true love

February 12, 2009
By carmello13 BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
carmello13 BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
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I love you replayed in Kyra head over and over again like an old home film she couldn't bare to take
out. Just last week she was as happy as she could be and today she hated life. 'Kyra come down for
dinner', her mother yelled from down stairs. 'Am not hungry 'she yelled as she slammed her door. 'Am
so ugly and fat no one loves me I hate life I hate it I hate It.', Kyra thought to her self. You
have an IM, her laptop said from the corner of her room. Hey am fin to call you, you have to tell me
what happen between you and bobby. Before she could massage back her phone went off. 'Yes nikki' she
said trying to be happy 'Girl I just heard, what happen?' Nikki said 'Nothing happen I found someone
new I let him go', Kyra said trying not to cry. 'O aite cause that chick Delyn telling everybody she
took him fr' Kyra interrupted, 'well she lying I told you what happen'. 'I know girl.'Nikki replied
'Am fin to go eat dinner I'll call you later.' Kyra said as she looked at herself in the mirror.
'Aite girl you better call me'.nikki said as she hangs up. Kyra hated the fact that she had to lie
to her best friend but she just couldn't tell her what happen, she didn't even want to think about
it. 'Kyra knee-knee here.' Her mom yalled from down stairs 'Tell her am sleep.' Kyra yelled back.
'Girl you got to come with me, girl I met this cutie at the mall yesterday and he invited me to
chill with him at the rider joint.' knee-knee said looking through all Kyra clothes. 'No! I don't
wanna go.' Kyra whined 'Girl please am really feeling his one he could be my new baby daddy ',
knee-knee said 'please I even get a baby-sitter for the whole night.' 'Ummmm! I have nothing to
wear.' Kyra said 'That where I come in. 'she said as she started to smile you 'you going to wear
these shorts, with my pink suspenders. 'What about a shirt?' Kyra questioned 'Yo shorts are black
boo knee-knee said as she look through her closet put on a pink tank-top and wear your black and
pink forces.' 'Okay, hold up you got a date what about me?' Kyra asked 'O, you got my brother.'
knee-knee whispered 'Alee, knee-knee No! Kyra yelled 'Girl please for me' knee-knee begged 'he
really like you girl please' 'Really.' Kyra said with a little joy 'Yes, girl.'Knee-knee said
popping her gum. 'Come on lets get dress my brother down stairs and we got to meet him at 9:30' knee
said From the bathroom 'Mom am going out with knee-knee be back at 3.' Kyra yelled as she walked out
the door 'Hey.'Kyra said to alee 'What's up,' he said smiling 'Get to moving butt face you know
where we going.' knee-knee yelled to her brother 'There he is!' knee-knee said in excitement 'come
on yall'! 'Hey boo.' knee-knee said as she hugged the man 'this girl Kyra and my big headed brother
Alee. 'What's up.' the man said while walking in the building 'come on I got a spot set up just for
us. As they followed the men into the club Kyra remembered that she and bobby got together in a
club. She couldn't believe he did that to her he told her he loved her and then just did what he had
to do and moved on. Her scroll down memory lane got interrupted by alee asking her if she wanted a
drink, she quickly said no and watched him pour himself one. After being quiet for two hours alee
said something to her 'So why you don't drink? 'He asked 'huh, o cause am not old enough.' Kyra
replied 'so.' he said begin smart 'how old are you anyway?' Kyra asked 'Me am 16.'he said 'what
about you?' 'am 15.'kyra said as she smiled 'Dang you pretty.' he said pouring another drink 'what
ever you just saying that am ugly.' she said getting sad 'No you are not you beautiful, sexy, and
real I love that about you.' he said putting him arm around her. 'you must be drunk.' she said
moving his arm 'what's wrong with you.' he questioned 'nothi' 'yo its 2'30 alee gon drive you home
am gon chill with stephon.'knee-knee interrupted 'aite.'kyra said as she stood up 'okay heres your
house.' alee said opening her door 'so can I get yo number?' 'ummmmm yap here' ~RING, RING 'h, h,
hello 'girl what happen last night?'nikki said from the other end of the phone 'huh who this?' Kyra
said half sleep 'nikki' 'O! hey am sorry me and knee-knee went out in as soon as I got home I fell
out'hey can I call you back am still sleep.' Kyra said getting out the bed 'Ya.'nikki said as she
hang up 'wow! Kyra though to her self I went a whole night without thinking about bobby or what
happen that amazing', she couldn't believe she did it and it's was all cause of alee. she didn't
think they would hit it off like they did and know she couldn't het him out of her head. ~RING, RING
'hello' Kyra said wondering who it was 'take a shower and get dress we hanging out today.' the voice
said 'ummmmn, okay question, who is this?' 'Alee duh.'He replied 'okay how long before you get
here.' Kyra asked 'hour' alee said 'Okay.' Kyra said as she hang up the phone ~HOOK, HOOK 'am coming
'Kyra yelled from her bed room window 'hey'she said as she got in the car 'so where we going'
'What's up and you'll find out when we get there.' he said as they began to drive ff. 'so tell me
about you.' Kyra said as she looked at him 'okay well am 16 I like to have fun am really feeling you
and ummmmmm! we're here.' he said smiling 'the beach 'she said clueless 'why we come here' 'I come
here to blow off steam and think you know.'alee said as they walked toward the water.' After walking
around talking for a few hour Kyra phone went off 'Hello 'Kyra said 'Hey baby love, I miss you lets
get together' Kyra quickly remembered the voice and couldn't believe he was calling her after what
he did and quickly hang up. 'Everything okay', alee asked 'Ya. I got to go home' she said 'Really,
okay'he said getting up 'Bye,' Kyra said getting out the car 'Why would he do that' Kyra though to
her self why, why, why 'Why!' Kyra yelled very loud as she began to cry ~KNOCK, KNOCK 'Go away' she
yelled 'Kyra what wrong'alee said opening the door She quickly got up and grabbed him as she stooped
crying she said 'he raped me' 'What!' alee yelled? 'He raped me a week ago and called me and said he
missed me like he didn't do nothing' she said holding on to alee tightly 'Who, who raped you Kyra?'
'bobby' she cried 'we was watching TV in his room and he gets on top of me undid my clothes and told
me I would like it, I said no I yelled it he just put his hand over my month, the worst thing about
it was when he was done he told me he loved me in went to sleep.' She laied in his arms until she
fell asleep once she was sleep alee left ~RING, RING 'Hello' 'Bay meet me at the rider joint joint.'
alee said seriously 'Okay am on my way' she said getting nervous 'Is this the boy that did it to
you' alee yelled with tears running down his face 'Huh, bay what you fin to do?' Kyra asked 'Is this
him.' he yelled 'Ya!' she said scared 'Good' alee said taking off his shirt Kyra began to cry as she
watched alee beat up bobby once he was done he garbed his stuff and hugged Kyra as he listen to her
cry he said 'It's okay he wont hurt you again.' 'What know sucker.' bobby voice said from behide
them Kyra yelled 'Bobby No! ~POP, POP Kyra cried louder as she crawled her way to the lifeless body
'no!' she yelled 'no! Why why why'

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