Blood Struck

June 21, 2009
By KatherineSoko BRONZE, Windsor, Other
KatherineSoko BRONZE, Windsor, Other
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It’s my 14th Birthday and it was supposed to be the best day ever, but instead it turned out to be different. School started out ok, my teacher Mrs. Organ said we had four new students joining us. I was surprised because our school wasn’t exactly well known considering it was a very private school. The best part was that we didn‘t have to wear uniforms. Mrs. Organ asked who wanted to show them around obviously nobody would raise their hands they were all terrified, so I raised my hand but that was before I saw them. (They weren’t ugly by the way) 3 boys and 1 girl. The girls name was Veronica and she had long blonde hair she wore jeans and a Girl power t-shirt and she was the normal looking one. The 3 boys were H-O-T Hot! But they were kind of creepy how they just stared at everyone...Did I mention they were goth? Anyways that’s how I got myself into touring the school with the creepy quartet.

“So that’s the gym where we play games, Have assemblies and get important news.” I said turning to face the four new kids “And that concludes our tour! Just in time for recess too. If you need anything just ask” I said listening to the bell ring. “The doors are that way” I said pointing to the direction in which the recess doors were located. After Veronica and her brothers Dorian, Seth and Alexander (I finally figured out their names!) Went outside I went back to the class room, sat at my desk and sighed; a frown covered my usually smiling face. It was my birthday and no one remembered! Then I looked down at my desk there sat a box with a card on it! The card read:

Happy Birthday!!!

To: Katherine (Katie)

From: Your classmates!

And inside the box was a scarf, a pair of red butterfly earrings and a heart shaped locket with our class picture inside! I looked out the window to see all my friends staring at me, I smiled and put everything on then I went outside and modelled everything for my BFF’s as they took pictures with their camera’s. The new kids were standing over by the basket ball nets just watching us like they had never seen anything like it before. I smiled and waved at them to come over, Alexander was the only one who came. Alexander has longish black hair. He was wearing black jeans and a black Button up shirt. There were chains everywhere and he had a hole in his lip which indicated a lip ring! “So it’s your birthday huh? How old are you?” Alexander asked. My friends were staring at him like he was from outer space. I rolled my eyes at them and said “Fourteen but I’m not technically fourteen till eight o’clock tonight” I smiled and he replied “Happy birthday” With a thoughtful look on his face which for some reason made me blush. Then he walked back to his family. I sighed when the bell rang and it was time to go inside my friends both looked at me with a smile on their faces. I gave them a questioning look before going inside.

After school ended Alexis, Kaitlyn and Charlotte walked back to my house with me for the before the movie makeover. They wanted to get me out of my official single status. I hated when they did stuff like this because it made me feel like I’m not myself. That’s when we saw the moving trucks pull into the house next door to mine. That house has been empty for a while I thought it was nice before my friends nudged me and showed me who was living there. It was Seth, Dorian, Alexander and Veronica! I was shell shocked my jaw dropped when Seth waved at me with a big smile on his face. I haven’t even talked to him yet! My friends had to literally shove me through the door and into my room before I started yelling ``What are they doing here! I can’t believe they moved in next door! Does this mean I have to talk to them every day? Oh my gosh one of them waved at me!” I began totally freaking out before Alexis slapped me across the face.

“Thanks I needed that! But seriously What are they doing next door” I said calming down and sitting on my bed, Kaitlyn began work on my face as Alexis went to find me an outfit. Charlotte is my moral support “Probably moving in? I mean they probably live there now, they are the new kids and that is the only vacant house in this close a proximity to the school!” Charlotte said looking out my window “OOH! Your room is right next to the red heads!” Charlotte almost yelled “WHAT!!!” I screamed causing Kaitlyn to mess up my lipstick she sighed then fixed it “Katie calm down, you can keep the blinds closed and the boys share a room, Veronica is the one who gets her own room the red heads probably helping unpack! I heard them talking about it before we left from school.” Kaitlyn said as I began to scream inside. As soon as she noticed I was quiet she began to finish my makeup.

