A Deidara Love Story, Love, Pain, and Truth

June 18, 2009
By Meagan Paullsun BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Meagan Paullsun BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I do not own Naruto or any of the characters. I do happen to own my character though. This is my first try or story so please read it. It will continue just go to my other chapters.

Do you know me?

Where am I?
How did I get here?

The last thing Arisa remembered was sitting down in patches of semi-green grass. Thick green tree’s seemed to bend towards her. The bright blue sky with thick white puffy clouds seeming to float in the blue ocean like sky. Occasional birds flew by casting odd shadows on the ground. Nothing was in sight except the far distant mountains that seemed to be a purple blue. The reason she came here was because she wanted to be alone. The last thing she remembered was a rustling sound behind her and then……

Now Arisa is in a white room, nothing is in it. An odd looking door is on the right of her, it is a grayish-black. She is huddled in the middle of the back wall, looking around wondering where she was and why she was here. A bright light shone on her, making her feel warm. She had scrapes and cuts on her arms and legs but she could not remember a thing. She didn’t know how she got them but that wasn’t her main priority. She needed to figure out why she was here.
The grayish-black door opened slowly showing a tall man, probley a little older than her. He had blonde hair that went over his eye which was bright blue. He was wearing an akatsuki robe which meant only one thing, she was in the akasuki lair.
Why do they want me? Arisa thought.
The tall blonde haired man walked a few feet. She looked up at him and shivered. It wasn’t cold in the room but the sight of him creped her out.
Wa-wa-what do you want? Arisa said stuttering.
A deep voice spoke and ignored the question, I’m Deidara, I’m a member of the akatsuki clan, and you are, un?
Arisa thought it was a little strange that someone who kidnapped her didn’t know who she was, but she wasn’t certain if he was the one that was the kidnapper.
Arisa looked at him with a weird, confused face. Arisa, my name is Arisa.
Deidara just turned around and walked out the strange door. She heard the door click behind him knowing that he locked it.
Arisa stood up carefully, her legs were shaking. She looked to see if there was a way out, anyway, a small opening she could try to climb though, a vent. She looked around, all she found was a crack in the wall. She walked over to it quietly, she pressed her fingers against the wall. She slid her fingers behind the wall then pulled toward her. I wall began to shift and brake loose. The white drywall fell down onto the floor. The crack was getting bigger and the drywall was falling down more. Arisa pulled even harder now with more strain, a large chunk of wall came off. The opening was big enough for her to climb through. Her fingers were bleeding because the wall cut into them, and they stung. A few drops of blood fell onto the ground. She was ready to leave, she centered herself from the hole and began to climb through.

To Be Continued….
P.S. It was going to be longer but I wanted it to be suspenseful. So read on to the next chapter to find out what happens. Also I have a MySpace that is Arisa that is the original and true Arisa so if you want it add her just ask. Please leave review or comments or whatever it’s called, thanks.

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Favorite Quote:
things that some one must always have:
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Wow! I want to read More!


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cool! really really cool -^^-

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