to my love

July 6, 2009
By joselyne BRONZE, Van Nuys, California
joselyne BRONZE, Van Nuys, California
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Walking with you my destiny changed my sun start shine and my heart wake up. How can I decide what is right? Your love is so far and I am completely in love, you think that I can’t see what are you feeling? I know that you are feeling the same that I am feeling. Do you see what we can have if you might decide, but I know that you will never accept what your heart is trying to tell you…Is really more your fault you only need to show me your love and we can start to have our own true love story like Cinderella. I hope you know if you say “no” am not going to cry I’m just going to die, but I should know that you are not good for me, I know that maybe you are not my destiny but I figure in my own that you are the right for me. This love is killing me but I can forget you, maybe our love can be something beautiful, maybe can be a waste of time we can never know if we don’t try. I like you the way you are. All of these things are so complicated to me; tell me why these things need to be so complicated? No matter what I do I only think about is you I know you talk about me again and again so come over and tell me what I want to heard make me your girlfriend but I know you are an immature so you will never can make a decision like that but I still believe in your love.

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