As soon as she finished Alexis came in with the most beautiful dress I have ever seen, it was blue with little sequins on the bottom, and on the skirt part it was wavy it looked like a waterfall it was short and had spaghetti strap sleeves. She handed it to me and I went to the bathroom to get changed. As soon as I was done the blinds were open and Alexis began working on jewellery. I wore the locket and the earrings I got from my class. We began talking then I noticed Seth, Dorian and Alexander come in and look out the window. They dropped everything they were carrying. My face turned bright red and I shut the blinds “This Is why I keep the blinds shut!” My friends were laughing their heads off and I sighed “if we don’t get going now we will miss the movie!”

We just arrived in time for the movie we were going to see “I’ve been waiting weeks for Vampireville The movie to come out!” I said as we walked into the theatre and took our seats “I know! It’s supposed to be better than Vampire Kisses but I don’t think it will be!” Alexis said tossing her hair over her shoulder kinda like a super model does. Charlotte stopped and had a “Don‘t look now” look on her face. “Ummm Katie don’t look now but the creepy quartet just walked into the theatre!” Charlotte said biting her lip. Kaitlyn thought fast “I brought the sweater!” she said throwing it at me I quickly put it on as the movie started. It took all the willpower I had not to scream at the new kids but I managed and I even relaxed after they obviously missed me and took the front row. I sighed and took my hoodie off. After the movie ended Kaitlyn and I were crying while Charlotte looked out for the creepy quartet and Alexis fixed my hair and dress.

As soon as we walked out of the theatre all the town boys stared at me. The boys I grew up with all my life. The boys that I played hockey with. They just stared at me like I was new! Jonathon the boy I had a crush on ever since 1st grade walked up to me and said “WOW! You look....Amazing” He took a step back like he was soaking it all in. I did a pirouette to show him the dress. “Thanks John Alexis picked it” I said blushing deep red, that’s when Kaitlyn quickly whispered in my ear “The creepies are staring at you...” I jumped back and said sorry to whoever I jumped into “Sorry John we have to go now...” I said. I looked around and saw the creepies in my favourite store Green Earth. John stared at me confused “But don’t you want to get a milkshake or something?” He looked in the direction I was looking “Oh I know you wanted to go shopping in Green Earth first! Since it’s your birthday I’ll buy you a present!” he looked at me pleadingly, I looked at my friends but they shrugged so I gave in “Ok John lets go” I smiled as he grabbed my hand and practically dragged me into the store. Thank god the creepies had left before we had gotten there.

My friends stood guard around the stores entrances as John and I looked around. In the end he ended up getting me a notebook that had a vampire on it and a rose quartz bracelet “I have to go now John but thanks” I said giving him a kiss on the cheek, he stood there dumbfounded as me and my friends left, but as soon as we were outside the creepies caught up to us and we didn’t even realise it! “Sorry for not introducing ourselves before but I’m Seth” The brunette said “He’s Dorian” Seth said pointing to the redhead “And of course you’ve already met my brother Alexander and my sister Veronica” He said pointing at the last two “We just wanted to say happy birthday and hello since we will be living next door from now on” He said smiling.

I kept back a scream and a smile was frozen on my face. I didn’t reply so Alexis did for me “Hello and welcome to the neighbourhood. Now if you don’t mind we were just leaving!” She said taking my arm and walking away “Wait!” Dorian said grabbing the wrist that didn’t have the bracelet on it a bit too hard “OW! Let go!” I said pulling away and he let go. I fell into a giant mud puddle. Dorian had an apologetic look on his face “Let me help...” He began but Charlotte cut him off as Kaitlyn and Alexis helped me up “You’ve helped enough for one day!” Charlotte snapped then she gave me the sweater back with a “Don’t worry it will get better” look on her face. I was crying as I put it back on. “Why did this have to happen to me?” I said as the tears stopped and my older brother came and picked us up.

I looked out the window to see Alexander and Seth yelling at Dorian. Veronica stared at me and mouthed “Sorry” I looked away and eventually fell asleep in the van my brother drove. I woke up when we were back at my house. I guess Aiden had carried me from the van to my room so I got changed and went downstairs. My friends already set up the sleeping bags and when Alexis saw me she ran and gave me a hug while Charlotte asked “Are you okay?” I sighed and hugged Alexis back “No! My day was just ruined by three creepy, hot, goth guys!” I almost started crying again... Almost. We went upstairs and my friends and brother sang me happy birthday while my mom brought out the cake, after we finished with the cake I opened more presents.

