A Clap Of Thunder

January 9, 2009
By Anonymous

It’s raining this February evening. Bored i go to my desk and switch off the lights, and stare out of the window in curiosity. It’s dark. I can see reflections in the puddle below 2 stories down; the people outside with colourful umbrellas seem a blur. That’s when I drift off into unconsciousness.

This place I’m in seems to be strangely familiar. Yet distant. It seems to be New Years Eve, busy shoppers window shopping in a city not far from here. Reality. I stare for a moment in the distant. Its dark but I’m not quite sure why I’m here. I blink raindrops from my eyes as I stare up at the city lights.

I walk around, not quite sure of the purpose of this dream. I don’t seem to have any control. I look past the city centre. Towards the beach, damp, dark. I go onward and sit on the sand. No one is around except for a few lovers holding hands.

Before I know it I’m in the sea. Drifting towards the bottom. I don’t bother to struggle. It’s a dream. I close my eyes. I should wake up soon. But I don’t. It seems insanely real. Lights go out and the next thing I know I’m on the sand.

A boy who is beautiful with big green eyes stares at me. He looks worried. ‘Are you ok?’ he asks. ‘It’s a dream’ I say. ‘No’ he says. ‘I’ll look after you always’.

There is a sudden clap of thunder and I drift back to consciousness. I look out of the window, still people with umbrellas walking about. I glance at the clock its 7:30, I had only been in the dream for 8 minutes, yet it seemed like hours.

I glance out the window; the people with the coloured umbrellas are gone. Instead, I see a boy with big green eyes. His hair wet and brown. He looks down to his hands then looks up at my window. And in his hands he drops several grains of sand. He turns around. He’s gone.

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This is a good story, but 2!? I think you seriously need to work on grammar and punctuation and things like that. To use ƈ' instead of 'to' is only okay in instant messaging. Clean this up and it's awesome! <(o.0)>


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