A Chemistry of love

July 18, 2009
By RealPam1992 GOLD, Alexandria, Virginia
RealPam1992 GOLD, Alexandria, Virginia
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A Chemistry Of Love Cast
●Adam White _ (Basketball Player)
●Emily Dodson_ (School Nerd)
●Nick White_ (Basketball Player / Adam’s Brother)
●Haley Snow_ (Cheerleader)
●Meagan Jones_ (Cheerleader/ Nick’s girlfriend)
●Kevin White_ (Basketball player/ Adam’s brother)
●Ashley Hughes _ (Nerd/ Emily’s friend)
●Sarah Short_ (Nerd/ Emily’s friend)
●Alyson Brown_ (Cheerleader/ Kevin’s girlfriend)
●Cody Jones_ (Basketball player/Haley’s boyfriend/Meagan’s brother)
●Taylor Horne_ (cheerleader/ Adam’s girlfriend)
●Joel Dodson_ (Emily’s brother)
●Zack Mathews_ (New coach’s son)

Extra cast….
●Vanessa_ (Joel and Adam’s ex-girlfriend)
●Britney_ (Student/Zack’s stepsister))
●Mrs. White
●Selena_ (student)
●Mrs. Dodson
●Mrs. Jones
●Debby_ (student)
●Coach Mathews_ (New coach)
Mrs. Hughes

Chapter One

(Is second semester, students are now back from their 0ne week break, cheerleaders are by their locker talking amongst themselves, the school nerds are on their way to the library so they can get better scores on their next test, and the basketball players are standing by their locker checking the cheerleaders out and talking about the party they went to the previous night)

Adam: Last night was amazing
Nick: Dude, don’t you even feel a little guilty?
Vanessa: (Walks up to Adam mad) I heard you were at a party with some girl last night
Adam: And I heard you weren’t cheerleading captain anymore
Vanessa: (Mad) are you saying you went out with me just because I was cheerleading captain?
Adam: Yeah, so now that you’re not I need to move on to bigger and better things
Vanessa: What? I can’t believe you are breaking up with me for this reason, you’re going to regret this Adam (Walks away)
Kevin: That was cold mad
Adam: Whatever man (Sees a girl) that’s the new cheerleading captain right?
Cody: (Turns to look at the girl) Yeah
Adam: what’s her name?
Cody: Taylor
Adam: *Shouts* Yo Taylor, come here real quick
Taylor: (Walks over to where Adam and the boys were) Hey Adam
Nick: Oh so you know his name
Adam: What girl in this school doesn’t know my name?
Taylor: (Turns to Joe) Being a little conceited aren’t we?
Adam: Well how about you agree to go out with me, and I will try to be a little less conceited
Taylor: Okay (Gives Adam a quick hug and leaves)

(The nerds are in the library studying and talking about stuff they’ve been through)

Emily: I can’t believe Haley stopped talking to us just because she made the cheerleading team)
Sarah: I heard Cody was the one that told her not to talk to us anymore
Ashley: Yeah, he said he doesn’t want his girlfriend hanging out with some nerds
Emily: I can’t stand that boy, Cody or whatever his name is
Sarah: I know, I can’t stand all those basketball players who think they are all that and… (Bell rings)

(The bell have rang, time for classes to start, but since Adam is doing really bad in his Physics class he will now be having chemistry)

Adam: (Enters the class)
Sarah: (Sees Adam walk in the class, turns to Emily) look just walked in
Emily: (Looks up and sees Adam) Oh, please tell me this boy isn’t going to be in our class
Teacher: (Notice Adam was standing) Mr. White please take a seat
Adam: I don’t see any seat left
Teacher: (Sees an empty seat by Emily) There is an empty seat next to Miss Dodson
Adam: You mean the weird girl with nappy hair? I would rather sit on the floor
Sarah: I know that jerk did not just call you weird
Emily: My hair is not as nappy as he says is it?
Sarah: No, it’s perfect
Adam: (Takes a seat next to Emily, but pulls the chair away from her)
Teacher: We will be working on a project, so I will be assigning partners next class
Adam: (Turns around to stare at the girl behind him) I hope I get paired up with you, you’re hot
Britney: *Blushes* don’t you have a girlfriend?
Adam: Yeah but what does that have to do with this?

