What Lies Behind Your Eyes

June 30, 2009
By corbin SILVER, Sneads Ferry, North Carolina
corbin SILVER, Sneads Ferry, North Carolina
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you light my eyes on fire. burning deep leaving ashes in the sockets. i blink shoving the ashes out and revealing my soul. i let you in, you saw the real, the fake, the good, the bad. you heard the lies and the truth. you saw my ignorance and my beauty. your hands clinging to mine. searching for the day when we would be one. i am looking for c o m pletion. and i can see the promise in your eyes. but you havent let me see behind them. i cannot get around that, you try to avoid your soul. you pretend like you've opened up. you act like we know all the quirks, and faults of eachother. but baby this isn't a fairytale and you can't ride up on a white horse. you cant always save the day, and i cant always be the damsel in distress. you have to let me see you, you have to let me know you. you cant go around wearing this mask anymore. its time to burn those eyes.

and you take your heart and you take your heart, you grace my hands with its thump. i hold it. i feel the compassion, commitment seeping from it. you leave your feet make harsh vibrations on the sidewalk. i trace every step. detecting your presence my heads bows. i can feel your voice i can feel your disappointment. its sundown, and the glow illuiminates every movement of your precious face. i keep repeating the same word over and over again but nothing seems to phase you. i know im stupid, i know i ruined everything. this is all of my knowledge im just trying to return you your heart. i know my possession of it is no longer wanted by you. but you wont open your hands, and your heart pulsates throughout my body. i can feel it getting faster, your face is getting redder. all my attempts to calm you arent working. now we're both screaming, well im screaming and crying. im begging you to slow down. you wont stop. and the object in my hands starts bleeding. it pours over onto the overgrown sidewalk. im relentlessy pushing it into your chest. you wont c o o p e r ate. no no no no. stop. my stomach feels as if its about to burst open. im screaming so hard, im on my knees. i need you dont leave take this take this. my pleads are obliterated by my uncontrollable sobs. the heart is now shrinking, the pumps of blood cover my hands. the guilt is written all over me. and you fall you fall you fall. and your eyes close, and the ashes fall out. and i never got the chance to see behind behind your eyes.

The author's comments:
even though this doesnt seem like a romance, i view it as a romance ending.

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