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June 12, 2009
By giggleygabberz101 SILVER, Surfside, Florida
giggleygabberz101 SILVER, Surfside, Florida
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~ Preface ~
Who knew love could be such a battle field? Or how someone you trust could be so…vile. Having no one to talk you through it all… Life is hard and struggling. My life was hard with the high school drama, the “evil” girls, the boys, or the horrible past of my family. Who can control that without the help of someone you love and trust when you don’t have it.

Gravel on the bottom of my feet and a black, ripped, old book bag thrown over my left shoulder. My face covered by my hair as the wind blew its hardest. As I looked to my right I began to see my school, Smithsonian High, its dull coloring and unattractive windows. As I reached my school I immediately saw a familiar face, Lara, my friend for years. Lara was so pretty, compared to me. Lara had wavy, autumn red hair with emerald green eyes while I had ice blue eyes with light, long brown hair covering some of my face. She began to run towards me waving and screaming.
“Keila! Over here!” she sped up, embracing me.
“Hey Lara, Did you add something to your cereal this morning? You’re so…ginger.” I said my voice so sarcastic. I merely smiled to show her I was just kidding. Lara was the type of girl you could joke around without being afraid of her taking you seriously. We began to chatter and soon enough we were on the front steps of our school.

Pushing the front doors, the first things you spot with your eyes are the dented, scratched, faded blue lockers with different looking teenagers surrounding them. Their laughter rang in my ears as Lara and I reached our own lockers. Surprisingly, they were right next to each other. As Lara kept speaking about some boy I just quickly looked in the small mirror in my locker, which Lara had made me put in there, and saw this, a teenage girl with ice blue eyes, filled with shyness and warmth waiting to be released. Whenever I saw this, I always wondered who she was and what she was going to become. You see, I wasn’t an ordinary girl who only thought of lipstick and boys. I thought the more complex and brain stopping questions. I was the curious one.
“Keila? Hello? Keila? Are you paying attention? Snap out of it!” Lara screeched as she tapped my shoulder.
“Oh sorry, I was just…Thinking again.” I slowly sighed giving one more glance to the girl in the mirror. Wondering once more as Lara pulled me away with dramatic effect as I grabbed my textbooks and slammed my locker door. Lara and I walked into our homeroom. Our amazing teacher, Mrs. Levro, was smiling as Lara and I walked in rushing to our seat before the bell rang. I began to do the usual, think. Something was wrong, I felt it in my gut but I had no idea why. I was concentrating as first period bell rang and destroyed my thoughts. I jumped out of my desk and ran out of the classroom. As I ran I bumped into something, something strong. As I looked up I saw a familiar face, Vince. My cheeks flushed a burning red as I stuttered an apology.
“Ohmigosh, I-I-I’m sorry Vince. I-I-I wasn’t looking at where I was going and I-I…” I said as my musical voice was shaking. I glanced up to see his dark, ultramarine eyes piercing to mine.
“Keila, chill nothing happened we just bumped into each other.” Vince spoke as he shot a gorgeous smile at me which sent my heart fluttering. You see, Vince was not only a good friend but my crush ever since we met when I fell down the stairs, but that’s a different story. As I kept quickly thinking about him I flushed more. Then Vince cleared his throat as he looked at me.
“So Keila, want to walk with me to gym? Since we’re both going there?” He said as he lifted his right arm and placed it behind his head, running his hand through his hair as if he was nervous, but why would he be nervous around me? His dazzling eyes caught my mind as I look at his perfect face. It had no flaw, no bad details. He ran his fingers through his dark brown hair once more, still smiling nervously, taking a step, leaning closer. We turned to walk. I threw off my mental thought as I walked with Vince down the noisy hallway, yet I felt as if Vince and I were alone. I dreaded when my heart would beat so hard. It was like he could hear it and it made me flush some more. Thankfully, after about three minutes, we reached gym, my nightmare. Not only did I dread when my heart would “pop” out of my chest but I also dreaded gym. I looked at Vince as I smiled at him and swiftly turned and walked to the Girl’s Locker Room, tripping as I walked in. I sighed as I saw them. Who were they? The so-called “queens” of Smithsonian High: Heather, Leila and Nicki. In my opinion, I really didn’t understand how these three girls were actually put in the category called “popular”.

I rolled my eyes I saw them speaking about pink nail polish, of all things. I went to my changing locker and slowly slipped out of my navy striped shirt and ripped jeans to matching light blue shirts and shorts with knee socks. Pulling my hair into a high ponytail I rushed out to the gym and slipped into a bench where the girls sat as I saw the boys stretch. Coach Neiare grabbed her whistle and called for the girls to join the groups. All of the class had to participate in this activity: dodge ball and some running. Coach Neiare blew her whistle and the game began. After a while of playing I began to feel a pain in my lower leg and all of sudden I was on the ground, a pang of pain striking all around my body. Vince was at my side saying “Keila—Keila—Keila,” and slowly his voice faded as my eyes gently closed.


