Falling in love and Waking up carefree

September 25, 2009
“You can face bullets and dodge bombs but you couldn’t tell me you loved me! You could choose to believe the rumors from those gossiping old hags but not let me explain.” Bearing no more of this conversation she roused up to leave. “Sit your sorry butt,” he commanded “down now!” She just stood there stunned that he sobered up that fast to tell no apologies but commands she stood standing mustering up as much dignity as she could manage under his mocking glaze. Like a panther quiet, fast, and lethal he stood behind her, gripping her shoulders so tightly her knees buckled and collapsed beneath her causing her to sink into the same chair she sat before. “Better?” he whispered into her ear. She tried to shake him off but the only shaking came from his belly as he laughed at the failed attempt. “Always fighting are we,” he purred into that same ear and hair on the back of her neck rouse “then lets not fight tonight but instead lets dance for the house is dark and our emotions a fired.” He swept her out of the chair into his warm, broad chest and again shared the characteristic of a panther. No longer than a held breathe later did she feel the soft feathers of her bed under her and open her eyes to find him on top of her, holding himself up with his arms, grinning like a murder awaiting to kill his victim. She felled in love with him after that first kiss, the second was pure bliss and by the third and fourth she was in her own personal Eden. She awoke the next morning recalling last night events and blushed but as quickly as it came to her face it left. For she realized how happy she was forgetting for the moment the town gossip that she was a home wrecker and wrecked not only her pathetic excuse for a marriage that made her and her husband happy but also that of the beloved Ruth Stone. She did not care about that for she was finally in love with her husband and that alone made her happy enough not to care. Playing with his tousled hair until she thought he was awake so that she could kiss the other half of her spirit good morning and forget yesterday events.

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EmelineM. said...
May 6, 2010 at 1:15 pm
CUTEEEEEEEEE! Keepe the good workkk uhppp.
angelak779 replied...
May 7, 2010 at 8:26 pm
Thanks will be posting again soon but not on the same story so stay tuned
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