i got writers block and i got the storyidea from my life

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