A Touch Of Fate

June 8, 2009
By Amanda Bozzuto BRONZE, Northford, Connecticut
Amanda Bozzuto BRONZE, Northford, Connecticut
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"Love is everything it's cracked up to be. That's why people are so cynical about it...It really is worth fighting for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don't risk everything, you risk even more." - Erica Jong
It’s a feeling that not everyone gets to experience. Love is blind; you never know when it’s coming or even how it gets here. But at the same time, you know when you’re in love. The uncontrollable feeling that comes over you is addicting and you should consider yourself lucky if you are blessed with this curse.
Chapter One
Avianna is a girl of many morals and dreams. She knows exactly what she wants in life and has everything going for her. So does Carmine; being a romantic, loyal and respectful man. They seek in each other everything they could wish for.
Over the summer, Olivia had a barbeque where Avianna and Carmine locked eyes for the first time. They shared the same group of friends but never knew it. Liv’s beach house sat on the edge of the glowing ocean in Old Lyme. Sitting by the fire, listening to the ocean waves crash quietly, with the warm breeze on their faces, it made the perfect setting for the start of a summer love.
As the night went on, Avianna caught herself looking for Carmine constantly and also got the same vibe from him. They would catch each other’s eyes but look away quickly because they didn’t want to seem like they were staring.
“Liv, what is that kid’s name?” Avianna asked so curiously.
“Carmine. He’s such a sweet guy. Why? Want me to introduce you?”
“Please do, I’m just so drawn to him and I don’t know why.”
“Awesome! You guys will click really well!” Liv said confidently. “I’ll be right back.”

Liv ran over to the table to put her drink down and then walked over to Carmine and grabbed his hand. She whispered something in his ear and not two seconds after, he looked up at Avianna and gave her a charming little wink. Avianna could feel her heart melt in her chest, and her body suddenly filled with thousands of nervous butterflies. As Carmine walked through the crowd of people to Avianna, she could hear her heart beat get louder and louder inside her head.
“Carmine.” He said with a kiss on the cheek and a slight hug.
“Avianna.” She responded quickly. “It’s so nice to meet you!”

“I’m so glad I finally did.”

And that’s all it took. After longing for the company of each other all night, they sat by the fire, away from everyone, so comfortably and talked about everything under the sun. They felt like they had known each other forever. From talking about random things like favorite color to getting deep into past life experiences, they were so intrigued with everything each other had to say.

It was 1:00 in the morning and the rest of the party had pretty much cleared out without Avianna and Carmine even realizing it. From where they were sitting, they could see Liv and her boyfriend Jay sitting on the couch inside ready to fall asleep.

“We should probably get going. I didn’t even realize how late it is!” Carmine said

“Yea, Liv and Jay look tired, and I have to get up early for work in the morning!” Av responded. “Let’s go say goodbye quickly.”

“Ok, then can I walk you to your car?”


They quietly opened the sliding glass door and whispered goodbye. They got their things from the coat room and headed out the door.

“Avianna, I’m so glad I got to spend my entire night with you.” Carmine said sincerely as he leaned up against her car door.

“I would not have wanted it any other way.” And she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. He gently put his hands through her hair and touched her face with a gentile grip. Like a magnet with an irrepressible force, they kissed as if they would never let go. That’s when they knew that the bond they shared on this beautiful night was something special.

When they were finally able to release their lips, Carmine opened Avianna’s car door and she got in after one more kiss. She started her car and rolled down the window to talk to Carmine before she drove off.

“So, what do you have going on after work tomorrow Av?”

“Well I get out at 4 and then I’m probably going to stop at tanning on my way home but that’s it.”

“Can I take you on a date?”

“Of course, I would love that.” She said with a sparkle in her eye.

“I’ll be at your house by seven.”

Carmine gave her one last kiss on the forehead, got in his car, and they drove off slowly.

Chapter Two

 Avianna went to work at Tish Boutique the next morning at 9:45. Tish is a prom dress boutique and she loves it. Avianna considers the owner Jayde a role model so she tells her almost everything!
“Jay, listen to this! Last night I went to a party at my friend Liv’s and there was a group of people there that I didn’t know. Well one of the kids was just gorgeous and I couldn’t stop staring at him…” Avianna said rapidly
“Oh God, I like where this is going!” Jayde interrupted.
“…So I asked Liv to introduce us and after she did we spent the entire night together talking. To make a long story short, by the end of the night he asked if he could take me on a date, so we’re going out after work!” She finished with an excited gasp.

