Moonlight Hills

August 2, 2009
By Anonymous

The sun set slowly letting the pale moonlight fill it’s place in the sky as an assortment of colors flashed by. I watched as the sun left for it’s rest and the pale moonlight started to shine down on the hilltop were I stood. A cool wind started blowing picking up my dress. The picture in my hand felt loose as I brought it to my face one more time.
I traced his face one more time feeling tears come to my eyes. I didn’t try to hold them back. If I did it wouldn’t help anything plus no one was here to see any of it. Pictures of the three of us came into my mind once again.
“Soon my love. I will come to you soon.” I whispered under my breath. The wind blew stronger as it stole the picture that I held in my hand away and I watched as the picture flew away in the distance.

The sun rose slowly letting golden rays touch my face as I opened my eyes. An open window pushed the sunlight through the room while unopened boxes still laid on the floor. I stretched out my arms as I got out of bed letting my hair fall.
Step by step I made my way to the door opening with a sigh as I stepped down to the kitchen. Cynthia was already up and making breakfast frying pan in her hands making scrabbled eggs and bacon. She stood tall her light brown hair flowing from side to side as she turned every which way letting the sun hit it so sparkling shots would come shooting my way.
I sat down across the table from Alicia my second model like sister. Stunning black hair fell to her shoulders, making her creamy white skin shine even brighter. She sat reading the newspaper a bout five books in her lap to return to the library. She looked up slightly from her place to glance at me but then her gaze went right back to the newspaper.
“Hi Mary how are you doing.” She put one hand out as if to wave but then put it right back on her lap.
“Fine,” I said a little miffed. She was really starting to annoy me but she always did. Out of both of my sisters she was always the one that got on my nerves the most.
Cynthia passed by me and placed a plate full of eggs and bacon on it she placed the next by Alicia.
“Tell me how you like it. I added my own recipe.” She smiled and winked in my direction then went off to get some for her self. I took a spoonful of the eggs and stuffed them in my mouth. Of course like all of Cynthia’s creations it tasted wonderful. I ended up stuffing down my mouth.
The plate was completely empty when I got through with it. Picking up the plate I went to the sink and set it gently down.
“Going to my room.” I called to Cynthia.
She looked up from her seat and smiled. “Liked it. good I’ll make it again sometime.”
I smiled at her gleefully. “That would be great.” I yelled as I ran up to my room. I closed the door locking myself in and sitting on my bed sighing.
I looked at the packages completely full and lying on the floor. It fad been a month since we had moved here and I still hadn’t figured out were I was going to put some of the things.
I started picking up the packages one by one. Taking stuff out and placing them were thought they would look nice.
“Great five more packages to go. I was about to pick up the next one when someone knocked at the door.
“Hey Mary can you go in the attack for me and get a package for me.” That was Alicia’s voice.
“Not my problem get it yourself.” I said through the door.
“Come on now Mary is that any way how to talk to your sister. You know I don’t like dark and scary places plus you may even meet a spider to become you friend.” I could hear her laugh through the door.
That’s it. I opened my door wide letting me see her shocked expression. “Fine I’ll go get your stupid package but when I do no more comments ok.” She nodded then pointed to the door that led to the attack. “After you.” She said in a mimicking voice then took off laughing down the hall.
I climbed the dusty stairs to the attack. They were long and the dark made it hard to see where I was going but as I made my way I could see the outlines of the other door that led inside the attack.
I opened the door wide. Even with the dim light from the other room shinning in it was so dark in here I couldn’t even tell if there was a light switch or not but as I moved around hands outstretched my hands found a cord and I was able to get the light blub to shimmer on. Although I had turned the light on it was still dim and I had to squint to see most of my surroundings.
The attack was much like the stairs. Dusty and old. The only difference was that I could see where I was going here. I inched my way farther into the attack looking back and fourth for the package that Alicia would have left up here.
“There.” I sighed as I saw a small brown bow lying there with the word Alicia written on one side and the word breakable written on the other. I picked up the box thinking that was all I was going to find but as I picked up the box something behind me fell. Whirling around quickly I saw that another box had fallen from one of the stands were boxes lay. It was a small perfectly square box.
“Were did this come from.” I thought out loud to myself. I picked it up and tore at the sides of the box till it came open. What ever it was it was wrapped around in a cloh like material. I gently unwound the package. A book.
Yes it was a book. It was very old just by oe look I could tell that. The cover looked as if it were rotting and the pages were turning yellow from age. Engraved in the front of the book was one word, Beth.
I didn’t know why but somehow I felt drown to the book. I opened the first page and began to read.