I ended up getting a digital video camera that could take pictures (Mom and dad), a new blue dress (Alexis), the Vampire Kisses DVD (Charlotte), and a whole briefcase full of makeup (Kaitlyn). After we watched some more TV. At eight o’ clock my friends cheered HAPPY BIRTHDAY before we went to sleep. That’s where it got weird, in my dream Alexander and Seth were fighting and they had Fangs! They did that until I ran in and stopped them but I was bleeding, and then I woke up screaming! “What’s wrong Katie?” Alexis asked hearing me scream “Nothing just a nightmare” I replied sitting up “Are the pancakes ready yet?” I got up and headed upstairs and guess who was there? Done guessing yet? It was Alexander. Cooking pancakes. In my house. At SEVEN O’ CLOCK IN THE MORNING!!! I almost screamed but swallowed it back seeing my brother eyeing
me suspiciously “Mom and Dad went to New York for a while on business” My brother Aiden said drinking some coffee “Ok!” I said trying to sound cheery “When are the pancakes gonna be ready?” I asked sitting down at the dining table with Charlotte, Kaitlyn and Alexis.

“Right now!” Alexander replied cheerfully as he walked in with a plate of chocolate chip pancakes that could feed everyone here and that would last till tomorrow “If your here to apologize for your brother...Tell him I’m fine.” I said sighing as I chowed down on the pancakes Alexander had just placed on my plate. I can never stay mad at anyone. Ever. Alexander smiled with joy and said “Ok!” Then he pulled out a cell phone and called next door. I looked out the window and saw Dorian jump and grab the phone. He had fallen off the couch it made me and my friends laugh.

My friends and I couldn’t help but laugh at him. Dorian blushed and waved through the window before he went into the other room and began talking on the phone. “I guess they aren’t so bad...” I said out loud not realising it, my friends stared at me with a shocked expression on their faces. Charlotte even dropped her pancakes! “I don’t like any of them like that okay? So just stop that!” I said blushing deep crimson. Charlotte started laughing while Alexis shook her head, “Are you sure about that Katie? Like really sure?” Kaitlyn asked eyeing Alexander “Because they are pretty cute.” I nearly choked on my pancakes. “YES!” I said after that I ate my pancakes in silence.

“Guys what are we gonna do now?” I said after we had all gotten dressed and Alexander left, then Charlotte blurted “Let’s bake cookies! You know for the neighbours!” We all looked at her like she was crazy but eventually we agreed. Baking cookies was so much fun, but then we had to deliver the cookies. I was nervous but my friends kept pushing me towards the door of the Creepy’s house (Yes Creepy was their last name). Alexis rang the door bell and we were silently arguing, then Seth opened the door and we had huge smiles on our faces. “We decided to bake you guy’s cookies, you know to welcome you to the neighbourhood and stuff” I managed to say without screaming. Seth had removed all his piercings and he was in P.J.’s I held back a giggle that time. “Thanks!” Seth said a huge smile lighting up his face.

I let a giggle slip that time “Sorry Seth it’s just that you look so different without all the piercings and stuff” I said apologizing “We are a little surprised you guys are still in your P.J.’s though” Alexis added interrogatingly “Why? It’s Saturday? We can wear P.J.’s all day if we want!” Veronica said behind Seth. She was watching TV and drinking some red fluid in a bottle. Alexis rolled her eyes “She’s a fashion Diva” Charlotte said smiling “Really she doesn’t mean to be rude” I looked at the inside of their house it doesn’t look like much changed except there was electricity flowing through the walls, I smiled and said “Well see you at school on Monday!” before we left.

We went back to my house and made a video about how much I loved the Creepy’s then Charlotte, Alexis and Kaitlyn had to leave. After my friends left I went straight to my room and grabbed my vampire book and scribbled everything that happened that day before going to bed. The next day was weird, I woke up and my room was covered in black roses that said happy-birthday on the cards. My room smelt like roses and I did too “AIDEN! WHY ARE THERE ROSES IN MY ROOM?” I yelled at him downstairs. “Some guy dropped them of this morning; you weren’t expecting flowers were you?”Aiden said walking upstairs “No. But at least it makes my room smell nice!” I said grabbing my Shower stuff and a towel “I’ve got band practise this afternoon we are holding auditions for a new guitarist our other one moved to Florida” Aiden said walking downstairs. “Ok I’ll come by later” I replied walking towards the bathroom.

