Love in the Summer

February 23, 2009
By Kelsey Schriver BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
Kelsey Schriver BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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Bikini, check. Flip flops, check. Suitcase zipper and ready, check. Keys to amazing rented, red,
convertible check. I had everything I needed for the amazing road trip we had planned for the first
week of summer break. I headed out the door to the red convertible we had rented; my friend Bella
sat in the passenger seat waiting for me to come. "Gosh Holly, could you be any slower." "I
just wanted to make sure I had everything." "Well then, let's go."

We made it to Miami in record time. I grabbed my stuff from the car and headed to check into the
hotel room. We made our way into the hotel room. There were two large queen size beds covered in the
softest material. The comforters were the whitest white and the room was so calming, it was hard to
explain. "Holly, let's go to the beach." I changed into my new bikini and headed out the door
to the beach with Bella. We found a dual beach lounger with attached umbrella on the beach so we sat
down there. "Ahh, this is the life," Bella said as she relaxed in the lounger. "Oh yeah." I
started to look around the beach, just people watching. I suddenly saw a group of guys. They were
all very hot. I noticed that one of them was staring in my direction. He probably wasn't looking
at me but to make sure I looked around my area, no one else was there except me. He had to be
staring at me but why? I put on my sunglasses so he couldn't tell I was watching him and made sure
he was staring at me and he definitely was. "Bella?" "Yeah." "Um one of those guys over
there keeps staring at me. It's getting ridiculous." "You sure he is staring at you?"
"Yes." "Well, go make sure." Bella and I packed up our stuff and made our way over to where
the group of guys were. We slowly walked past them and the guy kept staring at me. I turned around.
" Why are you staring at me?" "Uhh-" 'that's all you have to say?" "Uhh-" "Um
okay. Bye." Bella and I made our way to the bridge connecting the beach and the hotel. As I was
walking across the bridge, I heard a noise and turned around. When I turned around, I crashed into a
hard male body. When I looked up it was the guy who had been staring at me. He suddenly captured my
mouth with his and kissed me. He slid his hands down my
back to my waist and pulled me closer to him as he kept kissing me. He stopped kissing me and took a
step back. " Wow," I said almost speechless. "Hi, I'm Vince," he said then flashed me a
wickedly hot smile. "I'm Holly." I stood there and looked at him. He was very attractive. He
could be an Abercrombie model. We kept looking at each other until a guy came and jumped on his
back. The guy reached across Vince's body and grabbed my hand. "I'm Landon, his brother. I'm
a little more, um, subtle." Landon kissed my hand and then walked off. He stopped then turned
around. "Come on Vince!" Right when Vince turned around, I ran off with Bella. "I'm coming,
hold on a second." As I looked back, I could see him trying to get my attention but I just kept
running back to the hotel room with Bella.

We decided to go to one of the hottest clubs that night. "Bella, I'm going to go to the bathroom
really quick." "I think I'm going to dance." "Okay, I'll look for you on the dance
floor." I made my way into the bathroom. As I was washing my hands, I heard the door open then
someone wrapped their arms around my waist. When they turned me around to face them, I got a quick
look at their face. It was Vince! Before I could say anything, he had pushed me up against the
bathroom wall and started to kiss me. He picked me up and I
wrapped my legs around his waist as wekissed. He starts to kiss me more aggressively
and it got hotter. I pulled back from the kiss. " That was a nice welcome." "Mmm, I agree."
Vince put me back down so my feet were touching the floor and not wrapped around his waist.
took my hands in his then looked into my eyes. "I'm sorry. I just keep like randomly jumping
you. Will you please come take a walk on the beach with me?" "I'm here with my friend."
"Oh, my brother is here too. They could hang out together and he can keep an eye on her. You met
him today remember?" I giggled because I definitely did remember his brother, the subtle one. Him
and Bella would be complete opposites but it could work. "Okay. Let's go."

After leaving the bar, Vince and I started to walk to the beach. When he grabbed my hand and started
leading me to the beach, I felt tingles throughout my body. Once we got to the beach, we removed our
shoes and walked hand in hand. I was truly loving all this until I realized I needed to leave, it
couldn't get any better than this. I looked around and saw Bella and Landon. Landon called out to
Vince and when Vince turned around I ran to Bella. Once we met up, I told her we had to get out of
here. We grabbed hands and ran away from Vince and Landon. "Holly! Where are you going, I don't
have your number" screamed Vince from behind us. I didn't scream anything back to him. I just
kept running.

The next day Bella and me decided to split up. She was going to go hangout with Landon and I was
going to go site seeing until the doorbell rang. "Hi, holly." "Um, hi Vince. How did you find
me?" "How do you think?" "Bella?" "Yup." I grabbed my stuff and headed out the door.
Vince followed closely behind me. "Come on, spend the day with me." "Okay."

Vince was the greatest guy I had ever met. He took me to this amazing little diner near the
boardwalk then to get some ice cream. I didn't want it to end. "Want to come back and swim in
the hotels pool?" "Yea, lets do it." Vince and I headed back to the hotel. I jumped into the
pool while I waited for Vince to get in. I watched him slowly pull his t-shirt off his body. He had
an amazing body. Before I knew it, he had jumped into the pool. I didn't see him come up so I
started to look around for him. Suddenly, he came up behind me and wrapped his arms loosely around
my waist. He slowly turned me around in his arms so I was facing him then he kissed me. " I love
kissing you." "You are very good at it." "You too." Vince went back to kissing me as I
wrapped my legs around his waist. He pushed me up against the pool wall and started to kiss down my
Vince walked me up to my hotel room door and we stood there for a minute in silence. "So, I had
fun today. You want to come over to see our place tomorrow?" "sure. I'll see you tomorrow."
Vince wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to him then kissed my lips softly. He
unwrapped his arms and slowly walked backwards to the elevator then waved goodbye. I, Holly Harris,
am falling for him. Oh my god!

