The Last Something That Meant Anything

July 3, 2009
4th period, monday morning. my heart was racing already to get to health. most people dreaded health, the long lectures about not doing drugs and the awkwardness from talking about sex. none of this kept me from running to the AV room. it was him, and only him. Mike was perfection taken human form. he was the nice guy that had a way of getting to you, or maybe that was just me. his contagious smile, infectious laughter and raditating iredescent green eyes. his strong smoothe voice that could wake my heart from the deepest of classroom sleep. if only he knew i wanted every part of him more than any of his girlfriends could have dreamt of. he had always been a good friend but i never wanted only that, but i would never tell him that.
" Hey Sarah." he said as i took my assigned seat, next to him. i sighed with slight happiness even though i intended it to sound more like exhaustion.
" Hey Mike. i never realized monday's could be so damn fun?" i said sarcastic and apatheticly. he laughed and grabbed a packet of paper. i could barely catch my breath when he would talk alone when it was directed to me... i was doing a good job if i kept concious. my heart thudded as loud as usual but there was a lag to it, for my heart knew that school was over almost and Mike and i would part ways. i know he said we would still see eachother but a feeling in my gut told me otherwise. as the bell rang i got out of my seat frowning at the scene i knew would await me when i got into the hallway. Mike would go say hi to her like she was the greatest thing ever. he greeted no one else like he greeted her. he would run right on by me when she was in visual distance.
the clock taunted me, knowing i only would have minutes to be with him and then we would go off to different highschools. then bell rung out and it split my heart into the smallest pieces of emptiness without him. i solemnly walked out to the hallway where people were rejoicing about the end of the year. all of a sudden i heard his voice calling my heart, making it jump to life. i turned around to see him standing there hugging the people around him. he looked up back at my gaze a smiled. i ran to him with tears in my eyes, jumping into his massive arms and holding on for dear life and a pathetic heart loving only him. but the words he said next echoed through my mind with great frustration and sorrow, the words that still haunt me today; " Cede wait, i want a hug" as he pushed me aside to hold onto his love, not realizing the heart he had incinerated within those few seconds. and i still love him just as much.

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BookLOver808 said...
Sept. 26, 2009 at 8:03 pm
write some more please. loved it but it made me sad!!!1
good writting.
BookLOver909 replied...
Oct. 15, 2009 at 9:46 am
Can u explain the ending to me it was kinda confusing
Sarah Y. replied...
Oct. 22, 2009 at 4:29 pm
its supposed to be that even though he likes someone alot more than he likes her she still is head over heels in love with him.
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