After I took a shower and got dressed I opened the blinds to let some light into my room I arranged the roses so that most of them were near my windows and the others were where light could reach them. I looked out the window and saw Alexander looking out the window writing something in a book. I smiled and waved as he opened his window. I did the same “Good morning” I said cheerfully “Good morning to you too! So what’s with all the roses?” Alexander asked putting down his book “I don’t know! Someone sent them for my birthday and they arrived this morning but there’s no name! So what are you writing?” I asked him “Nothing really, just a poem” He said smiling at me “Can you read it?” I asked hopefully “Sure” he replied, then he began

“What A rose can say

A rose can say I love you and want you to be mine,
A rose can say I thank you for being so very kind,
A rose can say congratulations, whatever the occasion may be,
A rose can say I miss you and wish you were here with me,
A rose can say I'm sorry if I've hurt you in any way,
A rose can say get well soon, may God bless you today,
A rose can say I wish you happiness, and the best for you each day.
A rose can say farewell when someone goes away,
A rose can say hello, I'm thinking of you today,
There's just so many wonderful things that a rose can say,
A rose can say goodbye when a love one is laid to rest,
No matter what there is to say, a rose can say it best.

... So did you like it?” Alexander asked as I blinked away tears “It was wonderful!” I replied smiling then I looked at the watch I had on “Oops got to go, the auditions already started! Later Alex” I yelled before shutting and locking the windows then running to leave for the Parkers Complex.

As soon as I was at the complex I saw my brother’s band taking a brake “Hey Aiden!” I called hoping he would hear, and he did. Him and his band came over “Hey sis I was wondering when you would show up!” Aiden said messing up my hair “I...I got distracted ok!” I said batting his hand away “Ooh was it by a boy!” Zoë asked. She was the band’s drummer and boy was she good! “No!” I said blushing. She gave me the “uh-huh” look. “Ok I did get distracted by a guy but I don’t like him it’s our new neighbours, my friends and I call them the creepies because that what they are creepy and it‘s their last name!” I said feeling the band stare at me “Ha! I knew it” Marcus said. He was the bands bass guitar player he was super good. “How are the auditions going?” I asked trying to change the subject “Not too well” Aiden admitted “We only got goths and punks trying for guitar and they suck. That guy over there is the very last to be auditioned” Aiden said with a grim look on his face pointing over to a brown haired goth boy who had lots of piercing

“Seth? SETH!” I called to the boy my brother pointed at “You play guitar?” I asked running up to him and tripped over some guys foot “Yeah” he replied catching me “But why are you here?” He asked with a puzzled look on his face “My brothers the lead singer!” I said pointing to where the band was standing. My brother was glaring at Seth and Seth gulped. “Put in a good word for me ok, because I don’t think your brother likes me much” Seth said. I rolled my eyes at my brother “Relax he always glares at everyone...who’s a potential boyfriend threat, he’s very over protective” I said smiling Seth instantly relaxed “Contestant #96 you’re up” My brother shouted. I winked at Seth and then sat down at the judges table Seth picked up his guitar and began playing a piece of the song my brother wrote, it was called “My Baby Rose”. Despite the name it was a pretty upbeat rocking song! And Seth played it perfectly, better than my brother himself! I looked at my brother with a smile on my face. My brother’s face on the other hand was set with a grimace but Zoë spoke for him “You’ve got the part!” She shouted smiling at Seth, I did too.

After Seth had finished signing the contract his family showed up, Alexander and Dorian anyways Veronica was nowhere to be seen. I walked over to them and said “You should have heard him! Seth played better than my brother!” Seth blushed. I was happy I don’t know why but I don’t hate the creepies as much as I used to I mean sure they were weird but I just judged them by their looks. “By the way guys where is Veronica?” I asked looking around for her “She’s with our parents at the airport they just flew in” Dorian said with a scowl “I guess you guys don’t like your parents very much?” I said a bit curiously “No it’s just that we aren’t supposed to talk to anybody and we could get in major trouble for being near you” Alexander admitted sourly “Why?” I was bemused by this, just then Seth’s phone rang and he walked away to answer it he was only gone a few minutes before he came back and said “Mom and dad are at the house, we have to go” He was acting very odd “Stay away from us if you know what’s good for you” Dorian whispered in my ear he looked sad but serious and that’s when my brother took me home.