(School is over, people are tying to get to their cars and the buses, so the hallway is really crowded)

Ashley: (Bumps into someone)
Kevin: Watch where you going
Ashley: (Looks up and sees it was Kevin she bumped into) I’m so sorry
Kevin: (Stares at Ashley and smiles) you are pretty cute for a nerd
Ashley: Thanks, I think
Kevin: (Smiles and walk away)

(Kevin walks up to the parking lot where the basketball players and the cheerleaders always meet after school)
Meagan: Nicky, do you guys have basketball practice today?
Nick: No, since we won last nights game, coach decided to give us today off)
Alyson: Since we all don’t have practice today, do you guys want to have a little party over at my house?
Kevin: Depends on what time your parents will be back home
Alyson: Midnight or even later
Adam: Okay, but we should invite other people like that girl over there (Points to a girl) She’s hot
Taylor: (Turns and gives Adam a look) what?
Adam: Well she
Haley: (interrupts Adam) Okay I will start inviting other people to the party
Cody: I guess then I will see you later at the party (Kisses her and leaves)
Alyson: (Gives Kevin a kiss) See you in an hour
Taylor: (Gives Adam a mad look and starts to walk away)
Adam: (Grabs her hand) so what? I don’t get a kiss?
Taylor: Bye Adam (Walks away without kissing him)
(Haley is now inviting people to the party like she promised, she walks up to her ex-friends Emily and Sarah to invite them to the party)

Haley: Hey guys
Sarah: *Sarcastic* Emily do you hear something?
Emily: Sarah cut it out, Hey Haley what’s up?
Haley: We are having a party at Alyson’s house and I was wondering if you guys wanted to come
Emily: (Pauses for some seconds) we’ll think about it
Haley: Okay, Bye guys

Chapter Two

(The party have started a lot of people are there and people are still coming)

Adam: (In a corner checking out the girl coming to the party)
Britney: Hey Adam
Adam: What’s up?
Britney: Nothing, just trying to get someone to chill with
Adam: well then you’re talking with the right guy
Britney: Don’t you have a girlfriend?
Adam: Like I said before, it doesn’t matter
Britney: Okay (Follow Adam, upstairs to Alyson’s parent room)

(Taylor have been looking for Adam, but she couldn’t find him anywhere, Sees a guy on the basketball team and thought he might know where Adam was)

Taylor: Hey Tony: Have you seen Adam around here?
Tony: Yeah I saw him walking upstairs with a girl
Taylor: what? (Runs upstairs to Alyson’s parents room) (Opens the door and sees Adam and Britney about to kiss)
Adam: (Sees Taylor, and quickly pulls away from Britney)
Taylor: (Says nothing, turns around and starts to run back downstairs)
Adam: (Runs after her) Taylor
Taylor: (Stops and turns around)
Adam: (Walks up to her) what you saw in there, it wasn’t what it looked like
Taylor: (Stares at Adam without saying a word, tears started coming down hr eyes)
Adam: I’m really sorry, it will never happen again
Taylor: You know what? Save it and tell it to someone who care s (Walks away)

(The nerds are now at the party, Sarah and Emily are getting something to drink and Ashley is standing by herself looking at people at the party)

Kevin: (Sees Ashley and walks up to her)
Ashley: (Sees Kevin) Hey
Kevin: *Smiles* the math competition is being held next door not here
Ashley: *Smiles and so is basketball practice
Kevin: (Stares at her)
Ashley: (Notice Kevin staring at her) what?
Kevin: Nothing
Alyson: (Walks up to Kevin and Ashley) Hey Kevy (Kisses him) lets go dance
Kevin: Okay bye..
Ashley: Ashley
Kevin: Right, I will remember that next time (Thinks: Ashley)
Alyson: (Gives Ashley a dirty look and walks away with Kevin)

(With Adam)

Adam: (Walks downstairs to where Nick and Cody was)
Nick: Dude Taylor was looking for you
Cody: By the look on his face, it looks like Taylor caught him with another girl
Adam: Yeah she did, and now she’s not talking to me
Nick: I don’t blame her
Adam: Whatever (Leaves them and walks outside)
Cody: (Sees Selena walking up to them) Nick here comes your ex-girlfriend
Selena: Hey Cody (Ignores Nick)
Cody: What’s up?
Selena: I was wondering if wanted to go dance (Trying to get Nick jealous)
Cody: Sure (Follows Selena to the dance floor)

(Emily and Sarah are still at the table getting some punch)

Sarah: oh my gosh!
Emily: What?
Sarah: Your brother
Emily: My brother? What? Where?
Sarah: Over there (Points to Emily’s brother)
Emily: I have to go hide, because if he sees me I will be in trouble
Sarah: I know, you want me to come hide with you?
Emily: No, I will be fine (Walks away)

(With Haley and Meagan)

