The forever weeping widow

June 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Once upon a time in a beautiful village between two large mountains there was a small village. In this village there were many beautiful women. One of the many women was the center of attention by the village men. Her name was unknown by any one so the village men called her Star, for she resembled a beautiful starry night. She had no family; she was the last of her blood line so she needed children to keep her family alive. She lived at the base of one of the mountains with a greenhouse behind her house where she grows beautiful flowers and comes down to the village to buy groceries. As she sets foot into the sun, the village men say she is a vast star in the light whose beauty is untamed and untouched by time. She was at the age where she was able to marry. Marriage was very rare in the village since the men had eyes only for her. So there were few children walking along the streets. When she came down to the village, the men would always ask her to marry one of them. She politely said no each time, but the men were persistent. In her mind, she knew all they wanted was to give her children. She wanted someone who loved her for who she is and not for how she looked. One day a stranger walked into the village and bought a house. He kept to himself and always sat on his porch in a chair. He lived right next to the market where Star went. One day star came down to buy more groceries and passed the stranger. He had his head down with a hat over his eyes. When she left the market the men were waiting for her outside. She looked around to find a way out of the crowd and saw the stranger look up. In his beautiful blue eyes she saw curiosity; in his young face she saw worry. She fell in love on the spot. He wasn’t like the other men of the village. He was different: he didn’t ask her to marry her, he didn’t even get up, he just sat there looking down. From that day on, she came down to the village when the men didn’t expect it. She walked quietly to the market and looked at the man sitting there in the same spot. She sometimes stared but he never looked up. Summer passed a week later and with fall came her birthday. She never had parties for the village men would get drunk and do something they shouldn’t. But every year village men sent her gifts. She always had a stack of gifts, cakes of every sort and a card on each one. She always ate some cakes and saved the rest for later. She opened all her presents and read all the notes that came with them. One present, of the many, stood out. It was a white long box. In it she found a single rare white rose. She immediately planted it in her garden with the other flowers. She went back to the box to see who sent it. Unfortunately there was no card. She couldn’t properly thank who sent the flower to her. She sat down for a moment to open the rest of her gifts. Afterward, she thought about the one without a card. She knew that every man in the village sends a card with their present, hoping she would be greatly happy and marry them, so she knows who to thank. This one however had nothing. She asked herself who would want to hide himself from her. Then she remembered the stranger. He always kept to himself and said nothing to anyone. He was the only man to not crowd her and the only man she fell in love with. It had to have been him. The next day she walked into the village and went to the stranger’s house. She avoided the men and headed for him. As usual, he was on the porch in his chair. She grabbed his head and made him look her in the eyes. She asked him straight out if he sent the rose. He looked surprised and soon nodded. She kissed him on the lips immediately. From the look on his face when she stopped, she thought he would have a heart attack. She asked while looking into his eyes if he would marry her. He answered yes. She was greatly happy and ran around the village screaming “I’m getting married.” She was so happy to finally find the right one for her. She ran to an old friend of her parents who is the doctor of the village. She told him the great news. Afterwards, she went home and took out the dress her mother wore on her weeding day. She always dreamt of the day she would wear it. The wedding was scheduled for next week so everyone would be able to get ready. The week flew by, a cake was made. William, her fiancés name, was fitted into a tuxedo. When the day finally came, everyone from the village attended. As she walked down the aisle, smiling happily and wedding music playing, she said to herself that her parents would be so proud of her. Moments later, they were exchanging rings and saying “I do.” A second later they kissed and were happily wed. A day went by and she asked him while they were in bed to have sex with her. So they did. Horribly, a week later she awoke to find him dead. The doctor said he died from an unknown disease and doubted if she could obtain it. But, just in case, he took a blood sample to check. At his funeral, she cried more than anyone. During the funeral, the doctor came to her with horrible news. She could not have children. At this she wailed. Not only was she a widow, now she was unable to save her blood line. She ran home and locked herself in. Three weeks went by and she continued to cry. One day the crying stopped and silence filled her house and the village. A week later, three village men went to her house to bring her some food. When they knocked, no one answered. Water was coming out of a small crack near the bottom of the door one of the men realized. They guessed it was flooded and began to worry. They went around the back to the greenhouse and went through that door. As they entered, they saw in the middle of the large garden Star the Widow, turned to stone. In her hands, she held the white rose William sent her. From her eyes water was pouring. She was still weeping over Williams’s death. They took her to the village and put her in the middle of the village for all to see the beauty of “The Forever Weeping Widow.”

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skisoul96 GOLD said...
on Nov. 23 2010 at 1:03 pm
skisoul96 GOLD, Flushing, New York
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Favorite Quote:
Don't worry about the world coming to an end today
its already tomorrow in Australia.

the story is great but I think if you add some talking and break up paragraphs it'd be better. Its hard to focus when you see a long stream of words like that. But its really good other than that!

licos GOLD said...
on Oct. 6 2010 at 10:01 am
licos GOLD, Miami, Florida
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Thanks. This is the first story i ever wrote. Im glad you liked it. I way write a part 2.

on Aug. 16 2010 at 4:58 am
Wow. That is so good! It seems unread and unusual and it really makes you think and it even made me want to cry. You are a good writer, whoever you are and I hope you will continue to write more.

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