Love of a Slave

July 14, 2009
By bethany94 BRONZE, Saxonburg, Pennsylvania
bethany94 BRONZE, Saxonburg, Pennsylvania
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I was sitting around the fire with him while I was brushing my long raven colored hair while he hummed a calming tune. I looked into his beautiful blue eyes with my big brown ones and realized that he was talking to me.
I giggled. “What?” I blushed as he gave me one of his ‘oh Nayeli is drifting off again’ looks.
“I said, that you are the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen.” My mouth parted in a slightly ungraceful way, but I quickly closed it with a smile.
“And you, my dear Thomas, are even more handsome than the sun is bright.” This time I made him smiled.
“We could go on like this all day you know.” He leaned himself across the two inches of ground that separated us and kissed my forehead softy. “But your beauty will always outshine mine.”
Some people said that we were way too serious for how young we were, but I knew better. We both loved each other, even though the three words had not been spoken yet, we both felt their presence on the tips of our tongues.
“I am so glad you could come out tonight.” Thomas cooed in my ear. “I feel as if one day would pass and I would not see you, I would simply die of a broken heart.”
“Of course I came. I feel the same way, for I cannot live without you.” I brushed his long blond hair out of his eyes. Without you I would have no reason to live. My master already treats me with such cruelty that I can hardly stand it, but you, with you I know I must make it through. I know one day we will finally be able to be together, and that we will be happy.”
“I still cannot believe that that cruel man is who you must serve. I hope he rots in hell for all of eternity for what he has done to you.” He touched the nape of my neck and I flinched away. “What is it my dear?”
“Oh, nothing.” I pulled my dress up so that it would cover where the latest mark was. “Just sore.”
Thomas shook his head and crawled behind me. He pull down the back of my dress a bit to reveal the tip of the mark left from when I had been whipped. Tears began to form in my eyes as Thomas’s face became contorted with rage.
“Please,” I begged him. “Calm down. If my master knew I was with you he would kill me with out a second thought. I am just his little Indian slave, and he does not value my life, for he is rich and can easily dispose of me. I warned you when I met you that we could never really be together. You are a simple English boy, and I know you don’t want any trouble. You cannot help me. I was taken from my home as a small child, and the life of a slave is the only life I know.”
His relaxed a bit, knowing that I was right, but his mouth remained in a straight line and his hands were balls up into fists.
I turned around to face him, now that he was kneeling behind me, and I grabbed him hands. I intertwined our fingers without a word, then leaned forward so that our foreheads were touching. “I want you to know, that I love you, and I will always love you, no matter what.” I took a deep breath. “You have to promise me something. If I should ever die by my master’s hands, you must not go after him. You are but a boy of 16 and I only 14. He will shoot you, and I want you to live a long happy life, with or without me.” He opened his mouth to protest but I sealed it with a gentle kiss. “You have to listen to me, there can be no arguing with me. Do you promise to listen to me, and never go after my master if I should die at his hands?”
He let out a great sigh. “Yes, yes, I promise! Happy?” Lines of frustration appeared on his forehead. “Why was that all necessary?”
“You see that bush over there?” I pointed into the surrounding forest and he nodded. “Well that is where my master is waiting for me. He has been watching us since I began holding your hands. As soon as you move out of the way he is going to shoot me. I have to go now.” Tears threatened to run down my face as more and more collected in my eyes. “If I don’t go to him soon, he might kill you too.” I tried to stand up, but he wouldn’t let me.
“I will stay with you forever. I don’t care what my fate may be, but I will never leave your side.”
I bowed my head and planned my next move. “Okay.” I whispered. I pushed he to the ground and kissed him one last time. We both stood us, and I slowly turned so that I was between him and my master. Out is the corner of my eye I could see my master with his musket, coming out of the forest.
“I’ve got you now you little witch.” He aimed the gun a me and fired, but I felt no pain. I opened my eyes in shock, and saw my beloved Thomas staggering backwards. I quickly caught him as my master reloaded the musket.
“Thomas!” I cried as he gulped for breath. “Say something!” I yelled as the red of his blood was quickly seeping through his shirt. “Don’t die, you can’t.” My tears began falling on to his chest as his breathing became faster and more shallow.
“Stupid piece of…” My master mumbled as he fumbled around with the musket.
“Oh Thomas!” I bent my neck so that my head was touching his chest. I began to sob and I wished that he would have just let me be shot. I quickly opened my eyes as I felt the soft touch of his hand upon my cheek. I looked in to his eyes for the last time, and saw that he was trying to say something. “What is it?” He continued to speak, but no words came out of his mouth. I wrapped my hand in his and moved my ear closer to his mouth, where I could now here him speaking in a hoarse whisper.
“I… love… you…” He took a large breath of air. “I… do… not… regret… what I did.” He seemed to be trying to rush what he was saying. “I’m…” he coughed violently. “sorry.” He breathed his last breath and his hand went limp.
“No.” I began shaking my head violently. “NO!” I let his hand fall and I jumped up, whipping around to face my master. “YOU! YOU DID THIS!” I began walking towards him. “YOU KILLED HIM!”
“And I’ll kill you too!” He spat on he ground as he failed to load the gun right for the second time. I could tell why. I was plenty far away, but I could still small the rum on his breath.
“I’ll kill you.” I whispered sternly. He laughed in reply and pulled out another round to load the gun with.
I slowly walked over to the fire with purpose. He paid no attention to me, knowing that I could not run. With no shoes, and no place to run, I would be back by morning, and he could simply kill me then. I looked into the red and orange flames, smiling slightly from insanity. I reached down a pulled a log that was sticking out, and flaming on one end, out of the burning mass. I quickly turned and ran on top of my master.
“Quit it! Stop you filthy little urchin!” He yelled out in terror as I took the flaming wood to his face. “Get off of me! I’ll have your head!” I hit him over, and over, and over, until his screaming stopped, along with his breathing. I slowly put the log down, which by now the flame was almost gone, and looked upon his face. It was bloody and burnt, and I couldn’t even see who he was anymore. I slowly got off of him and went back to me poor dead love.
“I love you.” I stroked his hair as I pulled his knife off of his belt and looked at it. . “And I should get to be with you, forever.” I plunged the knife into my stomach and a rush of intense pain followed. I twisted it, just wanting to die, but it only resulted in more pain.
Drained of all energy I collapsed on Thomas’s body, and the knife went even farther into me. I could feel the warm of my blood spilling out and leaking out on my love’s body, so I used the last of my energy to pull myself off of him, and lay myself on the ground.
I roughly ripped the knife out of my chest, and stabbed my self again, and again, until the knife slipped through my hands, and I was no longer breathing.

The author's comments:
I wrote this to take place in the time when the settlers were coming over to America and killing and enslaving the Native Americans. I don't know what made me write it, it just happened.

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