Meagan: (Walks up to Nick) Hey Nicky (Gives him a kiss)
Haley: Hey Nick
Nick: What’s up Haley?
Haley: Have you seen Cody?
Nick: Yeah, he’s over there dancing with Selena
Meagan: why is your ex dancing with Haley’s boyfriend?
Nick: I don’t know, they are just dancing, what’s the big deal?
Haley: (Jealous) it doesn’t look like they are just dancing to me (Walks over to where Cody and Selena was)
Meagan: (Follows Haley)
Haley: (Gets to where Cody and Selena was) (Gives Selena a look and turns to Cody) Cody lets go dance
Selena: Incase you haven’t noticed he is dancing with me right now so you’re going to have to wait.
Haley: The last time I checked he was my boyfriend not yours
Selena: And the last time I checked he ...
Cody: (interrupts her) Girls calm down, okay Haley lets go dance
Haley: (Gives Selena a look and follows Cody to the dance floor)
(Alyson and Kevin are dancing, but the fact that Kevin was talking to Ashley earlier its still bothering Alyson)

Alyson: (Jealous) why were you talking to that nerd?
Kevin: Her name is Ashley
Alyson: So? I don’t want you walking around my house talking with some nerds.
Kevin: (Mad) you can’t tell me who I can or can not talk to
Alyson: Well you are my boyfriend and this is my house so its either you do what I tell you to do or you leave
Kevin: I don’t even want to be here, the only reason I came to this stupid party was because my brothers were coming (starts to leave)
Alyson: *Yells* Kevin
Kevin: (Turns around then ignores her and leave)

(With Nick)
Nick: (Notice Sarah standing there by herself) (starts walking towards her)
Sarah: (sees Nick walking up to her) (Thinks: oh my gosh)
Nick: (Walks to where Alyson is) Hey what’s up?
Sarah: The sky Thinks: what did I just say)
Nick: *Laughs* you’re pretty funny
Sarah: *Blushes* Thanks
Meagan: (Sees Nick talking and laughing with Sarah gets mad and walks up to them)
Nick: (Turns around and sees Meagan behind him)
Meagan: (Stares at Nick) what’s going on here?
Sarah: Nothing
Meagan: I wasn’t talking to you nerdy
Sarah: (Mad) what did you just call me?
Meagan: (ignores her and turns to Nick) Nick can we go dance?
Nick: Sure, I guess (Says bye to Sarah and leaves with Meagan)

(After Emily have seen her brother at the party, she walks outside to go hide from him)

Emily: (Walks outside and sees Adam standing there alone)
Adam: (Hears the outside door open, turns around and sees Emily) what are you doing out here?
Emily: (Ignores him)
Adam: You won’t answer me? You should be even glad that I’m talking to you
Emily: And you should be glad that you managed to pass biology after two years (Thinks: oh! my gosh did I just say that?)
Adam: (Gets a little sad by what Emily said but tried not to show it)
Emily: (Noticed the sad look on Adam’s face) I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to say that
Adam: Whatever, I don’t care (Lying)
Emily: (Noticed that Adam still looked sad) I’m really sorry
Adam: Whatever, just leave before people see me talking to you
Emily: (Leaves without saying another word)

Chapter Three
(Next day at school: The bell has rand and everyone is in their first period class)

Teacher: Everyone take a seat, class starts in 10 seconds
Sarah: (Takes a seat next to Emily)
Adam: (Takes a seat)
Teacher: Like I told you guys’ last class, I will be assigning partner for the project today
Adam: (Looks to his right and stares at the girl sitting there) I hope I get paired up with you
Debby: *Blushes* me too
Teacher: Adam White, you’ll be working with Emily Dodson
Emily: What?
Adam: You have got to be kidding
Teacher: Mr. White, do I look like a comedian to you?
Emily: (Turns to Sarah) I can’t believe he paired me up with Adam
Sarah: I know, I feel bad for you
(After school)
Taylor: (Taking books out of her locker)
Joel: (Walks up to her) what’s up Taylor?
Taylor: What do you want Joel?
Joel: I heard your new found, basketball playing boyfriend cheated on you at the party yesterday
Taylor: so?
Joel: So, I want us to get back together
Taylor: Why do you want us to get back together? You’re the one who broke up with me in the first place
Joel: Yeah, and now I know that I made a really big mistake letting you go
Adam: (Walk up to Taylor’s Locker) Hey Taylor (Looks up at Joel) Who’s he?
Taylor: (ignores Adam’s question)
Adam: (Look at Joel) you kind off look like someone, Do you have a sister in this school?
Joel: Is non of your business if I have a sister in this school or not
Adam: Okay dude chill, I was just asking
Joel: Whatever (Turn to look at Taylor) Think about what I said, and maybe you might change you mind about us (Walks away)
Adam: what was he talking about? What did he mean by you might change your mind about US?
(With Ashley)
Ashley: (Starts walking towards Emily and Sarah, but get stopped by Alyson)
Alyson: (Rolls her eyes at Ashley)
Ashley: What do you want?
Alyson: Look, Kevin is mad at me
Ashley: And you’re telling me this because?
Alyson: Because it’s your entire fault that Kevin and I got in a fight
Ashley: so?
Alyson: So, stay away from Kevin if you want to enjoy going to school here (Walks away)
Sarah: (Walks to Ashley) what did she want?
Ashley: She claims that I caused a fight between her and Kevin
Sarah: Kevin? You mean basketball player Kevin?
Ashley: Yes, I forgot how much we hated them, Sorry
Sarah: Its okay, I think I misjudged them. Some of them are really nice.
Ashley: Yeah, Like Kevin (Notice a look on Sarah face)
Sarah: (Sees Ashley starring at her) what?
Ashley: Who is he?
Sarah: (Pretending like she doesn’t know what Ashley is talking about) what do you mean
Ashley: You have that boy look on you face, so just tell me who the guy is and stop pretending
Sarah: (Lying) there is no guy, I don’t know what you are even…
Nick: (Walks up to them) Whatsup Sarah?
Sarah: *Blushes* Hey Nick
Ashley: (Notice Sarah blushing) *thinks: And she was telling me the she doesn’t like anyone*