Dear diary,
I am writing today out of pure boredom. I’m not sure really what to do with you but my sister Annie tells me that I am suppose to tell you my secrets so if it’s that that I must do with you then I will but why in god’s name do I have to be suck here in the summer on this beautiful day when I could be going out and seeing the world.
Annie of course is perfectly ok with staying here. But of course she would by the fact that her dearly beloved John is here waiting for her. I am tired of being the last picked for marriage. After all my sisters above me all got there husbands in order and now here I am, I don’t even have a boyfriend and Annie has already got her prince. Now I know why that girl Madison always complains about her life. Why must I get left behind again. It’s not fair. But that is all to be said for now. Anyway that is my entry for today.
Beth Andrews
Wow someone has problems’ I said to myself but I turned to the next page well might as well finish this. It didn’t look like there was that many pages left that were filled. I opened the next page and began to read.
Dear diary,
I’m not sure what it is about him but it’s that boy that I always see in the park. He’s so strange. Just everything about him is. I mean he has jet black hair and blue eyes but it’s like there’s this un seen oral around him that you can only feel. So today when I came to the park to sit at one of the benches to look at the flowers over off in the distance image my surprise when he came over and sat right by me. He stayed there for a couple of minuets then left to go look over at some other plant that he always goes to see and for once that I’ve been there I so longed for him to look at me. I wanted him to turn to me and smile at me the way he was smiling at those plants right now. Or touch my hair the way he would touch the petals of the flowers them selves. I tried to banish each thought away as it came to my mind but then a new thought would keep returning in my mind and I so longed to go up there and talk to him.
I blushed from embarrassment as I continued to stare towards him. I didn’t even know his name yet I had this strange feeling like I had known them all my life. I wanted to rush up to him and hug him tightly and I wanted him to hug me back too and never let me go but I quickly banished this thought away like I had with the rest and finally tore my eyes off of him. Sometimes as I stared off into the distance I could have sworn I saw him shift his gaze towards me and smile politely in my way but as I looked again he was gone and the thought I had must have just been part of my imagination.
Beth Andrews

