August 2, 2009
By Elizabeth Witcher GOLD, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Witcher GOLD, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
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And the scene became painted in water color, turning to an impressionist view of the world. Capture the fleeting moments as fast as possible. But he was missing his. The last moment, the last view, obscured by a piercing scream. And he could do nothing.

Swimming around in a mist, he does not know where he is, what is doing, where he is coming from and where he is going. The mist is heavy, pushing him down, compressing him. It’s wet and he can’t breath.

And she is lying in front of him. Her white dress splayed out in the water, blonde hair drifting around her submerged head. He doesn’t understand.

He doesn’t know her, or does he? She is familiar, but he can’t remember… Where had she come from, or where is she going?

She is floating, drifting. If the angels could see her, they would be jealous.

Where is he? Why is he here? And who is she? He is out in the river, an inlet of the stream. She is drifting toward the current. Some one is calling his name. What do they want?

Isabella… her name is Isabella. And that is all that matters. No… more than that matters, considerably more matters than that. Her name is Isabella. He had known her all his life. He is getting married today. And she is drifting away.

The river hit him. The river of sounds, crashing and bubbling, he can’t think. Some one calls to him, they are pulling him away from the cascading water. They aren’t pulling Isabella.

“Max” who is Max? and why are they pulling him away from Isabella and calling to this Max? He fights and struggles against them, he needs to save her. She is there in front of him, why won’t they let him reach out?

“Max, what are you doing?” “Max, get out of there?” who is this Max, and why won’t Max listen to his friends so he can save Isabella, she is there, he can almost reach her.

“Get off of me” his voice is rough and rubs against his throat as he speaks.
“Max, get away from the edge” His name is Max.

“Let me go, I have to save her” She is slipping away, fading into nothing, floating down the river.

“Save who? Max, get out of the water”
“Save her. Save Isabella!!!” They won’t let him go, she is leaving, floating down the river.

“Max, Max listen to me” he is on the river bank now, “Isabella is gone. She died many years ago” No, she is there, floating down the stream, why don’t they see her?!
“God damnit! Listen to me, she’s right there! Why can’t you see her?” He looks down the river. She is there, he is sure. He fights to get away from whoever is holding him back, but he finds he is very weak. His head swims, and he falls towards the earth.

“I told you we shouldn’t have brought him here” a voice murmurs above him.
“I know, I just thought fifteen years was enough” another one whispers.
“Fifteen years is not enough time to forget your fiancé. To forget about the accident on your wedding. To forget that she drowned. To forget that she is dead” someone seems to scream.

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