(Meanwhile…Adam and Taylor are still by Taylor’s locker)
Adam: Seriously who was that guy? And what did he mean by you might change your mind about US?
Taylor: Nothing (still mad at Adam)
Adam: (Notice Taylor was still mad at him, so he decided to drop the whole Joel thing) Ok if you say so (Held her hand) I’m really sorry about yesterday
Taylor: (Pauses for a while) its okay
Adam: (Hugs her and Whispers in her ear) so you forgive me?
Taylor: (Pulls away from the hug and stares at Adam) Yeah (Kisses Adam) I have to go practice so I will see you later (Walks away)
Emily: (Sees Adam and walks up to him) Hey Adam
Adam: what do you want?
(Back with Nick, Sarah, and Ashley)
Nick: Can I ask you something?
Sarah: Yeah sure what’s up?
Nick: Are you doing anything on Friday?
Sarah: No, why?
Nick: I was wondering if you would like to hang out
Sarah: (Smiles) Wait, don’t you have a girlfriend
Nick: Yeah, but I meant us hanging out as just friends
Sarah: Yeah I knew that (a little embarrassed)
Nick: So what do you say? You want to hang out sometime this weekend?
Sarah: *Smiles* Yeah
Nick: Cool, see you sometime this weekend (Says bye to Sarah and Ashley and leaves)
(Meanwhile…… By Taylor’s locker with Adam and Emily)
Adam: What do you want?
Emily: I just came over to ask you about where you want us to work on our project
Adam: What project?
Emily: Our chemistry project, remember? We are partners (Think: unfortunately)
Adam: Well not for long, I’m about to go ask the teacher for a new partner
Emily: Well then go ahead, because I really don’t want to work with you either
Adam: Fine (Walks away)
(With Sarah and Ashley….Ashley starts staring at Sarah as soon as Nick leaves)
Sarah: (Notice Ashley staring at her) *Smiles * What?
Ashley: (Smiles back) what was all that about?
Sarah: Nothing, Nick and I just got to know each other a little better at the party
Ashley: Oh, so Nick is the guy that changed your opinion on basketball players
Sarah: Yeah, but lets not tell Emily about this
Ashley: Why not?
Sarah: Because she is having troubles getting along with Adam, and she…
Emily: (Walks up to them) Hey guys
Ashley: Hey Em
Sarah: How is it going with you and Adam?
Emily: Not so good, he’s on his way right now going to ask for a different partner
(Meanwhile with Adam)
Adam: (Walks to his chemistry class, saw the teacher by his desk and walks up to him)
Teacher: What can I do for you Mr. White?
Adam: Can I get a different partner for the project?
Teacher: Mr. White, do you know what your grade in this class is?
Adam: I don’t know, a C?
Teacher: No, you have an F, and Miss Dodson is the only one that can help you get a passing grade on this project
Adam: Whatever (Walks out of the class and bumps into Emily)
Emily: (Looks up and sees Adam)
Adam: Are you on your way to go ask for a different partner?
Emily: Maybe
Adam: Well don’t
Emily: And why not?
Adam: Because I already asked and he said no
Emily: Really? I can’t believe I’m stuck with you
Adam: You’re saying it like is a bad thing
Emily: (Ignores Adam) Well if we are stuck being partners, then we have to start working on the project as soon as possible
Adam: Okay, how about I come to your house after basketball practice today
Emily: okay (Give Adam location to her house and walks away)