My eyes fluttered open as I heard a beeping noise and I slowly arose from the white bed and saw Vince asleep on a chair and my Grandmother by my side. She was smiling as she saw that I had awakened. Where was I, a hospital? What happened to me? Why do I feel so…different? I looked around the cold, white room. My thoughts were spinning around my head as I stuttered once more.
“Wha-what happened? I just remembered being in gym and-and I fell and everything got dark,” I was blabbing now as my grandmother looked at me.
“Keila love, it’s okay. You were playing something in gym and your legs just spazzed out.” My grandmother comforted me. It was only Vince, my grandmother, and me in the tiny room. You see, when I was 6 years old my parents were driving in their car. My parents never really cared about me and that day they were drinking as they drove. My parents had dropped me off at my grandmothers because they were going to some “business” party. They were on a bridge and suddenly drove off the side and the car fell in. After days and days we didn’t hear from them I had found out that they were gone. So from that day on I only had my grandmother by my side, trying to protect me without her age affecting anything.
“Keila? Oh, you’re up.” Vince yawned as dragged his feet to stand by my side and the doctor walked in. He said that I was ready to go home and everything was fine, but I know in my gut that something was wrong and that everything was going to change in good and yet bad ways. I gulped as they lead my grandmother, Vince (who I wondered why stayed with me) and I out of the hospital room, into the hallway, and out the door. I glanced back at the mysterious doctor, knowing something was wrong…

A few days later I felt watched and I began to have nightmares waking up at three o’ clock in the morning almost every single day. Weird enough they were all about that mysterious doctor and with Vince suffering with pain or the result of death. By the time the dream was over, I was screaming, sweating, and breathing hard as my grandmother would slowly run in comforting me as I stained her shirt with tears. I didn’t know what to do, it was strange. At moments I felt pain and others happiness. I asked my grandmother and Lara, they both said it was silly old puberty…yeah right. I was walking out of writing class with Mr. Robbins on a regular school day, going to science. As I walked in I saw that Ms. Hails wasn’t here. The sub was so familiar…he looked exactly like that doctor in the emergency room. Again I did the same as usual, think and wonder. Why did I keep seeing him? Is this some sort of sign? Paying no attention at all as the time passed by, the dismissal bell finally rang and I grabbed my books and ran. I was outside running to a secret spot, a little opening in the middle of the forest. I laid my head against a nearby tree and shut my eyes, beginning to think. My mind drifted for a few minutes or an hour or two. Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulders. My eyes slowly opened and what I saw shocked me. I saw four people surrounding me, all staring. I jumped to my feet and began to back up. “Who are you?” I screeched.
“Hello Keila, love.” The figure said as he came forward.
“How do you know my name? Love? Why do you look so familiar?”
“Relax Keila. We’re here to help you.” Said another voice, this time a girl was speaking.
“Is this some kind of hell?” I spurred out, shocked at my reaction.
“Keila, please relax. We’re here to help you understand who you’ve become.”
“What are you talking about? What do you mean ‘what I’ve become’? Explain now.”

