July 21, 2009
By SGP222 BRONZE, Macungie, Pennsylvania
SGP222 BRONZE, Macungie, Pennsylvania
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I was there at my lunch table & there she was. The girl of my dreams was right in front of me. Her name is Maryssa. She so happens to be my age & in the some grade as me. I have liked this girl for some time now. I just wish that she would feel the same. I’m done hiding this I need to tell her how I feel today. Today is my day for this I can feel it.
“Maryssa we’ve been friends now for a couple of years. And I have something on my chest that I really need to get out.”
“Okay & what is that?”
“Maryssa, I really like you a lot and I would like it if you’d be my girlfriend.”
“You do?”
“Yes I do.”
“Well could I think about it?”
“Of course you can I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
“I’ll be back.”
“Where are you going?”
“I need to use the bathroom.”
“Oh okay.”

I walked out of the cafeteria to go to the bathroom. When I got in there instead of using the facilities I couldn’t stop thinking. What did I do? She is never going to say ‘yes’ especially to me. Will she? No she can’t. She is too beautiful & we’ve known each other for a couple of years now. It can’t work due to the fact that I don’t know. I just don’t think she would ever say ‘yes’ to me. Why would she? What would she ever see in me? I don’t know. I sat in the bathroom for five minutes thinking & thinking more & more about this. The more & more I thought about this the more I felt the butterflies flying around in my stomach. Maybe this was all a big mistake. Well like I said I will give her time.

As I walked back to the cafeteria from the bathroom I felt weird about going back to the table now that Maryssa & everyone else at the table knows how I feel. This sucks. I should have never said a thing about this.
“Is everything okay?”
“Yes thank you for asking Maryssa.”
“I wanted to let you know I came up with my decision but you will have to wait to find out.”
“Okay how long will I have to wait?”
“The note is in your backpack.”
“Okay may I read it now?”
“No I don’t want you to read it just yet. You can read it next period when we’re in history class.”
“You will have time to read it right?”
“Sure I will.”

We both walked to history class & on the long way we stopped at her locker. She had this smile on her face that was so gleaming it was like staring into the beautiful paradise of heaven. It was the most amazing feeling you could ever feel. This smile just wouldn’t leave her face. I could tell she was hiding something from me but what was it? I couldn’t tell. Maybe she was just giving me a pity smile. I will soon find out. God I hope that it’s a ‘yes.’ We walked into history class & I sat down at my seat. I sat right behind Maryssa. I went into my backpack & there was the note. I slowly opened it up nervous of what I might find out.

Dear Frank,

I never would have guessed you liked me so much. I mean I always somewhat knew that you did. I am flattered you asked me out at lunch. We’ve known each other for a couple of years now. Our friendship is very strong & I don’t want to lose it. You are such a wonderful person in my life & I don’t want to lose that you know?

But as you are probably in the bathroom thinking about what I am going to say? You’re probably coming up with all of the negative things of what might happen. You shouldn’t do that to yourself. To tell you the truth if it was the other way around & I asked you out I’d feel the same way. I could just imagine as you’re reading this you’re scared of what the answer may be. But before I give you the answer to your question I would like to share a memory with you.

Do you remember the first day I really met you? You called my friend Katrina to talk to her due to the fact that you needed some help with a girl you liked. I answered the phone. As we talked I could tell you were something different from any other guy I’ve ever met. And as we talked longer & longer you stopped liking this girl like you never even met her. You wanted to know more & more about me. We talked for two hours that day it was unbelievable for someone I never met face-to-face. But I wasn’t afraid to open up to you I don’t even understand why?

Now do you remember the actual day we met face-to-face? Katrina, Sean, you, & me all went to the movies. Do you remember what we saw? We saw that horror movie that scared the heck out of me. It scared me so much that I grabbed your arm & literally put it around me. While your arm was around me I felt so safe with you. A feeling I’ve never felt with a guy before. Then I looked at you & I was about to kiss you but I couldn’t ‘cause I didn’t want to start anything with you too fast. You know? We barely even knew each other. And I wanted to find out more about you.

Now a couple years later you finally did it. You finally told me you like me & you want to be my boyfriend. I honestly thought you would never do it. I waited to hear you ask me but I have almost given up all hope on you for it. I mean I was scared of meeting you that day when we went to the movies but after that I knew I never wanted to leave without you being by me. You’re one heck of a friend Frank.

Love your friend,
P.S. Look up when you’re done reading this.

I looked up at her & she was looking back at me. She had that same smile on her face as she did a couple of minutes ago. Then she lip-synced something. But I couldn’t tell what she said. So I had to ask.
“What did you say?”
“I said yes.”

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SGP222 BRONZE said...
on Aug. 26 2009 at 3:15 am
SGP222 BRONZE, Macungie, Pennsylvania
3 articles 0 photos 1 comment
thank you

on Jul. 25 2009 at 7:14 pm
pinksage33 BRONZE, Woodstock, New York
4 articles 1 photo 211 comments
This is really good!!!

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