Gracie & Brandon

August 3, 2009
By kbam1 BRONZE, Iola, Kansas
kbam1 BRONZE, Iola, Kansas
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My name is Gracie Symone Smith!! I am a 12 year old girl. I live in Iola Kansas. Kansas is could say small
state. With alot of small towns!! But I love my Kansas, my town, my house, my friends and neibors!! I wouldn't
change a thing about Kansas!! I thought everything was perfect!! I thought everything wasin it's right place! And
then came that day, the day when I wanted to run away! I didn't want to go...Maybe I should start from the
It was a Hot day in the summer, like normal, school would start in week. And I wasn't ready for it! I wanted
summer to last for ever. I wanted to hang out with my friends everyday. BUt I knew that couldn't happen. And I did
miss all my other friends. We had all the school suplies ready. I was going into seventh grade. Anyways I was
hanging out with myh Best friend,Morgan, that day. We went swimming for a couple hours. Then we went to her house
too play the Wii. Before we knew it, it was nine o'clock. So my mom came too get me, and on the car ride home she
said we need to talk! Whenever motehr says that, Something bad is sopposed to happen.
Daddy was sitting at the table, reading the newpaper, tapping his foot waiting for us. When i oppened the garage
door he stood up pantickly and said " what took so long?? Gracie, Honey sit down!!" "Whats wrong??" I said. "Your
gandfather and grandmother have been in a car accident." "WHAT" I yelled.Getting tears in my eyes. Mom told me too
sit back down, so I did. Dad looked so sad, he had tears in eyes. And just from that I knew he wasn't done talking.
"Your Grandfather died in the accidient." "And what about grandma?" I asked in a whisper like vioce. Through dads
crying I could barely hear him say, "She is in the hospital. They don't know if she is going to live. SHe has
several broken bones in her body. She is weak and she needs us Gracie!!" I went over and gave him and mom a hug. We
stood there for a minute..almost lifeless, crying so hard it hurt. We all went to bed late that night. Mom and Dad
didn't have to work for the next week.

Then that Tuesday dad found out that Grandma had to stay in Kansas City, where they could take care you her.
Then he and mom went into thier room and talked, while Morgan was over. When she went home, they sat me down and
told something that I just wanted to bolt up out of my chair, and go run away! They said together, in a calm vioce
"We are moving to Kansas City to be with yor grandmother." I said " WHat we are moving?? NO but we can't!! I mean
you guys won't have any jobs or anything!! So we can't move!!" "Gracie!" Dad said in a less calm vioce, "We have
already found jobs! We will be moving in a month!" "But Daddy" I starded to say. Then he rudly inturuped me and
said "No Buts Gracie!!" "But Dad" "No Gracie Symone" He yelled! I decided not to say another word, because when
people call me Gracie Symone that means I'm in trouble! So I ran off to my room and started crying! Mom came
running after me and said "Gracie wait" I slammed the door in her face! I didn't want to move!! I mean love my
gandma to death and all! But I couldn't move I love this town!! This place!! I didn't want to move two hourzs from
I told Morgan everything! We both sat there, being all sad. We were moving in less than 2 weeks now! School had
already started! It was hard, saying goodbye too all my friends! Before I knew it Moving day was here!! We were in
the car, an hour to go. There were butterflies in my stomach. It was a Thursday, a long dreadful Thursday. As we
pulled up to our new house I remember thinking maybe this couldn't be so bad after all?? So then we started
unpacking!! The rooms were already painted. One was pink and the other was Lime Green. I picked the Lime Green one.
All my things were already there. My bed, my TV, my cloths, my desk, everything. Unpacking is harder than packing!!
I had all my furniture where I wanted it! Now just the matter of putting everything else where it belonged!