I was completely and utterly lost. Was I in some weird dream again or was this actually occurring to me? They were looking at each other as the man looking like the doctor stepped in front of me with a half smile. I back away once more, regretting that I even came here. Then it all started clearing into my mind, slowly. The pain, the nightmares, everything just hit me. Had they caused this to me?
“What did you do to me? As if I wasn’t a weird enough as it is!” I yelled as they just stared at me as if I were some animal. I was breathing loudly and strangely growling.
“Its fine we’ll explain. But Keila, I think we introduced each other badly. I am Master Kelso; this is Eric, Shelly and Ibel.”
I paused. I looked at all of them, I felt connected to all of them in a way. I had this awkward feeling, as if I knew them from before. I had seen one of them in a dream… Breathing fast and faster, they looked at me. One of the girls with curly brown hair and matching brown eyes stepped towards me with a grin.
“Keila, please don’t be scared. We’re just like you. We need you… Could you please follow us? Please…we seriously need you.” Her eyes matched her soft voice, filled with compassion and kindness. Surprisingly, I nodded yes and she grinned even more.
“Follow us Keila, we need to show you many things before…well you’ll find out later.”
I slowly followed Ibel as she led me further into the dark forest. The branches of the oaks were scratching my sides but I kept following her and the rest of them. The path that she was leading me in was getting rougher and the trees kept closing off the little light we had. Fear was in me, but I knew I had to follow them. It was my destiny?
Ibel slightly looked back at me, checking if I was still following them. Could I blame her for trying to check if I was still there? I half smiled, trying to comfort her. Ibel, she was gorgeous. I looked at her curly locks of hair and her deep eyes. Right then and there, I wished I could be as beautiful as her. As I looked at them I noticed that all of them were beautiful, scary beautiful. I felt weird, my self-esteem was low. I kept tripping over twigs and rocks, getting a new scratch every time. Silence filled the forest until we reached it, a building made out of wood from the forest, I could tell. I felt as if I had been there before but I kept my mouth shut, afraid to say anything.
“Welcome to your new home Keila. A place where you can be your true self…” Master Kelso smiled as he raised his long arm, showing me the wooden entrance to the building. Confused, I stepped forward and started to walk towards the door. With my hand shaking, I carefully touched the steel, cold knob. I bit my lip, looked back at everyone waiting for me to turn the knob, so I did. I gasped as I saw the enormous interior and space. I saw a long hallway with many rooms. I walked in looking around with a shocked face as Ibel stepped forward with Eric. Eric had the classic blonde and blue eyes look. He grinned as I flushed and turned away.
“Keila, this is our convent, the S.S Convent, our home and training facility.” Ibel smiled.
“Our home?” I questioned, confused once more.
“Yes Keila. Our home, you’re one of us now. Remember?” Shelly said. I studied her quickly, muddy brown eyes, with light blond hair pulled back into a bun.
“Wait, what do you mean?”
“Well Keila you’re a part of this convent now.” Eric explained, even though I already knew that information.
“I meant, who exactly am I?”
“Well Keila love,” Again with the love. “You have a type of power, like the rest of us”
“Is this a joke?” I choked out looking around. “You have no proof that I have some sort of ‘power’ and that I am a part of this ‘group’.”
“Yes, yes we do,” Eric stepped forward and grabbed my ankle as I simply collapsed to the ground.
“What was that for?!” I yelled as he pointed to my ankle at some sort of birthmark.
“You see Keila; this birthmark is a symbol that resembles that you are in this convent. All of us have one but in a different place.” As Eric finished that sentence Ibel showed her wrist, Shelly her shoulder, Eric his neck, and Master Kelso showing his arm. They all had the same mark, a crescent shaped mark, as me. Eric dropped my leg as I slowly stood up.
I raised my eyebrow. “So if this is all true, what is my power?”
They all looked at each other until Ibel finally spoke. “Well Keila we actually don’t know. You have to find out, somehow. But I think before we figure out what your power is, we should show you your dorm.” She smiled grabbing my hand as she practically dragged my down the hallway. We abruptly stopped in front of a dark, wooden door. Staring at the details, I noticed my name was carved into the door, Keila Dawn Marshall. Shaking once more, I twisted the knob opening the door to a grand room. I saw bright orange walls, shelves of books, a large green bed, two closets, and a bathroom door to the right, lights, some cabinets, and a window with an amazing view of a little opening in the forest. I walked into the room. I felt as this room was made for me. I smiled as I went and opened the window feeling the breeze brushing against my face and my hair flying back.
Ibel cleared her throat. “Do you like it Keila?”
I smiled as I spoke. “I don’t like it…I absolutely love it!”
Eric knocked on the door and stepped in. “Keila, I think we should return back. Your family must be worried. We’ve taken to long. Keila, I guess you’ll have to come tomorrow.” Strangely enough, I couldn’t wait. And with that we started heading back.

“This is where we shall meet,” Master Kelso said as he left me in the same spot as where they had found me. “You should go home now and meet with us here tomorrow as soon as you can. We must figure out your power as soon as possible.” Ibel came towards me and hugged me tightly; I knew we were going to become friends. Eric and Shelly waved as I swiftly turned, grabbed my stuff, and walked quickly home. I looked down at my feet, walking quickly. After five minutes I reached my house. I looked through the windows and I didn’t see my grandmother, so I quickly opened the door and tip-toed to my room. As I was making my way, I would look side to side making sure she wouldn’t see me coming in.
“Keila!” I heard an old weary voice yelp as I passed the kitchen. I slowly turned to see my grandmother crossing her arms, tapping her foot, furious. She pointed at the clock. “Do you see the time mijita?” She said talking a mixture of Spanish and English. I stared blankly at her, not knowing whether to tell her what happened or to actually lie.
“Abuela, I stayed at school to help my reading teacher carry textbooks to some teachers.” My voice cracked as I spoke, I have never lied before. Waiting for her reaction I began to worry, what would she think? Would she believe me?
“Well Keila, I was worried sick but you’re home now. Next time tell me before I get a heart attack,” She smiled at me. “Now go upstairs and finish your homework” and with that I ran upstairs to my bedroom. I threw my ripped book bag off my shoulder and onto my chair. I jumped onto my bed, staring at my roof, hearing a storm coming. Closing my eyes I thought, tomorrow…