As soon as we were home I looked through my window the boys blinds were closed I scowled and then wrote the days happening in my diary.

Come Monday I saw the Creepy’s parents drop them off at school. I waved hi but they ignored me I frowned and wondered what was up with them just then Alexis showed up “Wow they sure are acting weirder than usual” She said looking at them with an angry expression on her face “They could have at least waved hi back!” Kaitlyn added running over to us from the bike rack “Where’s Charlotte?” I asked looking for her “She has baseball practise” Alexis said, then the bell rang and we ran inside so we wouldn’t be late. As soon as we were in class I sat in my desk and noticed the creepy quartet all looked like they didn’t get any sleep and they looked starved. Seth caught me looking at them and I quickly turned my head but just then I had one of my random nose bleeds. “Crap!” I said grabbing my nose but it was too late the creepy quartet looked at me with wide eyes there was blood all over my desk all four of them had a look of hunger on their faces. I looked away terrified of what I saw in their faces. I ran into the bathroom and let my nose bleed out once it had stopped I grabbed some tissue and cleaned off my desk today was gonna be a long day!

For lunch my brother had made me pasta and garlic bread, but as soon as I brought out the garlic bread the creepy quartet had a disgusted look on their faces. I finished eating my lunch then rinsed my mouth out with mouthwash. Before we left for school we had gym but instead of staying inside we went outside to play baseball. I accidentally hit a couple of people when I was batting but I was an awesome pitcher. The creepy quartet wouldn’t use the wood baseball bats they only used the steel ones which seemed odd to me.

After school let out I walked right up to Alexander and the others and said “Why are you guys acting so distant and weird! I’ve known you for three days and I know that’s not how you act so what’s up?” I was angry and they were shocked. Veronica was the only one who spoke “Its best you stay away from us we could be dangerous.” She said with a hiss and then they walked to their parents van at least Seth waved bye to me. I stood there my mouth hanging open like a moron until Charlotte caught up to me and we walked home.

“The creepy quartet sure was acting weird today..” Charlotte said while we were walking up to her house “I know and they were acting like they didn’t even know me!” I said sounding mad “Yeah and they had to leave for a while when you had your nose bleed” Charlotte added “It was weird... Maybe they’re vampires” I just stared at her with a blank expression on my face “I’m kidding!” She said and I rolled my eyes “They sure are interesting” I said as we walked by Charlottes house “Bye!” Charlotte said walking to her house “Bye...” I replied

Aiden’s band The Makers had a band practise so Aiden had taken me with him. While the band practised I did my homework, I stopped and listened for a while noticing the guitar parts sounded sad, I mean they sounded good and hey fit the songs they were practising, they just sounded sad. Aiden had to stay after to deal with some C.D. recording stuff so I had to walk home by myself. I had all my stuff in my backpack I even had a can of mace on me. It was really dark outside darker than most nights it was scary, but I didn’t notice I was too busy wondering why the creepy quartet was acting so strange. I didn’t even notice the eerie shadow that followed me until it was too late.

“Let me go!” I said to whoever had grabbed me. I fought with all my strength I even managed to get one of my hands free. I quickly grabbed the mace and sprayed the person who grabbed me. The person who grabbed me took a step back and swung wildly. I noticed that the person who attacked me had red eyes and fangs...wait fangs! This was too weird. I ran as quickly as I could home and locked myself in my room I quickly grabbed my diary and wrote everything that happened. I went to my computer and did some research. I looked up vampire I clicked on the first link and after about an hour of research this is what I got:

Vampires are:

1) Unable to Enter a Dwelling without Being First Invited In. (Not true)
2) Unable to Cross Water. (I have no clue!)

3) Coma during day time. (Impossible!)

4) Inability to Withstand the Direct Rays of the Sun. (False!)

5) Dependence upon the Soil of their Land of Birth for Rest. (Haven’t been inside their house so I can’t tell)

Reflection Not Seen in a Mirror. (False!)

Repulsion to holy ground. (False our school is Catholic)
Vulnerable to Atoprophic Objects like:

Seeds, knots and grains (Dunno)
Religious objects (False our school is Catholic)
Wolfsbane (That’s really old stuff)
Garlic (Allergies maybe?)
Stakes, wood and other sharp objects (Deffinitaley they don’t even use wooden pencils)
Thorns and roses (Maybe!)
I looked back over my research and it basically described the creepies but I wasn’t entirely convinced I needed real proof! I mean come on! Vampires! VAMPIRES! This was just way too weird for me, I needed some sleep.