Chapter Four
(Adam walks of to practice after talking to Emily, He’s at practice now and Practice is almost over)
Coach: You guys did really well today, if we keep this up, we will beat West Potomac high school next week
(The whole team joins hands….1.2.3…Majors)
(If officially the end of basketball practice, all the guys are in the locker room)
Kevin: Guys, I think I’m going to break up with Alyson
Nick: Really?
Cody: Why?
Adam: You found someone else or something?
Kevin: Not exactly (Lying)
Adam: Then why do you want to break up with her?
Kevin: I don’t know, it’s just that things have been bad between us lately
Nick: So when are you planning on breaking up with her?
Kevin: I don’t know, Anyway do you guys want to go grab something to eat at Charlie’s?
Cody: yeah totally
Nick: Sure
Adam: I can’t go
Nick: Why not?
Adam: I have to meet up with Emily to work on a chemistry project
Kevin: Okay, then I guesses we will see you at home later
Adam: yeah, later (Leaves)
(The cheerleaders just finished practice, and they are getting ready to head to the locker room)
Taylor: Omg, Joel wants to get back with me
Meagan: Omg, Really?
Haley: Does Adam know that Joel is trying to get back with you?
Taylor: No, but he almost found out
Haley: So are you thinking about going back out with Joel or staying with Adam?
Taylor: I don’t know, I really like both of them, but Joel really hurt me by breaking up with me, and Adam is a player
Meagan: (Noticed that Alyson was quiet) Alyson what’s wrong?
Alyson: Nothing (Lying)
Haley: (Noticed that she was lying) Yeah right, Alyson, seriously what’s wrong?
Alyson: I’m serious, nothing
Haley: If you say so, by the way I heard the guys are going to Charlie’s
Meagan: You guys want us to go there too?
Taylor: Yeah totally, and Haley, remind me to call Joel in five minutes
(Meanwhile Adam has gotten to Emily’s house)
Adam: (Standing in front of Emily’s house) (Rings the doorbell)
Joel: (Gets the door)
Adam: (Surprised to se Joe)
Joel: (Surprised to see Adam too) what are you doing here?
Mrs. Dodson: *Yells* who’s at the door?
Joel: Some guy from my school
Mrs. Dodson: (Walks to the door) Young man, who are you looking for?
Adam: Emily, she told me to come over so we can work on our chemistry project
Mrs. Dodson: Oh yeah, Emily told me that you’ll be coming over, come on in
Adam: Thank you (Walks into the house)
Mrs. Dodson: Emily is over at a friend’s house, but she’ll be back soon
Adam: Did she want me to wait for her?
Mrs. Dodson: Yeah if that’s okay with you
Adam: Yeah (Look over at Joel) I don’t mind waiting
Mrs. Dodson: (Picks up her purse and turns to Joel) Bye honey, I will be home at midnight
Joel: Okay mom, have fun (Kisses her on the cheek)
Mrs. Dodson: (Says bye to Adam too and leaves)
Adam: (Turns to Joel as soon as Mrs. Dodson leaves) *Curios* Hey man what’s going on with you and Taylor?
Joel: (ignores him and starts walking upstairs)
Adam: (Walks up in front of him to stop him from going upstairs)
Joel: (Gets a little angry) get out of my way (Pushes Adam)
Adam: I will move out of your way when you answer my question
Joel: (Angry) whatever is going on between Taylor and I is non of you business
Adam: It is my business, because I’m her boyfriend
Joel: Well you don’t deserve her
Adam: (Gets up in Joel’s face) I do deserve her
Joel: (Pushes Adam) Then prove it
Emily: (Walks in the house, see Adam and Joel about to fight) what’s going on here?
Adam: (Turns around and sees Emily) nothing