Avianna continued to tell Jayde every little detail about her unforgettable night.
“What?! He liked you that much?!”
“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?!”
“Hah I’m just kidding! That’s awesome! I’m so happy for you Av. Your love life is finally starting to pick up again. There’s a lot of fixing up to do from that last jerk. Carmine sounds like an awesome guy, someone you definitely deserve.” Jayde responded with her insightful feelings. “Now let’s pick you out an outfit!”

It was a Saturday morning at Tish which was always busy. It was 3:30 when it finally started to slow down and Jayde and Avianna had time to pick out something to wear. They went to the closet where Jayde kept all the fun dresses during prom season when she can’t put them out.

“Av, look at this Body Language one! It’s adorable; I wore it to a dinner party at Barcelona last weekend.”

“I love it! What color shoes? Black?”

“Yea definitely, with some cute diamond hoop earrings, and you’ll look stunning!”

“You don’t think I’ll look too dressy right?”

“No! You’re crazy, it’s better to be over dressed then underdressed. Plus, it will show him that you’re a classy young girl and you care about what you look like. Guys love that!”

The dress was multi colored with pink, purple orange, and black! One of the cutest things Avianna had ever seen. As the day went on, it started slowing down and Avianna and Jayde started to clean up. While they cleaned they always talked about the progress they made or didn’t make throughout the day. They finished up with the Windex and got their purses and got ready to leave. It was 4:00 and she grabbed the dress and they headed out the door.

“Listen Av, have a blast tonight! And more importantly just be yourself no matter what, I know he will appreciate you for who you are” Jayde said sternly. “And call me if you need anything!”

“Thanks so much Jay! And ill have the dress back to you by Tuesday!”

Avianna got in her car and headed home. She was planning on going tanning but couldn’t wait to get home to tell her mom all about her night. Avianna was best friends with her mom and was upset that when Avianna got home last night she didn’t talk to her mom because she had fallen asleep! Being a senior in high school, Avianna has encountered many experiences that have taught her valuable lessons. One major lesson she learned is not to trust anyone, because most of the time your friends aren’t truthful. Being best friends with her mom Tracy helped Avianna through her problems. Avianna tells her mom everything in the world and Tracy always knows what to say to make Avianna feel better. The best part about it is they are always truthful with each other.

Avianna finally pulled into the driveway and ran inside.
“Upstairs Av, what’s wrong?!”

Avianna ran through the kitchen and up the stairs to find Tracy putting clothes away

“Ma, I’m going on a date tonight with a kid that I met at Olivia’s beach house!”
“No Way! What’s his name, what does he look like?!”
“Oh my gosh, he’s beautiful! And his name is Carmine!”

Avianna went on to tell her mom the whole story, inside and out. Tracy couldn’t be any happier. Avianna had just come out of an unhealthy relationship about 7 months before and her parents had wanted nothing more than for her to be happy and have a guy of her dreams. By the way Avianna was talking about him; Tracy could tell Carmine was exactly what Avianna was looking for.
“Mom, look how cute this dress is! Jayde let me take it for tonight. Do you think I should wear tall black boots, or open toed heels?”
“Wear the heels, they’re more summery looking.” Tracy responded.

Avianna put on her dress, with the black heels, diamond hoop earrings, her favorite heart ring and her black Anne Klein watch. It was 6:50 and Carmine was coming at 7. She was sitting at her vanity, applying the last touch of make-up when she heard her mom yell; “He just pulled in Av!”
Excited and nervous, she sprayed herself with Marc Jacobs Daisy for the third time and took one last look in the mirror before she headed down the stairs. She took the corner from the den and entered the kitchen to find herself breathless, as he stood in her front foyer. His stature and physique was so eye catching and like nothing she had seen before. His perfect muscles made her just want to hug him and he had a voice that you couldn’t help but listen to. She almost felt like she had just froze in place and everyone was staring at her, even though that wasn’t true. Avianna usually doesn’t get like this with boys. She has learned to have her guard up from her past, but not with Carmine. She can’t help but to just let him in completely.
“Ready to go Av” Carmine whispered. After snapping back to reality, she responded excitedly with “Yes!”