Our neibors where nice...They cooked brownies for us. The neibors that live on the right of us have a family of
four. The father introduced them all. "Hi my name is Bill Jett, and this is my wife Jenifer, and my two kids Mandy
(pionting to the girl), and Brandon(pionting to the boy)." My dad said " Hey, This is my wife Kathy, and my
daughter, Gracie, and I am Jared Smith. Why don't you come in and have a drink with us?" They said "Sure." So the
adults went into the living area, and us "kids" went up into my room. It was quite for a couple minutes, then Mandy
said "I like your room" " Thanks" I said. I asked how old they were? At the same time they both said " 12, 13 in 3
months." They both looked at eachother, then looked at me and we all started laughing! "Are you guys like twins or
something??" I asked. They answered "Yes" Then their parents came up and said "It's time to go!!" As we all came
down stairs, Mandy said " See you tomorrow at school, Gracie" "Ok see ya Mandy and Brandon!" I said back. "Thanks
for the brownies" Mom said.
After they left mom started cooking dinner and dad and i just relaxed in the basement. We had Chicken caseral
that night..and brownies for desert.
Mom woke me up early for school. I asked her to drive me since it was my first day. As we were pulling into the
drop off area people started too stare. I got out and went and sat where no one else was sitting, and waited til
the bell rang. Finally it did, I went to the front office and said I was knew and said my name: Gracie Symone
Smith. Then they gave me my schedule and homeroom.. First class is Math, Great my worst subject and it's the first
thing! then was Histery, Art, P.e, Lunch, Creative Writing, Science, and finally Homeroom. The only people I knew
were Mandy and Brandon. And I still didn't have all my classes with them. I hated being the new girl, the one no
one knows. The weird poor girl, or the snotty rich girl, or the goth girl. People had no idea who you are, but they
can judge you buy your looks. And I hated it, always being the center of attention. The day was almost done!! It
was the middle of Science. I was thinking come on, come on!! Then all of a sudden I heard my wasn't the
teacher it was this girl beside me. She handed me this note saying:
Let's be best friends!! My name is Lily! Whats yours
My name is Gracie Smith
Hi Gracie, do you wanna be friends??
Sure!! Why not!!
Good!! And if your friends with me there are a few rules..
ya like you can't hang out with anyone but me!!! You do my homewook..O and pretty much whatever I say goes!! Got
Umm ya I got it really clearly!!!
Great..I know we'll be the bestest friends!
After Science I found Brandon in my Homeroom so I went to sit by him. 'Haveing a fun day of school??" He asked.
"No" I said. I told hom all aobut the Lily thing, he just smiled and did a small laugh. "What" I asked. He replied
"Nothing nevermind" "ok" I said. Confused from what just happened. Later that night Mandy came over to help with
homework and talk. She told me just to ignore Lily, that she is a mean person who thinks shes all that and a bag of
chips. So thats what I tried to do, but she bullied people! So i stood up to her. and everyone liked me for that.
I was in P.E. one day running laps when all of a sudden I fell and screammed with pain!! Brandon ran right across
to see if I was ok. Whats wrong he asked as I was trying to hold back the tears? I couldn't hold them back and
started crying and screaming! It hurt so bad!! I couldn't talk I was in so much pain. So the teacher came running
too. She lifted my leg up and I screamed louder and harder then I ever ahve before!! THere was a bone, it started
ripping threw the skin. So they had to call the ambulence. Brandon rode So thats what I tried to do, but she
bullied people! So i stood up to her. and everyone liked me for that.
I was in P.E. one day running laps when all of a sudden I fell and screammed with pain!! Brandon ran right across
to see if I was ok. Whats wrong he asked as I was trying to hold back the tears? I couldn't hold them back and
started crying and screaming! It hurt so bad!! I couldn't talk I was in so much pain. So the teacher came running
too. She lifted my leg up and I screamed louder and harder then I ever ahve before!! THere was a bone, it started
ripping threw the skin. So they had to call the ambulence. Brandon rode the whole way to the hosspital with me. I
didn't let go of his hand the whole time. I could tell he was in pain from me squeezing hand so hard! I knew my leg
was deffinetly broken. I had a cast from my toes to my knee. I wasn't worried about that though, I was trhinking
about something else..someone else.
Was I falling for Brandon?? Was I falling for my Best Friends twin brother?? Would she be mad at me that I liked
him?? There was only one thing too do. And that was to ask her!! So I asked her.... And she yelled NO!! No!! NO!!