Joel: Emily is anyone calls me; tell them I’m not home, unless it’s Ashley or Taylor (Walks upstairs)
Emily: Adam, when did you get here?
Adam: Like fifteen minutes ago
Emily: Sorry for keeping you waiting
Adam: It’s cool (House phone rings)
Emily: (Picks up the phone) Hello Dodson house
Taylor: Hello, Can I speak with Joel
Emily: who’s this?
Taylor: Taylor Horne
Emily: Okay hold on (Goes upstairs, gives the phone to Joel and comes back downstairs)
Adam: Who was that on the phone?
Emily: Taylor
Adam: (A little bit Jealous) how does Joel know Taylor?
Emily: What’s up with all these questions?
Adam: I was just wondering
Emily: Okay, well Taylor is Joel’s ex girlfriend
Adam: (Surprised) Taylor used to date Joel?
(Kevin, Nick, and Cody are at Charlie’s and Taylor, Haley, Meagan, and Alyson are on their way there)
Nick: (Eating) Man, Charlie’s have the best sub ever)
Cody: Yeah totally
Kevin: Why else do you think I always come here
Cody: (Sees the girls walking in) Look who’s here
Meagan: (Walks up to the boys table) Hey Nick (Gives him a kiss and sits next to him)
Haley: (Walks to the boys table too with Taylor, and Alyson) Hey Guys (Kisses Cody and sits next to him)
Alyson: (Takes a seat without saying hi)
Taylor: Hey guys (Notice Adam was not there) Where’s Adam?
Kevin: He’s going over some girl’s house to work on his chemistry project
Taylor: (Jealous) What girl?
Cody: (Notice Taylor was a little Jealous) don’t worry; the girl is a total nerd Adam will never be interested in her.
Taylor: Oh (Sits down next to Kevin)
Cody: What time is it?
Kevin: (Looks at his watch) its 7:46
Cody: Meagan we have to go
Meagan: Why? We just got here
Cody: Mom will be home at 8 and I want us to get home before she does
Meagan: Okay (Picks up her purse kisses Nick and starts following Cody out)
Taylor: Can you guys give me a ride home?
Cody: Sure
Taylor: (Gets up and follows them out)
Nick: (Notice it’s just Haley, Kevin, Alyson, and him at the table. Thinks of a way to get Kevin and Alyson alone) *Gets up* Haley, I have to go show you something in the car
Haley: Okay (Gets up and follows Nick to his car)
Kevin: (Sees Nick, and Haley heading out. Notice he is alone with Alyson) Alyson we have to talk
Alyson: (Thought Kevin was about to apologize to her) Talk about what?
Kevin: About us, about our relationship
Alyson: What about our relationship?
Kevin: I don’t think it’s… (Pauses)
Alyson: You don’t think what?
Kevin: I don’t think that things are working out between us, I think we should break up
Alyson: (Shocked and mad) what? (Quickly gets up to leave)
Kevin: (Grabs her arm) Do you want me to give you a ride home?
Alyson: (Looks at Kevin for some seconds, then ignores him and walks away)
(Nick and Haley are outside by Haley’s car)
Haley: So Nick what did you want to show me?
Nick: Oh nothing, I just wanted a reason for us to leave, so Kevin and Alyson would be alone
Haley: Oh (Accidentally drops her bracelet and tries to pick it up)
Nick: (Goes down to pick it up for her)
Haley: (Looks into Nicks eyes) (Thinks: Wow I’ve never notice how hot nick is)
Nick: (Picks up the bracelet) Here you go Haley
Haley: (Couldn’t here him, still thinking about how hot he is)
Nick: (Noticed Haley starring at him) Haley?
Haley: (Snaps out of it) what?
Nick: There you go (Gives her bracelet back to her)
Haley: *Flirty smile* Thanks
Kevin: (Walks up to them) Nick, are you ready to leave?
Nick: Yeah
Haley: Can you guys give me a ride home?
Kevin: Yeah sure
Haley: (Follows Kevin and Nick into the car)