Dear Diary
I went to the park again today. Just to see if he was there. I couldn’t get his picture out of my mind all day. It was as if it was glued there. I wanted to see him again and this time I would talk to him. When I got to the park no one was there. I sighed and laid against one of the park benches. I didn’t want to wait awhile but I did want to see him again more than anything so I had to be patient.
It was at least an hour when he finally came. He came out of the trees like a phantom. No one but us were in the park. I could feel my heart skip a beat as he came out. He walked over to wear I was sitting and gestured to the seat next to me nervously. I smiled and moved over letting him have the seat. My heart beat faster then before but it was weird I liked it.
At first he stared off for a moment like me but both of our eyes seemed to keep tracing back to each other. My heart kept pounding in my chest loudly, so loud I thought that he could probably hear it but he continued looking off. Finally I turned this silence had to end.
“Um Hi my name is Beth what’s yours.” He turned to me his pale blue eyes looked as if they were going to shine through me.
“My name is Luciano.” He said with complete ease. He didn’t stutter at all while announcing himself like I did but instead of turning away he kept staring at me.
“Do you like flowers.” Finally asked.
“Yes.” I replied trying to sound more like me then that girl Elaine who always stutters when ever she meets boys.
“What kind.” He asked catching me off guard.
“Oh I like roses.” I looked down blushing slightly.
“Mmm.” He said looking away now. “Yes I’m quite found of them myself.”
“Um do you know what those are.” I asked pointing to a purple like flower. I was trying not to get the conversation to get to awkward.
He looked around at the plant and smiled. “That’s a type of Lily it only grows in the summer.”
“Oh really and what about that one.”
“That’s an Iris only grows in these area’s to.”
We talked for a while about the plant’s that we saw till it had gotten dark.
“Oh I didn’t realize what time it was I better…”
Luciano grabbed my hand fast and now stood beside me now. “Will you come with me for a walk just for a little bit. One walk.”
A thought for a moment thinking of what Annie or mother might do if I was late. “Oh sure I need to take a break let’s go.” He smiled gladly then took my hand and led me in to the forests were he had came out of and past more flowers and trees so many that I had never seen before.
He stopped on the top of a hill and looked out. I followed his gaze out. What I saw had to be the most amazing thing of my life. Colors of the sunset was shedding into so many different colors that I had never seen before. The harbor lay out as the sun was setting on it leaving a mirror in the water. It was truly beautiful I had never seen anything like it.
Luciano took my other hand in his making me turn and face him. I wasn’t sure what to do. Our faces were so close together. My heart was beating so fast and yet I didn’t want to let this moment go .I had never felt this way before.
I could feel myself leaning in slowly. I wasn’t sure if he was too but in the end out lips touched. We stayed like that for a minute. It seemed like the whole world had stopped to see this. But as ours lips parted I felt myself wanting more. At that moment I truly knew I had found my prince charming
Beth Andrews.
Dear diary
It has been awhile since I last wrote to you. It was summer in my last entry now it is winter. Almost the new year. I feel excited because this year I will be spending it with Luciano. Annie and mother like him. They both say that we are sure to be a happy couple. That makes me blush just thinking about it. Me and Luciano married. Oh how I wanted it to happen.
I went out of the house late in the evening. Luciano waited at the porch taking my hand in his and kissing me once on the lips then leading me out. We went far past the trees and flowers like we did every night and went out wards towards the hill wear we sat and talked kissed a few times.
Very seldom we would bring Annie to come out here and we would all play games like we would play if we were children. Sometimes when we were alone we would talk about what we would do when we got married. This was one of those times.
“Hey Beth.”
“How many children would you like to have.”
“About three why do you ask.”
“Just wondering.” He turned away onto his back and stared up at the night sky. I followed his movement. The night was beautiful stars as far as the eyes could see shown out on an open field.
We sat like that for a while till he sat up again and rolled over till he was close to my lips and then he kissed me once again.
“Promise me you’ll never leave.” I said staring into his eyes.
“I promise.” He replied and with that we fell asleep like that hand in hand close together in the meadow…
Dear diary,
I woke up today expecting to see Luciano waiting on the porch as usual. He never showed. Annie cried furiously wear she sat. Mom poured her tea as she cried.
John Annie’s newlywed husband has just been sent to war. He had gotten that message a month ago that he would have to go but none of us ever thought that he would have to go so soon.
“why did he have to go like this?” Annie cried into her arms. “Why did he have to leave.”
Mom pated her back trying to fight back tears myself. I tried my best at comforting her too but I don’t think I helped much I’m never that good at saying things when they happen.
Luciano came late in the night. He knocked on my door asking my mom quickly for me saying it was urgent. She nodded sadly still probably thinking of Annie’s loss and called for me to come down. H e grabbed my hand rushing me out the door before he had time to explain. We ran with each other up the hill through the trees and flowers and stopped once we got to the vantage point.
He turned my face towards him and kissed my lips eagerly. There was a new urgency to him that I hadn’t felt before. Like the first kiss we stayed there for a moment when I felt tears spilling out of his eyes.
“Luciano what’s wrong.” I asked. I had to of looked worried I know I felt it.
“Beth my dear Beth…”Stopped trying to get his voice. Tears were falling from his eyes fast I knew that something was wrong now. “There making me go to war.” He said.
I couldn’t contain my shock. My mouth stayed in the same position. Tears began to fall from my eyes too and we both stood there for a moment a long moment crying.
“I just got the letter this morning telling me to go.” He continued. “I couldn’t leave without saying goodbye to you though.” I stared hard at him trying to make since of the words he just said.
“When are you leaving.” I asked tears streaming down my face.
I couldn’t contain my emotions anymore. I was heartbroken angry sad. I didn’t know which to feel.
“Well fine then just leave me like all of the rest of them did. Leave me in the dust don’t keep your promise and just leave me alone!” The anger was seeping through my body as hot tears went down my face.
“Do you really mean that.” He said. Staring at me. We waited there for a moment waiting for my answer.
“No.” I finally said. “I’m sorry I’m just so confused right now I don’t know what to say.”
He grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him touching his lips to mine one last time.
“Promise you’ll come back to me?” I asked
“Yes I promise.” He said
We stayed there for a few minuet’s more sharing each others embrace hoping this moment could last forever as he slipped a gold colored ring on my finger.
Dear whoever reads this,
It has been five years since that had happened I am now twenty one. I’ve took this time to tell you how this will end once and for all. John Annie’s husband came back from the war happening to be one of the remaining war survivors and went to Annie the first thing he got home to be together with her in the end. As for me and Luciano . Two years ago when the war ended shortly after John came back I received a letter that Luciano had died trying to bring medicine to the wounded solders during battle.
To this day I remain at this house still sitting in my chair thinking of the love I had both gained and lost. My mom and my sister both thought a need to comfort me but there was no need. Although Luciano had died he was still here. I had much proof of that all in it’s own.
Mostly because every chance I get I always go back to the same moonlight hike back through the trees and flowers and up he hill to the moonlit meadow were we used to stay and even though his body may be gone he kept his promise he is still with me and always will be.
Which is why I ask now when ever you dear reader get the chance please go up to that meadow and see all that we had seen and you will know exactly what it will be like to love like we had our selves.