After finally going to bed I woke up an hour before I had to and I thought I saw Seth standing in my room I rubbed my eyes and looked again and he was gone! I swear I saw him standing there. I guess my imagination was playing tricks on me. Seth is no Edward Cullen, and that’s just a book it wouldn’t happen in real life! Would it? I couldn’t fall back to sleep after that so I took a shower and got dressed. I opened the blinds and noticed Seth was fighting with two older looking people .Probably his parents. I began tending to my roses, I still had no clue who sent them. I looked out the window again and the two older people and Seth were staring at me! I waved hello smiling at them but the older male one walked over and shut his blinds! He was so rude! I harrumphed and went downstairs for breakfast.

After breakfast I started on my walk to school it was a fresh crisp morning it was so wonderful that I had totally forgotten what happened last night. I was so wrapped up in my own thoughts that I barely heard someone approach me, As soon as I realized someone was following my every step even the turn and shortcuts I turned around and I saw Seth standing there holding some wildflowers that grew wildly by the lake a few miles from our houses “Here these are for you” Seth said blushing a bit “Sorry about my parents they... can be rude sometimes” He said holding the flowers towards me turning his head away “Why though? I didn’t do anything to them!” I said taking the flowers “Thanks for the flowers” I said holding them up to my face and breathing the scent in. “You’re welcome and you wouldn’t understand!” Seth said practically yelling “Then help me understand Seth! Because I don’t see what’s wrong with having some friends or being nice! I don’t understand how you could be so nice one day then completely turn your back on someone another! To make matters worse I think I was attacked by a vampire. A Bloody VAMPIRE Seth! I can’t tell anyone because they would think I was crazy so now tell me why I wouldn’t understand” I yelled back “WELL... What, wait did you just say you were attacked yesterday? By a vampire? Crap this is serious... I’ve gotta go, later” he said running off somewhere. I sighed then continued my walk. The case of the Creepy’s is getting weirder everyday.

As soon as I got to school I noticed that the routine was the same even though Seth had apologized he still ignored me. This continued for weeks and during that time period all the girls started going gaga for Seth, Alexander and Dorian while the guys fawned over Veronica. I sighed and wanted the old Creepy’s back. When Friday finally rolled around I had another nosebleed, it wasn’t as bad as the ones I’ve had before so I went to grab a tissue I accidentally got some blood on Veronica’s desk. Her eyes went wide with hunger. “Mrs. Organ! May I go to the bathroom?” She asked urgently “Yes” Mrs. Organ said, and after Veronica left Mrs. Organ said “Katie why don’t you go wash up too?” I left and when I got to the washroom I noticed Veronica standing there looking at me with a surprised expression on her face. The first thing I noticed was the fangs that were protruding from her mouth, the next thing I noticed was the wildness of her stance she looked like an animal! I walked over to the sink not taking my eyes off of her and washed my face. After I had gotten rid of the blood on my face I glanced at her and after a while she said “Now you know why our parents don’t want us around you. They think your nosebleeds will be our downfall” She laughed a little but I was frozen in place “I...I...I don’t know what to say!” I said I almost broke down my legs were weak and I was out of breath. “We better go back to class” I said trying to walk to the door “Wait!” Veronica said “Don’t tell anyone ok?” I sighed and nodded before going back to class. I guess case closed right?

I thought the day would never end, and I was so glad when the bell rang and we were let out. I saw Alexis and Kaitlyn flirting with Seth but as soon as Seth saw me he left them and walked over to me. They both giggled and looked at me. My eye twitched and I began to walk away but he caught up to me and said “Hey the band has a practise today are you going?” he smiled like nothing was wrong “Did Veronica tell you I know?” I whispered shyly “Know what?” Seth asked innocently. I rolled my eyes and said “Maybe. I have to do some homework first” I replied looking towards the parking lot I saw my brother wave “I have to go Seth my brothers waiting” I said smiling before I ran towards my brothers van. Finally! The old Seth was back. I put my hand in my pocket and felt something inside of it. It was a note! I took it out and read it.