Chapter five
(Is the next day at school, Emily, Ashley, and Sarah are standing by Ashley’s locker)
Sarah: So how did it go with you and Adam yesterday?
Emily: Surprisingly, it actually went well
Ashley: So when are you guys meeting again to work on the project?
Emily: Today after school
Kevin: (Walks up to them) Hey Ash (Whispers to her) Can I talk to you alone
Ashley: Uhm! Sure (says bye to Emily, and Sarah and follows Kevin)
Kevin: (Walks over to his locker with her)
Ashley: (Leans on Kevin’s locker) so what did you want to talk about?
Kevin: I was wondering if you would like to go out with me on Friday
Ashley: *Smiles*
Kevin: Is that a yes?
Ashley: *Still smiling* Yes
(Meanwhile. the cheerleaders are by Taylor’s locker, Alyson has told them about what had happened between Kevin and her the night before)
Taylor: I still can’t believe that Kevin broke up with you
Meagan: I hope he is not seeing some else, because if he is the girl would wish that she knew him
Cody: (Walks up to the girls) Hey (Kisses Haley)
Haley: (Pulls away and gives him a fake smile) (Thinks: I need to break up with him, so Nick and I will have a chance of getting together)
(Sarah has left Emily and its now by her locker getting her books out)
Nick: (Walks up to her) whatsup Sarah?
Sarah: Nothing much just getting books out of my locker
Nick: So are we still on for movies on Friday?
Sarah: *smiles* Yeah
Nick: Great, see you on Friday (Hugs Sarah and leaves)
Sarah: (Stares at Nick as he goes and smiles to herself)
(After School: Basketball players and the cheerleaders are all practicing in different sections of the gym)
Alyson: I heard there is a new basketball coach
Taylor: Any why should we care?
Alyson: Well, because I heard he has a hot son who will be going to school here
Haley: Really? Then I guess we are going to be watching the guy practice today
Alyson: Totally
(At the basketball section of the gym)
Coach Mathews: (Blows his whistle) *yells* to the baseline
Adam: (Runs to the baseline with all the other teammates
Coach Mathews: Guys I’m coach Mathews, and as you all probably know, I’m going to be you new basketball coach. Your old coach moved so I’m going to be you coach for the rest of the year
Zack: (Walks in the gym and goes to stand by coach Mathews)
Adam: (Whispers to Kevin) who’s that?
Coach Mathews: (Overhears him) this is my son Zack Mathews and he is going to be your new teammate
Ashley: (Walks in the gym and walks up to Coach Mathews) Coach Mathews right?
Coach Mathews: (Turns around) yeah, what’s up?
Ashley: The principal told me to come give you some paper works (Hands it to him)
Coach Mathews: (Takes the paper from Ashley) Thanks
Ashley: You’re welcome (Smiles at Kevin and turns around and starts to leave the gym)
Zack: *Thinks* She is hot (Starts starring at Ashley as she leaves)
Kevin: (Notice Zack staring at Ashley and gets kind off mad)
(Basketball practice is now over and everyone is heading to the locker room)
Zack: Walks up to Kevin, Nick, and Adam) what’s up?
Kevin: (Gives him a dirty look and answers unwillingly) nothing
Alyson: (Walks up to the boys and stands next to Zack) Hey you’re the new guy right?
Zack: Yeah
Alyson: I’m Alyson Brown, and here is my number (Gives Zack her number and turn to see if Kevin looked jealous) (Turns back to Zack) Let me know if you need anything (Checks Zack out, hoping it would make Kevin jealous, then leaves)
Zack: (Puts Alyson’s number in his pocket and starts walking with the boys to the locker room)
Adam: So I’m guessing you’ll be going out with her soon
Zack: No I kind off have my eye on someone else
Kevin: (Curios and hoping that he is not talking about Ashley) who’s the other person you have your eye on?
Zack: I don’t really know her name, but she’s…
Emily: (Walks up to them) Adam, are you ready to go?
Adam: Yeah (Says bye to the guys and leaves with Emily)
Zack: Was that Adam’s girlfriend?
Nick: No, they are just partners for a chemistry project
(Adam and Emily is now outside in the school parking lot)
Emily: So how was basketball practice?)
Adam: It was alright (Opens the car and jumps in)
Emily: (Sits in the car next to Adam)
Adam: (Starts driving to Emily’s house)
(Back in the school: The cheerleaders are in the locker room getting dressed)
Alyson: I gave the new guy my number
Haley: Was Kevin jealous?
Alyson: No, I didn’t think it worked because he didn’t look a bit jealous
Haley: Maybe he just wasn’t showing it
Alyson: Yeah, maybe
Meagan: You guys want to come over to my house
Haley: yeah
Alyson: Sure
Taylor: I can’t come
Meagan: Why not?
Taylor: Well Joel wants me to go out with him tonight
Haley: Is Adam okay with it?
Taylor: No, Adam doesn’t know about it
Alyson: Wait so let me get this straight, you have a date with Joel while still going out with Adam?
Taylor: Well Adam cheats on me all the time, and don’t forget that Joel was my first love
Haley: True, but make sure that Adam doesn’t find out
Taylor: He won’t (Picks up her purse, says bye to the girls and leaves)
(With Zack)
Zack: (Walks outside to his car, gets in and starts driving home) (Sees Ashley walking down the road and stops his car) Hey, you need a ride?
Ashley: No, I’m fine but thanks (kept walking)
Zack: (Gets out of his car and runs in front of Ashley) Hey I’m Zack
Ashley: (Noticed that he was the new guy) you’re the coach’s son right?
Zack: *Smiles* Yeah
Ashley: I’m Ashley Hughes
Zack: So now that we’ve gotten to know each other a little bit will you allow me to give you a ride home?
Ashley: *Smiles* Yeah (Gets in the car with Zack
Zack: (Starts staring at Ashley)
Ashley: (Feels a little uncomfortable) so how was your first day of school?
Zack: It was okay (Starts driving) so where do you live?
Ashley: (Shows Zack where she lives)
Zack: (Gets to Ashley’s house and stops the car)
Ashley: Thank for the ride
Zack: Anytime
Ashley: (Gets out of the car, waves to Zack and enters her house)
Zack: (Watches her leave then drives off)