She kissed her mom Tracy and her dad Tony goodbye as Carmine shook their hands.
“Be careful guys. If you need anything call us.”
“Ok, we will. Love you, bye!”
“Love you, Bye.”

They walked out the door to Carmine’s black 2009 Mustang convertible
“This is your car?!” Avianna said so excited.
“Yea, you like it?”
“I love it! And it’s so cute that you picked me up in it. So where are we headed tonight?”
“Well I figured we would go do something fun, and then go to eat, or maybe ice cream?”
“Mmm, sounds good!”
“What do you think about mini golf? I know a really cool place.”
“I love mini golf, let’s go!”

They drove to a place in Berlin where they had a fun safari set up for mini- golf. The whole course was inside a fake jungle with animals and trees and even small ponds everywhere. Mini golf was one of Avianna’s favorite things to do as a kid, so it made her like it even more that she could enjoy it with Carmine. After they played mini golf, they got back in the car and headed to this cute place in North Haven called Lilly’s Lounge where they got a little bite to eat and some ice cream. Lilly’s was a small café on the water and since it was a beautiful night they got to sit outside.
“Isn’t this place awesome?” Carmine asked.
“Yea! I love it, and I never knew it was here.”
“Good, now I’m going to take you here all the time.” He said with a cute smile.

Chapter Three
“Where are we going Carmine?” Avianna asked as she smirked.
“Don’t worry about it, you’ll see,” he said back with a wink

After a long curious ride, they pulled up to a really nice looking restaurant called Carbone’s. He gently opened the door for Avianna and they walked up to the host podium.
“We have a reservation for 7:30 under Miss Avianna.” The hostess glanced at Avianna and then glanced over to Carmine with a big smile on her face.
“Right this way please,” the hostess said as she started walking them to the table.
By the way that the hostess looked at them, Avianna could tell that she knew something which made Avianna feel a little suspicious. They walked through the big dining area to a small private room that was decorated absolutely beautifully. The lights were dim, there were rose petals sprinkled all over the table and even some on the floor. There were red and pink rose scented candles and a single red rose in a vase as the centerpiece. Before they had even fully entered the room, Avianna gave Carmine the biggest hug because he had done all this just for her. One of the things they had talked about on the first night they met was Avianna’s tattoo of a rose, and how roses are symbolic to her. This meant so much that Carmine had remembered the roses and did this whole set up for her on her birthday.
“This is so beautiful Carm; you did not have to do all this!”
“Oh please, you deserve it. And plus I have to take care of you.”
Avianna was just so taken back by all that Carmine had done for her that she really didn’t have anything else to say. She felt like there weren’t even words to express how she felt and she couldn’t tell him nearly enough times how much she appreciated all he had done for her.
The waiter came over to them with their drinks, which was unusual because they hadn’t even ordered yet, well at least Avianna hadn’t. When the waiter came over to the table, Avianna found out that Carmine had already preordered everything. And not just that, he had gotten Avianna all her favorites.
After eating their delicious meal, the whole Carbon’s staff went over to the table with two huge pieces of cheesecake singing the Italian version of Happy Birthday topping off the whole night. Cheesecake was Avianna’s absolute favorite desert! Even though she was so full from the huge plate of Chicken Marsala she had just eaten, she couldn’t help but eat every single bit of the cheesecake. Once they were both done with desert, they paid the bill and got back in the car. They drove a little bit down the road but passed the highway entrance. Avianna began to figure out there was going to be more to this night.

“Were not going home yet huh?”

“Nope, you’ll see.”

“I guess so!” Avianna responded with no further questions.

As they drove further down the road, Avianna tried thinking of every place they could possibly go. But since it was already 10:00 at night she couldn’t think of anywhere! But not 5 minutes later, they pulled up to what looked like a park.
“Ok were here! But you have to close your eyes for me and promise not to peak. If you peak it will ruin my whole plan!”
“Ok I promise. I won’t peak! Just don’t make me do anything scary!”
“Ha, you won’t think this is scary. I promise.”

