Turn Right Into My Arms

July 8, 2009
By Tiffany Jonas BRONZE, Kissimmee, Florida
Tiffany Jonas BRONZE, Kissimmee, Florida
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When he first met her , her innocence was sickning , her charm was deathly , her presence was over-whelming , and her personality was glowing with difference , but in just a couple days it all changed .

Watching her crash on the floor with a beer bottle in one hand and a razor blade in the other , this killed him , he remembers when he met her , she was the only person to make him smile , she made him feel like he was flying , and she was right next to him , she was different , she saved him from himself , but one thing changed this , and tore it away from him . He couldnt live with her like this anymore , he needed her to get back to her pure innocence that she had before , but it would never fully be there again .

It was about 2 months ago , when he first stumbled along this girl , she had just gotten out of the hospital , she told him , she had just fully gotten over her cancer , and she was finally free , her spirit was amazing , and her hope was so high , she wanted to see the world again , the world that she had not seen for almost a year , she wanted to see it all , so he took her under his wing , him teaching her how to fly , and her pushing him to soar . He first took her for a walk , she smiled widley , "what do you want to do" he asked , "ohh i dont mind i just love being outside" she said as she skipped , and danced , and watched the cars go by . He smiled watching her , she was bringing light into his life , and it was only the first day they met . She smiled and picked a flower and smelled it lightly . "everything is so beautiful out here" she said smiling widley . "you havent seen beautiful yet" he said , "ill show you come with me" he said taking her hand and leading her to the beach . She smiled widely . "i remember the beach , it was my favorite thing" she said smiling and walking twards the water , he watched her smiling . She pushed her shoes off and shivered as the cold water touched her feet , he smiled and walked up next to her and took her hand , she smiled widely . "Courtney would you like to see the world" he said smiling . "yes please" she said smiling big . He took her to meet his friends , she trusted everyone of them , he was falling in love , fast and hard , she smiled widley at the site of city lights . When he took her to a concert she stood by the drummer smiling too big . She knew nothing but happiness , and he wanted to keep it that way . He watched her carefully , enjoying everystep she took , and not knowing it , but teaching him to enjoy everystep he took . One night he took her to a party , he told her to be careful and that he was just using the bathroom , she wondered over to the bar and got a drink or two , which led into three or four , which led into so many she lost count , he was looking everywhere for her , and then he found her , passed out on the floor , he picked her up and carried her home . He stayed with her that night , never leaving her side again , he always let her do what she wanted , however it seemed her innocence was fading and his was growing , he hated to see her be venterous , but he just wanted to see her happy . Her eyes filled with more violence and hate as she came to see what the world really was. It killed him to see her as bad as she was. Drunk every night- some nights high. Some nights bleeding. He tryed to stop her, keep her as safe as possible. However, he was too late.

Watching her crash on the floor with a beer bottle in one hand and a razor blade in the other , this killed him, the most out of anything. He picked her up, rushed her to the nearest hospital. He stayed by her side. Through all the bitter ends, and now, she was out of his reach. He felt as if he let her slip through. Let her die right before him. He hated himself when he heard the news. He hated himself for moving to fast, and falling to hard. But mostly he hated himself for letting the life slip away of this beautiful woman. Every moment that past, he got worse and worse. Untill one day, he heard a knock at the door. He walked over, feeling down and blue, as he opened the door he heard her frequent breathing. He looked up at her and a smile curved apon his lips. "Courtney" He wispered as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

She had just gotten out of her comma, she told him. She was ready to see the world again, she said, pushing her forehead to his "this time, the right way" the words came out of her lips in a soft, elegant, angel like, voice. He smiled and held her close, showing her the world he knew. The only world he knows.

She tought him to fly, and he pushed her to soar. As they look back on the moments they shared, they can honestly say, they have never met anyone as right for them as each other.

And they wouldnt have it any other way.

The author's comments:
This is something I wrote one day,
and its very inspirational <3.

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on Jul. 13 2009 at 12:27 am
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