I put on my outfit for the day and made my way to the lobby to wait for Vince. Vince was just
heading in when I was about to sit down and Landon was with him. "Hi Landon. Why are you here?"
"Oh, I told Bella I'd come pick her up." "Cool. She's still asleep though." Landon
laughed then said, "It's okay. She gave me a key and told me to wake her up." Landon headed
towards the elevator so Vince and me started to walk to his place. We stopped in front of this
amazing house. It was huge. "Wow." "Yeah. My parents bought it as a vacation home so we stay
here when we come but they aren't here." "Oh, that's cool." "Come on." I guess I
didn't hear him because I just stood there staring at the house; it was so amazing. Vince grabbed
my hand and pulled me up the stairs to the house then inside. He led me up more stairs as I just
kept looking around. The house was decorated modernly and kept looking better and better. We finally
ended up in his room. "So, this is my room." "Nice." "Holly?" "Yea?" "I know we
haven't known each other that long but I wanted to tell you something. I love you."
"Really?" "Yes." I jumped into his arms and kissed him passionately. I kept kissing him
until I pushed him down onto the bed He then pushed me onto my
back. "So?" "Oh, I love you too," I giggled. We kept kissing until my phone started to
vibrate. It was Bella so I told Vince I had to take the phone call. I went into a room close by and
started to talk to her. After talking to her for about fifthteen minutes, I made my way back into
Vince's room. "I'm sorry Bella-" When I looked up there was a girl kissing Vince in his
room. They stopped once I walked in and I started to run off. "Holly! No, don't go." I ran out
the front door back to the hotel. When I made my way inside the hotel room I told Bella everything
that happened and I could tell Landon was getting mad. Landon told me it was Lauren, Vince's ex
from last summer. Landon left abruptly. After awhile I realized I left my favorite sweater in
Vince's room so I headed back to his house.

I knocked on Vince's door and stood there and waited. I turned around so I was staring down his
long driveway; I turned around when I heard the door open. Vince was standing there in the door way
with a cut across his face and red marks that would definitely end up being brusises. "Oh my god!
What happened?" "Landon and I kinda got into a little fight." "Why?" "Well, he told me
that if I hurt you he would hurt me." "Why?" "I'm thinking it is because he really likes
your friend Bella and he knows she is happy when you are happy." "Oh. Well, I forgot my
sweater." "Holly? Please forgive me. I swear she kissed me and I was shocked. She was my ex
girlfriend and-" "It's fine I understand there are still feelings there. I hope you guys can
work it out." I pushed past Vince as I made my way up to his room. Vince followed me while I
grabbed my sweater. "Holly, I swear I love you. I have no more feelings for her whatsoever."
"You really need to go clean up," I said while looking at the floor. "I'll clean up if you
come and talk to me while I do, please." "Fine," I said as I slowly followed Vince into his
kitchen. He stood there with the first aid kit in front of him trying to patch himself up but
wasn't having much luck. I hopped up onto the counter and sat there. He kept trying to clean it up
but he wasn't very good at it. "Come here. I'll do it." Vince brought me the first aid kid
and stood in between my legs as I started to clean his cut. After I had cleaned it, I bandaged him
up. I tried to slide off the counter to throw away the trash but Vince had me stuck on the counter.
"Vince I need to get down." "No," Vince said then he lowered his head and kissed my
forehead. After he moved onto kissing my cheeks and then he softly kissed my lips. I didn't kiss
him back yet. He pulled back a little but then he grabbed my face in his big hands and kissed me
more aggressively. I started to kiss him back. I placed my hand on his chest and slid it down to the top of
his shorts. Once my hand got to the top of his shorts, I hooked my finger in the top and pulled him
closer to me as we kissed more passionately. He finally stopped kissing me and just held me while I rested my head on his shoulder.
"You promise you aren't seeing that stupid midget?" Vince laughed then said, "I promise. I
love you and only you baby girl." "Okay."

I woke up on my last day in Miami in Vince's bed. We had cuddled the whole night and told each
other how much we loved each other until we fell asleep. I really didn't want to leave but we had
to go or our parents were going to freak. I slowly tried to slide out from under Vince's arms but
he woke up and pulled me closer to him while tightening his arms around my waist. "Don't go baby
girl," "I don't want to but it's my last day. I have to pack." "Stay the rest of the
summer; you and Bella. Landon and I will have summer jobs at the resort in a couple of weeks and we
can get you guys jobs to. Plus, we have a ton of room in this house for you and Bella to both stay
here. Landon will love it." I giggled then said, " Oh well because Landon will love it. I'll
call my parents then tell you but I gotta get back to the hotel." "Fine, fine, fine." "I
love you Vince." "I love you too baby girl."

Bella and I hopped out of the taxi when we got to the guy's house. Vince ran outside and I ran and
jumped into his arms. "Our parents said we could stay the summer." "Yes!" Vince spun me
around and kissed all over my face as I giggled.

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