Carmine grabbed Avianna’s hand and she followed him blindly.
“We’ve been walking forever! Is this a trick?!”
“Relax babe, were almost here!”

They finally came to a stop as they stood on what seemed like a hill. Carmine covered Avianna’s eyes to make sure she couldn’t see anything.
“Ready Av?”
“Yes finally!”

Avianna opened her eyes as soon as he took his hand off and looked down at the moonlight shining on a beautiful beach with “Will you be my girlfriend” written in the sand with a small box and a card next to it. Without even answering she jumped on Carmine and gave him a huge kiss.

With a big cute smile on his face, he grabbed hers, kissed her and said “Thank God! Now go get your box!”

Avianna ran down the hill and picked up her card first. She opened it and as she read on it gave her butterflies and made her eyes start to water. After she finished reading the “Love Carmine,” she noticed at the bottom it said “I give you my heart and you can keep it forever…” She opened up the box with a little curiosity, thinking that the last line in the card had something to do with her gift. Laying there was a necklace with a red heart on it. Hearts were Avianna’s favorite. She was so in awe with everything that had gone on that night that she had no words at first.
“It’s beautiful Carm. You really didn’t have to do all of this for me, I love everything.”
“I knew you’d love it. And yes I did, you mean a lot to me Avianna and I want to make sure you know that. I’m serious.”
She took the necklace out of the box to put it on.
“Will you put this on me?”
“Of course, turn around.”
She looked down at her necklace for a few seconds and looked back up to see him staring at her.
“You love it huh?”
“Love it.”
Avianna latched onto Carmine with the tightest grip ever. They stood there hugging for a few minutes just taking everything in. They both just stood in silence. They knew exactly what the other was thinking.
After a few minutes they started heading back to the car because they had a 40 minute ride home. They held hands the whole ride home as Avianna laid her head on Carmines shoulder.

Chapter Four

It was already the end of February and prom season was just around the corner. Avianna spent her afternoons at Tish preparing the store with the newest style of dresses, jewelry, purses and shoes. Prom season is the best and craziest season of them all, and March is when the craziness starts. Girls come from all over the state because of their great selection and uniqueness that the store carries.
“Av, we just got our Faviana shipment in so if you could just take all those dresses out of the box and tag them for me that would be great.”

Avianna tagged all the dresses and made sure everything was in the right place. As the day went on, Jayde and Avianna ran around non stop catering to the customers needs. Although Avianna was there physically, she wasn’t mentally because April 3rd was the date of Carmine’s Prom. Carmine attended Westchester High School which was an all boys private school. Avianna knew that she was most likely going to go with him because they had been dating almost 6 months now, but he hadn’t actually ask her yet. The situation was just something that Avianna was over thinking and she knew she was probably just being silly.

After thinking about it constantly all day she finally had to talk to someone about it! It was 2:00 when the store finally started slowing down again, and this was the perfect time for Avianna to see what Jayde thought about this whole Prom situation.
“Jay, Listen to my problem and tell me if I’m crazy of not! So Carmine’s Prom is in April but he didn’t actually ask me yet. But, we have talked about going so I don’t know if I’m just thinking way too much or not!”

“Ok, well I do think that you’re probably over thinking this because you guys have been dating for like 6 months right?”


“So he’s obviously going to take you. You’re his girlfriend… he wouldn’t want to take anyone else. Maybe he just figures that you know that he’s taking you already and he’s probably not even thinking twice about it. You know how guys are, they don’t think half as much as we do!”

“Haha, that’s so true! Alright I feel better now, it was making me crazy.”

(About month later it was April 3rd and the night of the prom)

Around 11:00 everyone piled back onto the party bus after a long night of dancing to head back to Joe’s house to finish off the night. The bus they took was awesome inside but so crowded because it held 30 people! They had about a 30 minute ride home so everyone was laying on each other just wishing they could get out of their nice outfits.

When they finally pulled into Joe’s driveway at 11:45 everyone hurried off the bus and went inside to change and get on with the night.

“Av, are you going to change?”

“Yes, I can’t wait to be comfy! Want to come change with me?”

