Under the Pear Tree

August 3, 2009
By rose66 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
rose66 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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“Aaron, wait!” I yell at him. “Don’t leave me! Please come back.” I stand under the pear tree yelling for him, but he doesn’t look back. Not even once. He keeps walking with his head down ignoring me, and disappearing within the rain. I scream his name louder again, but I hear no answer only the thunder which starts to roar and the lighting which strikes. And I stand in the cold pouring wet rain crying alone waiting for him. The ripples of water start streaming down my cheeks, and the salty drops fall onto my skin. I’m crying along with the rain.

I kick the pear tree hard and scream louder and louder for him to hear my aching pain. The pain he stabbed into me. Memories start to flood back within me. I look at the tree and remember four years ago. Thinking why all of the promises were broken to me. Why did he do this to me? I sit down on the wet green grass under the tree, after the crying stops. I stare up at the dark cloudy sky looking at the cracking of light, and remember that I’m still not abandoned yet. The power of He will always be there for me I know that for sure. The rain slows down, and I sigh. I finally decide that I need to stop. He left me. I can still survive without him. I can, and I will. Each step I take, I erase my memories with Aaron and the past that is now behind me. I believe that I will be stronger. I believe my future holds hope. I know that faith will bring me together.

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