I smiled as I got up from my silk blue bed. Slipping on my shoes I trotted to my bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror as I pulled back my hair. I still saw nothing in my eyes, I slowly sighed. But I remembered today was the day I was going to finally know, finally know what I have become. I grinned as I began to brush my teeth. Quickly, I jumped into the shower; I had to look my best today. As I finished I ran to my back to my bedroom and as fast as I could, I changed into my light blue tank and matching skirt. Strangely, I have never worn a skirt. I glanced once more into the mirror as I ran my fingers through my wet bangs and slightly smiled. I slipped into my lucky white jacket as I quickly grabbed my book bag and ran down the stairs. I kissed my grandmother’s cheek, grabbed a power bar and ran out the door screaming bye.

Running down the steps and onto the side walk I looked up to the perfect sky. The smile on my face was firmly planted and could not disappear. Smithsonian High wasn’t that far away from my house so the walk to the school wasn’t long at all. Even though it was a beautiful day, the sun was scorching and stupid me was wearing a jacket. I needed to save up for a car even though I’m just fourteen. Maybe I could sell my writings or write articles for newspapers. My grandmother and teachers always told me I had a talent, I guess I should start using it more. I usually wrote about how I felt, its how I express myself other than singing, my other so-called talent. Most of my poems were about love or someone special… Just thinking about his name made me blush. I closed my eyes for a second as I was walking to calm down and get rid of my butterflies. How I wished he would like me back…I always thought. As I opened my eyes I suddenly banged into a cold pole and fell back. My hands roughly landed on the pavement of the sidewalk and my wrist was scraped, disgusting. As I looked to the side I saw a school bus. Had they seen me fall like the clumsy oak I am? Hopefully this wasn’t a sign that my day was starting to be bad.

I slowly got up and began to walk. I carefully examined my hands, they weren’t hurt so bad. I smiled as I saw school, a first but, wouldn’t you smile if you had an adventure in store for you? Weirdly enough, I saw my life in a new perspective in just one day. I saw my school and kids surrounding the campus, not a surprise. As I made it onto the spill out area’s freshly cut grass, I searched for Lara or Vince. I didn’t see them so I walked around, still nothing. I kept walking and then I saw Lara talking to Bryant. I rolled my eyes and decided not to interrupt their conversation. So I spun around to walk away but as I did that I saw Vince getting out of his car. He put his books on the top of his shiny BMW as he slipped on his jacket. I could see his blue obsidian eyes and my heart began to flutter as I forgot how to breathe. I bit my lip and decided to leave before Vince could see me. I turned around swiftly and trotted to the front doors, avoiding every. Then another thought hit me, why should I be hiding? I reached my pale locker and unlocked the orange lock. I scanned through my books and grabbed my reading textbook along with my notebook, novel, and writing utensils since it was an even day, which means I have reading, writing, and science classes. I closed my locker. I felt a sharp tap on my shoulder and spun around to see Lara, grinning at me. I raised an eyebrow.

“I see you’re happy.” I said with no emotion in my voice.

“Eip Keila! Bryant asked me to go with him to Heather’s party!” she squeaked jubilantly as she clapped her hands, practically jumping.

“Awesome Lara, I hope you two have fun,” I said grouchy as I remembered about Heather’s party, which surprisingly I was invited also. But what wasn’t a surprise was that I didn’t have a date. Lara glared at me in confusion as her eyebrow rose up.

“Aren’t you going Keila? It wouldn’t be a party without you.” She said enthusiastically. I rolled my eyes at her.

“Lara don’t you remember? First of all me and dancing don’t go to together. Also I don’t have a date and I don’t plan on anyone asking me to go with them,” I muttered as I told her what I felt.

“Aww Keila you are so negative!”

“Thank you. C’mon let’s get to reading.” And with that I walked away, not knowing if Lara was following or not. My excitement was slowly fading away like my locker, how ‘awesome’.

Lara and I rushed to reading with Ms. Gonzalez. She was one of my favorite teachers, she understood me in a way. As I walked in I saw Vince sitting in his usual seat. Lara shot me a look with a smile. I flushed as I put my head down and began to walk to my seat. Sadly I sat next to Heather but on my right was Vince which was more than okay. Ms. Gonzalez cleared her throat and all the laughter and snickering stopped.

The author's comments:
This is a story/book I'm writing. It has no title...yet. Also I just started writing chapter 3. Enjoy

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This is a really great! Definetly finish it!

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Favorite Quote:
"I'd rather just except who I am, what's the use of trying to change?"

I really like and please finish it!

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Favorite Quote:
“It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return, but what is the most painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let the person know how you feel.”

this is really a great piece! its engaging and very relatable... are you going to finish it?

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