Chapter six

(Adam and Emily are over at Emily house working on their chemistry project)
Emily: (Sitting down in the living room with Adam)
Adam: (Starts staring at Emily) (*Thinks* Wow, she’s really pretty)
Emily: Adam, do you think you should make an ionic bond or a covalent bond?
Adam: (Wasn’t paying attention, still thinking about how pretty Emily looks) (Leans in to kiss her)
Emily: (Hears someone opening the door) (Turns away from Adam and start staring at the door)
Taylor: (Walks in the door with Joel without noticing Adam and Emily in the living room)
Joel: (Didn’t notice Adam and Emily either) (Starts to kiss Taylor)
Adam: (Turns around and sees Taylor and Joel kissing) Taylor?
Taylor: (Surprised and embarrassed) Adam? What are you doing here?
Adam: (Angry) What I’m I doing here? MY girlfriend is kissing another guy in front of me and all she can say is what I’m I doing here?
Taylor: Adam i8’m so sorry, I ….
Adam: You know what? Save it (Walks out of the house leaving his things behind
Taylor: (Turns around about to follow Adam)
Joel: (Grabs Taylor’s arm) so what? You’re going to choose that Adam guy over me?
Taylor: Yes, the same way you chose Vanessa over me six months ago
Joel: Whatever, just don’t come running to me when he breaks your heart
Taylor: (Rolls her eyes then run outside, but Adam was already gone)
(Ashley have now walked home after Zack dropped her off)
Ashley: *Yells* Mom I’m home (Put her purse on the table)
Mrs. Hughes: (Walks in the living room all dressed up and in a hurry)
Ashley: (Curious) mom where are you off to?
Mrs. Hughes: My boss just called and I have to go on a business trip tonight
Ashley: When are you going to be back?
Mrs. Hughes: I don’t know, it depends on how long it takes me to get the job done
Ashley: So I’m going to be in the house alone?
Mrs. Hughes: No, I’m taking you over to a friend’s house; she has agreed to let you stay with them until I get back, so go pack you things so we can leave
Ashley: Okay (Went upstairs to get her things)
(Meanwhile Adam goes home and went straight to his room)
Adam: (Try to think about the fact that Taylor is cheating on him with Joel, but couldn’t because he couldn’t get Emily out of his thoughts) (Thinks: Adam you can’t like her, what will people say? I mean come on she is just a nerdy tenth grader) but the other half of him was thinking (I wonder if she likes me? What if she doesn’t like me back?) (The doorbell rings but he doesn’t even hear it) (5 minutes later)
Mrs. White: *Yells* Adam, I need you downstairs
Adam: (Runs downstairs and sees Mrs. White and Ashley standing in the living room)
Mrs. White: Adam this is Ashley and she’ll be staying with us for a while
Adam: (Noticed his mom was all dressed up) Mom are you going somewhere?
Mrs. White: I’m working late and won’t be back until tomorrow, so make sure that Ashley feel welcome, and by the way, when will your brothers be back home?
Adam: at nine I think
Mrs. White: Okay (Gives Adam a kiss and says bye to Ashley and leaves)
Adam: (Turns to Ashley) aren’t you the girl that was at our basketball practice today?
Ashley: Yes (Looks around and sees picture of Kevin) (Smiles secretly to herself)
Adam: Let me show you the guest room (starts walking upstairs)
Ashley: (Follows Adam to the guest room)
Adam: (Shows Ashley the guestroom and runs downstairs to play some video games) (phone rings and he picks up) hello
Nick: Adam let me talk to mom
Adam: They aren’t home. Why do you need to talk to them?
Nick: I just wanted to tell them that we’ll be spending the night at Meagan and Cody’s house, but since their not there I guess I will see you tomorrow.
Adam: yeah (Hangs up the phone and gets back to playing his video game)
Ashley: (Walks downstairs, looks around and didn’t see Kevin) Adam where is Kevin?
Adam: Why do you care about where Kevin is?
Ashley: I don’t (Lying)
(At Cody and Meagan’s house: Kevin, Nick, and the cheerleaders are all spending the night there, and right now they are all playing truth or dare)
Cody: Haley, truth or dare>
Haley: Dare
Cody: I dare you to give me a kiss
Haley: (Went over and Gives him a kiss) Nick, truth or dare?
Nick: Definitely dare
Haley: Okay, I dare you to take me on a date on Friday
Meagan: (Kind off mad) Why would you dare him to do that?
Nick: Don’t worry Meagan. I won’t even be able to go
Haley: And why not?
Nick: (Not thinking) because I have a date with Sarah (Realizes what he just said) (*Thinks* oops)
Meagan: (Mad) did you just say you have a date with Sarah?
(With Ashley and Adam: Its 12:34am and they are both in their rooms sleeping)
Adam: (*Thinking* I need to get Emily out of my mind) Realizes he was alone in the house with Ashley, decides to pay her a little visit to help him get his mind of Emily)
Ashley: (Laying on her bed thinking about where Kevin was and what time he’ll be back home)
Adam: (Walks in Ashley room and went to sit on her bed)
Ashley: (Didn’t see who it was because the lights were of) (Thought it was Kevin)
Adam: (Leans in and starts kissing Ashley)
Ashley: (Didn’t pull away because she thought it was Kevin)
Adam: (Pulls away a minute later) Wow, you are a good kisser
Ashley: (Realize the voice was not Kevin voice) *Mad* Adam? To Be Continued……

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