Falling for Love

January 22, 2009
By Anonymous

Her heart was pounding. She began to sweat as if it were a hundred degrees. "Why did you do it
Frank?" she asked, fearing the answer to her question. He did not respond right away, he just sat
motionless in the office chair looking out the wall of windows that gave view to a snowy, busy New
York winter night. "It's a long fall from here isn't it?" He said. "What?" she responded
to this random statement with shock and anger. "I said-" "Of course it's a long fall,
we're thirty floors up." She kept her distance from him, fighting the burning urge to run over
and slap him across the face. "You want to know why I did what I did and yet you are the one that
left me no other choice." His head sank between his knees while still keeping an eye on the busy
cold night. "You know something Frank," she yelled at him mockingly. "You're an idiot, and
loser. You always will be one too." There was nothing but silence that followed the next few
moments. He raised the bottle in his hand to his lips and let the medicine run down his throat.
"Are you drunk?" "Of course I am," he shouted back. "Don't you dare yell at me, and
answer me already!" she was losing her grip of her feeling of guilt and it was slowly being
replaced with anger. She licked her dry lips and found them to be overly salty. She had not realized
it just yet but she had tears rushing down her soft white cheeks. "You left me no choice," and
without getting up from his chair he hurled thee bottle over his shoulder, almost hitting her.
"What did you bloody hell expect me to do Susan! Did you think I wouldn't care! Did you think
that I would just let it go and watch! No! you left me no other option." Once again the terror of
silence swept through the darkened room, and this time it stayed for a while. Frank sat in his chair
rocking back in forth toward and away from the large window. He had a blank look on his face that
should no fear, no remorse…it showed nothing. She stood fifteen feet away wanting to fall to the
ground because her legs had grown weak, but she stood in anger or was it fear? "You knew this
would happen," he broke the silence in a dull voice, almost a whisper. "You made the choice, not
me." "No Frank, you didn't have to." She said with fear and sadness radiating from her every
word. Frank stood up and looked into Susan's eyes. "Come over here," he said calmly. She
walked toward him slowly, timidly. Her legs shaking, heart racing, head throbbing, she was confused
and lost in her hysterical mind. Frank stretched his arms out to show good will, so Susan let down
her guard and walked into his arms. She buried her head into his chest and he wrapped his arms
around her. "I couldn't control myself when I saw him, I was so angry." "You didn't have
to kill him," she said softly. "You betrayed me Susan, and for that-"she looked up into his
burning blue eyes and saw a hate that made the pitch black corners of the room cower in fear. He
grabbed her tightly by the wrists and looked out the window towards the snow blanketed streets.
"And for that Susan, you're going to take a long fall."

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