June 17, 2009
By SciFantJoe BRONZE, Bronx, New York
SciFantJoe BRONZE, Bronx, New York
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Elizabeth looked into my eyes with a passionate gaze. This gaze was one that said she loved me and wanted to be with me no matter what the cost. She even vocalized it but I told her to not be so silly and naïve. I would have her as she was. She kissed my forehead and then whispered in my left ear. It sent a pleasantly stinging sensation down my spine, and I returned the gesture. I pressed my extremely cold lips to hers and moved from those to the nape of her neck. I could feel her heart beat with a fast pace and the sound of it made me lust for her. I needed to spend my eternity with her. As much as I hoped that would happen soon, I would let her choose her eternal damnation. I remember it was just yesterday that I had met her and fell in love with plain beauty. She was the peas to my carrots; air to my lungs; the nature to my earth. She was all I needed to be happy for as long as I existed. Then my happiness was gone.
A mob had come into her home to kill me for being what I was. While they tried to get to me, Elizabeth fought to protect who she loved. She made me leave—something I didn’t want to do— and that she would inform them that I had left and won’t be returning. That was our plan. We would trick them into thinking that I was gone. When they left her home, I would come back to resume our passion. What had been planned didn’t go right. I hid on a branch of an Oak tree and heard the screams of a woman—Elizabeth’s screams. With automatic response my legs charged me towards the mob, and helped me break through most of them to get to her. I was too late. As I stood in front of her I saw her lifeless body. She was pale and cold. Like me, but I still had a life—if you could call it that.
I felt as if I no longer had anything to ‘live’ for. One of the men hit me in my chest and fractured a rib. I was weak because of the close proximity the broken bone was in relation to my heart. The clump of cardiovascular muscle, blood and cells no longer beat, but was my life-force. This lifeless helped me to have an existence. Seeing a fallen enemy, the man and some of his cohorts situated me into a box, set the wood to fire, and set me to sea. Flames soon subsided as the ocean water saturated the wood. When I emerged from my sea prison, I stumbled upon the shores of the new world.

The author's comments:
This is a story i am expanding into a book. Inn S.Meyer fashion i had a dream. Now, it wasn't at all the way she had hers. I Kept wishing to myself that i could be as lucky as her and start writing my own story from a dream. It has been this way for months and it just happened June 16,2009. I would like to thank her for letting us know that twilight was based on a dream because if she never said anything about that, i probably would have never thought to write a story from a dream. Enjoy.

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