I put the book down tears falling to the ground. I hadn’t suspected the book to be that sad.
“Mary hurry up and bring my box.” I heard Alicia call from downstairs.
“Coming.” I called. I ran down the stairs and opened the door with the book and my hand.
“Here.” I said to Alicia pushing the package in her hand. I ran faster out the front door. Down the sidewalk and out to the park. It wasn’t that hard to find the par they were talking about. Lily’s and Iris’s had been planted everywhere. I ran through the trees and flowers till finally I found it the moonlit hill that they were talking about.
By now the sun was setting into all of the colors out that Beth had said. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine Beth and Luciano standing here hand in hand.
“Excuse me.” A voice said behind me clutching the book close to my stomach I turned around seeing a boy. He had black hair and blue eyes. He stared at me strangely.
“How did you find this place.” He asked.
I pointed to the book in my hands.
“Beth told me to go here.” I said nervously. Strange my mother had just told me to come here. I had a great Aunt named Beth you know.”
“Is your great grandmother perhaps be named Annie by any chance.”
“Yes how did you know.”
“It’s a long story sit down I’ll tell you.” And with that we sat down to talk and I began to make my own chapter in the story.

The author's comments:
-This book is dedicated to all of cousins Cynthia, Kalay, Kelsey, Kelen, Tucker,
Scott, Steve, and so on and so forth. Oh yes and you to my tecnecly not related brothers you rule. Steve and Scott.

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fireswatter said...
on Dec. 10 2011 at 7:36 pm
fireswatter, Denver, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
“I cannot sleep unless I am surrounded by books.”
― Jorge Luis Borges

Hey, great story overall just a couple of errors. 

Its attic not attack

If you are writing this to take place in America it should not be set in the early 1600s considering Colonies were just starting up. (1607 is Jamestown one of the first permanent settlements)

Also the settlers were mostly from the UK or Eastern Europe. The name Luciano would have been unheard of. 

Other than that I really enjoyed the story!

on Dec. 17 2010 at 10:11 pm
Firework2013 BRONZE, Wattsburg, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
Define irony. Bunch of idiots dancing on a plane to a song made famous by a band that died in a plane crash.

Besides a few grammar, and spelling errors, it was really great. I almost cried. Keep writing! :)

on Nov. 17 2009 at 9:46 pm
winxgirl19 SILVER, Highland Village, Texas
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Lifes not about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain.

:) I can't spell to save my life.....

bobally BRONZE said...
on Nov. 7 2009 at 7:50 pm
bobally BRONZE, Manchester, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
"damned if you do, bored if you don't"

attic** (( not attack ))

on Sep. 13 2009 at 12:04 am
winxgirl19 SILVER, Highland Village, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Lifes not about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain.


It took me forever to write this. My name is Megan by the way. This was the first story I've ever finished. It means a lot for someone to say that! Thanks!

Girl said...
on Sep. 9 2009 at 9:41 am
This story was so said. I was out in public when I read it so I had to keep myself from crying. One day I hope to find love. Keep writing whoever you are.

on Aug. 21 2009 at 10:08 pm
TheRealAriel1995 PLATINUM, Highland Village, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"See in what peace a Christian can die." - Joseph Addison
"How come everyone will come to your funeral, but nobody will come see you when you are living?"

i likes it a lot Megan!

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