Truth [part three]

October 14, 2009
By TeamEdwardBarrett BRONZE, Columbia, South Carolina
TeamEdwardBarrett BRONZE, Columbia, South Carolina
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Stay strong now cause things will get better, It may be stormy now but it cant rain forever.

Chapter three
Home sweet home

“How did dad know I was sick?” I asked my mom as she stared at the road ahead of her. “I don’t know sweetie. I really don’t know.” She replied not looking away. –long pause- “You left Veronica.” I told her out of the blue aware my best friend was not in the back seat chatting her heart out. “Oh. I did. Well, I will call her mother to come pick her up.” She replied finally looking away to dig through her purse to get her phone. She dialed Veronica’s mother. “Hello. This is Micheala’s mother Brandy. My daughter fainted today on the school bus and Veronica was the one who went in the ambulance with her. She is still at Richland Memorial. Can you do me a huge favor and go pick her up for me?” My mom paused to listen to Veronica’s mother’s reply. “Thank you.” She said lastly. She handed me the phone to put in her purse looking back at the road ahead of her. Out the car window was a beautiful pink and orange sunset that reminded me of the day when I had just begun middle school. (Flashback) It was hot at 5:50 in the morning when I had to go to the bus stop. Outside there was a mysterious sunset that would normally come out at around 1 pm. I took a glimpse at my titanium pink alarm clock and questioned myself if it had the wrong time. I ran down the stairs looking at the clock on the wall. It had said 2: 20 pm. I sighed. My mother was gone and so was my father. I was all alone cause they all thought I was at school. (Back to the present) I still cant believe I woke up late on the first day of the rest of my life. I was prepared and everything. Oh well. When I looked out the window we were passing Kroger and Target. It would be about 2 hours until we got back to Newberry so I decided to Nap. After a few hours I was awake. My mother was staring at me with confusion. “Are you awake hun’? She asked me. “Yeah mom Im awake.” I took a glimpse out of the window. We were home. Well, the driveway of our home. My mom helped me out of the car and up to the front door. I handed her the key out of my pocket. She took them and slowly turned the doorknob. There were ciggerate buts pushed into the cracks of the couch and ripped up paper on every inch of carpet in the house. “Robert!!!!!!” My mom yelled. Robert is my identical Big brother. He is 17 and Im 13. “Yeah Mom.” He was flipping his brown hair as he galloped down the cherry wood stairs. “Yes Mom.” He sounded very guilty. His eyes were dilated and his knees were wobbling. “What happened to my HOUSE!!!!” She was going all drill-seargent on him. “Oh um Nothing happened. I just had a few people over.” He replied to her not looking up to her angry brown eyes. “A few?!? This looks like all 48 of our cousins came in here and played kickball!!!!” She was hurting my ears now. I walked up the stairs. The upstairs wasn’t a mess. I went into my room and plopped down on my bed. My life is screwed up. My boyfriend dumped me for Tamara Glaze and I am sick. My ex-boyfriend is a cute redhead 8th grader named Jacob. that used to call me is love and that I was his one priority. Well, before I already knew Tamara Glaze, the 8th grade cheer-leading captain, was on his mind. Tears are filling up in my eyes and I cant conceal them anymore. I cried. For a long time. I cried until I was asleep at 6 o’clock a.m.

Chapter 4
“One time” by Justin Beiber blasted out of my phone. It was Jacob. Don’t answer it. I murmered to myself. But I still picked up the phone and answered. “Hello?” I whispered into the white sony ericson. “Micheala? Micheala is that you?” He was crying. “Yeah Jacob. Its me.” I could barely speak. “I made a mistake. A HUGE mistake. I was looking into Tamara’s eyes yesterday and all I saw was YOU. YOU are all I ever thought about. YOU are the person I want to be with. Not the cheerleader. I rather have a ordinary girlfriend over a popular one any day. Please forgive me?” He sobbed some more. “I-I-I……” I muttered out unable to say anymore. “Can’t speak? Don’t worry. Just come outside.” He finished up his tear fest. I looked out my window and there he was. In MY lawn. Waiting for ME! I quickly ran down the stairs. I opened the door swinging it open like I was mad. But actually I am very happy. VERY VERY happy actually. I ran to Jacob and through myself at him. I cried in his arms. Soaking his plaid oxford with my tears. He didn’t care. He was rubbing my brunette hair as I was tugging at the back of his shirt aware that I was probably ruining it. “I love you.” I whispered into the shirt not being able to look into his brown eyes. His beautiful sparkly brown eyes. “I love you too.” He replied pushing me away from his chest. “What happened?” He asked me innocently. “What do you mean?” I asked him insecurely. “Veronica told me you fainted yesterday and had to go to the hospital.” I looked up at him. “ I don’t-don’t really know.” I replied. “Well, whatever it is, I will stay by your side. Be strong now because things will get better. It may be stormy now but it cant rain forever.” I listened to his lovely poem before I through myself at him once again. My mom was behind me when I heard her crying and breathing really hard. “Honey?” She cried. “Yeah mom?” I turned around looking at her in the eyes. “We got your results back. Early.” “Really?” I replied. Jacob was by my side with his arm around my waist. “You have-have Leukemic cancer.” She spatted out breaking down to the ground grabbing me on her way down. “Wa-wa WHAT?!?” Jacob said angrily at my mother. “Doctor Shelix called me with the results saying they were easy to spot and that they found it early.” She told me holding on to me tight. Really Tight.

The author's comments:
This piece of "Truth" Is dedicated to my ELA teacher Miss Cope.

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emily23 BRONZE said...
on Dec. 4 2009 at 3:34 pm
emily23 BRONZE, Solon, Maine
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Every story has an end, but in life every end is just a new beginning.

you just had to stop there!!!

on Nov. 14 2009 at 4:32 pm
Lost-In-Life GOLD, Whitby, Other
11 articles 0 photos 299 comments

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It's never to late, if it weren't for the last minute many things would never get done!

Where's part 4? I need to read it!! This is great.

Tippleeee said...
on Nov. 11 2009 at 4:16 pm
Tippleeee, Liverpool, Other
0 articles 0 photos 15 comments
amazing i take it you like twilight...same as me...and justin beiber...same as me...haha....keep writing i want to see more!...i NEED to know what happens next...XD...


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