July 18, 2009
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I had never really liked boarding school. You could never have a snow day, your parents could never call you in sick and you could never just skip because you slept in and didn't feel like getting dressed. I suppose that was because all the classes were attached to the same buildings as the dorm was. I guess that being shipped off to another state had its benefits. Like you cant get grounded, your surrounded by guys all the time and well um thats it. But sitting in my language arts class i never wanted to be anywhere else, ever.

Miss. Merrill, my short and plumb teacher, had assigned a new seating chart and had honored me with seat at the table next to Collin Danvers the new transfer student from some private school back east. He had a very handsome face surrounded by jet-black short hair that matched his deep brown eyes. He seems almost regally quite as he lounged back on his seat.

He wasn't looking at me and his perfect lips didn't separate to utter a greeting. As my friends leaned over and hissed at me to talk to him, i blushed when i saw his amused look that glared into the front of the room. Kinda like when i finally got the courage to ask how he was doing all he did was shrug and look me up and down with a quizzical stare. Even when the teacher asked him a question Collin just shrugged and smirked like the teacher was stupid for asking such a simple question.

The guys around school all thought he was a stuck up jerk that thought he was to hot for this school; and all the girls agreed that Collin was hot, but thought he didn't talk because he was shy. I had many theories about him, like maybe he was mute or taking a spiritual oath but apparently all those theories were bogus because Cheyenne Murex sad that she had seen him behind school one day holding a cell phone up to his ear but his lips weren't moving, still no one had ever heard him speak.

It was the last day of school and i had about had it with waiting for Collin to talk to me. I had been nice to him all year, asked him to eat lunch with me volunteered to be his partner on projects when no one else wanted a silent person to work with. I mean it hadn't been that bad he did his half of the project wonderfully but he never said a word, the same with lunch i mean he would smile and laugh at some of my jokes but that was it.

But it was my last straw, class was five minutes from letting out for the summer and Collin was just sitting there, handsome in his school uniform just staring at me.... when i snapped!

"What!" i yelled "Do you have something you want to say to me or are you just being rude!" Collin sat up strait in his chair as though surprised at my outburst. "I have been nice to you all year, talking to you , being your friend and you haven't even said hi to me. I dont know what your deal is but its driving me nuts. I cant believe i have liked you all year despite the fact that you haven't even opened you mouth!." I was in hysterics now, it was like an unstoppable damn. And Collin he just sat there smiling as the whole class gawked at me. "You know what im glad school is over, i'm glad i dont have to sit next to you anymore!" I said plopping back in my chair, awaiting the bell to ring so i could go die alone and embarrassed.

When the bell did ring Collin was the first out of his seat and everyone froze. He put his hand on my shoulder, leaned down and whispered... "I like your blouse...." Kissed my cheek and left the room without a sound except the gasping of the kids beside me.

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ryanthebrat said...
Oct. 10, 2009 at 10:02 pm
this is really good i liked it. i'm not just saying it .it really got me interested into the story i wish you would write more.please.
angel11 replied...
Nov. 13, 2009 at 7:03 pm
Thank you so much for the comment, ill try and write more
ryanthebrat replied...
Nov. 17, 2009 at 7:33 pm
okay keep on writing thats all i have to say it was and awesome story
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