You can't like Brandon! He's my obnoxious brotehr! "I know" I said. But he is really cute, and sweet, and nice, and
he was there when I broke my leg!! "No you can't he's my brother that would just be wierd!" she said. "Ok fine!"
I wonder if Brandon feels the same way I do??? SHould I ask him?? That night mom and dad went groceri shopping.
As soon as they left Brandon came over. He asked "Can we talk" "Sure" I said. "I really like you Gracie!! Your
smart, pretty, funny. And I don't know, but your just always in my mind!! and i tried to think about other girls...
but for some reason I always come back too you!!" "I feel the same way too Brandon!! But your sister she won't like
it!! I told her that I liked you and she got really mad!! And what are you doing here?? Wont Mandy be mad??" "She
went shopping with my parents!!" He said. "O.... But what are we going to do we can't go out or anything!!" I
replied. He said "III" then we heard my parents pull into the drive-way. Ugh!! I said. I'll sneak you out the back
door!! I made sure he was home before I went to help my parents.
Later that night he called and said "Do you wanna go on a date with me, this Friday??" "Umm sure" I said. "Ok,
Great I'll talk to you more about it later." "Ok Ily" I said. "Ily too Night!!" He said in his sweet vioce. That
Friday I told my parents I had a date, they said with "Who??" "I can't say now but you know him, so don't worry!!
I'll be back in 2 hours. OK??" "Ok" They said. Mandy called and askI told her I couldn't because I had alot of
homework. She seemed disappionted, and I felt bad lieing to her!! But I wanted to go on that date with Brandon!! My
parents took me to the movies. Brandon was there turned around, I walked up too him and said "Hey!!" "Hey!!, Wow
Gracie you look...WOW!!" He said. I said "You don't look to bad yourself!!" We picked the movie we wanted to watch.
We went into the theaters, bought our ticket and popcorn. Went to sit down and there was Mandy in front of us!!!
There where no other seats!! O no!!
We watched the movie being careful of how loud we talk and what we say!! It was the worst date ever!! We had to
leave the movie 5 mins before anyone!! We couldn't be caught!! Five minutes and we would be safe! We were standing
by this cardboard poster. I hope she didn't notice us!! She walked into the bathroom, two minutes later she walked
out and looked straight at me!! O NO!! She walked up too me with her mouth opened wide. "How could you she said how
could you lie to me?? And go on a date.. with my brother!! I'm telling mom and dad!!" she screammed."Wait Mandy
No!!" I saw my mom outside the theater doors and said "Thats my ride..I'll call you later." "Bye" He said.
I got in the car with mom. She asked what wrong and who my date was. I told her it was Brandon and that Mandy
didn't like it.. Mom said "Well if she was your true friend then she would let you date!! We were home buy then and
I did my homework, then I couldn't take it any longer!! I called Morgan and I told her everything!! She told me too
do what I knew was best!! So I did..I went ovder to Mandy's the next day. Brandon answered the door and said "What
are you doing here??" He looked confused but happy to see me. "Can I talk to Many??" I asked. "Umm Sure!" He said.
I went upstairs to Mansy's room and knock. She opened the door, and asked what I was doing here. I said we need to
talk, so she let me in the room. I said "Mandy if you were my real friend you wouldn't care if me and Brandon
dated!! You would be happy for me. But your not?? And I don't get that!!" "I'm sorry for the way I acted, your
right!! And I was thinking, if you and Brandon ever got married we would be sister-in-laws!!!" She said. I laughed
a little and said "Can we be friends again and never let boys mess up our friendship??" "Ya I think that
possible!!" she said. Just then mom came knocking on the door, Brandon came up to get me and I said "Maybe next
time we can go on a real date!!" "I'd like that" He said as we were at the door. "Ready to go??" Mom asked? "Go
where?" Brandon said. "I'm going home for a week, My home town!!" "I'll see you in a week" He said, Giving me a
kiss on the cheeck.

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I love your story!!!!!! keep going!!

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