“I’ll wait a little while”

Avianna went downstairs with Alyssa to get out of their dresses while Carmine went outside to help the rest of the boys get the bonfire going. At about 11:57 Avianna went outside to see what everyone was up to.

“Babe, come to the car with me to get my bag, I want to change now.”


They walked hand in hand to the street when he parked his newly waxed mustang. They walked to the trunk and he whispered to Avianna;
“Stay here and close your eyes, and don’t look!”
“What? So you can get your clothes?!”
“Shh, just cover your eyes will you!”

So confused, Avianna covered her eyes with a scared look on her face. But with the touch of something under her chin she slowly opened them.
“Happy six months baby.”
“Aw! Happy six months babe, I did not expect this!”
“Well that’s why I had to wait to “get dressed” because its 12:00 and now its April 4th.”

“That’s why! Babe I love roses, thank you! It’s my favorite color too.”

They grabbed Carmines bag and latched hands to walk back inside where Avianna could show off her rose and her perfect, romantic boyfriend. Carmine always adds the charm to every special night they share together and Avianna wants everyone to know.

Chapter Five

It was the end of August, summer was coming to an end and everything was bittersweet. Avianna, Carmine and their friends made the best out of this last summer because it was their last together. From having barbeques and bon-fires every weekend and taking road trips to Rhode Island, unforgettable memories were made. Carmines friends were all going away for college including his love Avianna. But she was someone so special to him that he knew nothing was going to break them up.

On August 23rd, Avianna spent the morning at Carmine’s house packing up the last of his stuff to bring to Quinnipiac University in Massachusetts which was about an hour away. They packed the car in almost complete silence because they were both very sad and didn’t want to talk about it. They had avoided talking about this day for the whole summer and hated that it was actually here.

After saying goodbye to his parents he got in the car. Avianna sat in the passenger seat next to him so they could talk for a while before he took off.

“Here babe, I got this for you. I want you to put it in your wallet so you never lose it.”

Avianna handed him a half of a heart token. His half said “Always in” while her half said “My heart.”

With teary eyes and a shaky voice Carmine took a deep breath and said;

“Avianna, you don’t understand how much this means to me and how much you mean to me. I’ve felt this passionate about you for a long time and knew it the first time we talked that night. I have wanted to tell you many times over and over but I’ve waited so long because you truly are special to me and I didn’t want to just throw these words around, I love you. And I will never let you go as long as it in my control.”

Avianna started to cry as she looked him in the eyes and he wiped her tears away.

“I love you. And it’s so deep that it’s scary. Like you, I knew that I would love you the very first week I spent with you. You came into my life at such a right time that I thank God for your blessings and truly think fate brought you to me. You are the man of my dreams, and I never want to lose you.”

Avianna climbed over the center consul to sit on Carmines lap in the driver’s seat to get closer to him. They just sat there with their arms tightly hugging each other, making it a long hug to last Carmines whole ride up to Quinnipiac and until Avianna would drive up to help him move in the next day.

After embracing each other, Avianna stood up outside the driver’s side door and Carmine got out to give her one last hug and kiss. With his hand gently touching her cheek, Carmine said to Avianna quietly;

“Fate brought us to each other Av, and don’t think that because were going off to college things are going to change. This is only the beginning of us and our fate will take care of the rest. I trust this, I trust us, and I can’t wait to see what our future holds.”

He kissed her on the forehead and got back in the car.

“I’ll call you when I get there and you’re coming up tomorrow to stay and help me move in right?”

“Yes, I can’t wait to see your dorm!”

“I’m doing this for you Av.”

Avianna gave him a kiss and shut his door. Carmine drove off as Avianna stood back with a smile of relief on her face. He was going off to school to become the successful young man that Avianna knew he could be and it was all for her.
Avianna finally found the man that she loves. Now she knows…"love is everything it's cracked up to be. That's why people are so cynical about it...It really is worth fighting for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don't risk everything, you risk even more."

The author's comments:
This piece of writing i wrote about my life story except i changed around the names with a little exageration to make it not seem so obvious. It's special to me because my relationship right now is something rare and i want people to know that there is such thing as fate. If you believe in love, you will have love.

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