Sorry for ignoring you. We needed to keep our identities on the down low because we are pretty sure people wouldn’t appreciate vampires living in the community especially young ones. See you at practise!


Seth Creepy

I smiled and re read it again when I got home. I finished my homework way before the bands scheduled practise so I wrote the day’s happenings in the vampire dairy Jonathon had bought me. Speaking of Jonathon I haven’t seen him forever maybe I’ll call him later, just then my brother called me to say we had to go. I opened the blinds and saw that there was a rope attached to it with a pulley and a bucket attached with some wildflowers. There was another note attached to it :

See you at Practise

- Seth

My face turned red as I walked down the stairs I had changed into one of the outfits that would make me look like I was in my brother’s band, The Makers. I was shy about going to the band practise partly because Seth was there and partly because my brother was going to be antagonizing Seth. I sighed and got into the van as my brother drove off.

When we got there Seth and Marcus were already setting up the equipment and the instruments I was hiding behind Aiden so the others wouldn’t see me. I was very shy when I was dressed in my red and black tights with my black boots and jean miniskirt with a grey long-sleeved shirt with a skull on it. I had my hair all spiky and I had enough time to braid and bead a small part of my bangs. Aiden moved out of the way to show me off like always but I was shy so I looked down and blushed “Aiden!” I said grabbing his sleeve “Why did I have to dress up again?” I was so shy that I didn’t even look up when I said this to him “Because after we are going out for pizza!” Aiden said a smile on his face “And to celebrate our bands new CD ‘Arm Candy ’ it just hit stores today” He was so proud. I sighed and sat down on the stairs that lead up to the suites, that’s where the important people sit, and mumbled “Stupid he could have told me this yesterday!” I finally looked up to see Seth staring at me in wonder. I gave him a fake smile before they started Zoë had arrived just after Aiden made the announcement. Today they were practising Fell for the Enemy. I closed my eyes and listened

“(Once you look away, you can never come back)” Aiden began….

The song was around 4 minutes and when Aiden finished I sighed. Then they went through the next song and eventually all the songs on the CD. After they were finished I had somehow gotten up into the suites and was standing on the balcony that overviews the concert hall the view kinda reminded me of the play Romeo and Juliet. “O Romeo, Romeo wherefore art though Romeo?” I said "But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east and Juliet is the sun." Seth finished standing near the balcony “Now come on down so we can get some pizza!” He said standing right in front of me “ can’t” I said looking down at him “Why not?” Seth asked curious “I don’t know how I got up here in the first place!” I said shyly again “Well then I’ll catch you” he said extending his arms. I looked around while Seth smiled I sighed again and reached for him. I fell right into his arms and he spun me around and set me on the ground grinning. I still held onto him “You can let go now” Seth said still grinning “Oh! Sorry” I said letting go just then Aiden came back and shouted “Let’s go!” and Seth and I left hand in hand

At North Side Luigi’s my brother had reserved a table on the busiest night of the year and we got to our table before the rush. I sighed as me and Seth were squished together by my brother’s band, Seth’s brothers and sister and all the bands friends. I was tired and confused and over all shy, I wasn’t exactly a people person so I stayed as close as I could to Seth who seemed to be enjoying it. Alexander whispered something that sounded like an accusation to Seth and Seth got a worried look on his face. “Seth what’s wrong?” I asked finishing my second piece of pizza “Nothing you need to worry about love” He said using a British accent and giving off a goofy smile that made me swoon, so I dropped the subject. After the pizza party Aiden had to drive Zoë home so Seth offered to walk me home.

I wasn’t dark yet by the time we got home so Seth asked “Do you want to take a walk with me?” I nodded and we walked through the forest and eventually we got to the lake I looked around it was even more beautiful than the last time I was here I looked at Seth he had closed his eyes “Alexander thinks my parents won’t approve of us” He said with a frown on his face “He thinks they would try and hurt you.” I was speechless I just stared at Seth shocked and torn “Why?” I asked my voice shaking a little “I never did anything to them why would they ...?” I almost collapsed but Seth caught me just in time so I wouldn’t hurt myself. I held on longer then I had to. We just stood there me crying, while Seth held me and stroked my hair. We were there for what seemed like forever before Seth made me look at him my face was torn and sad and I just looked him in the eyes. I never noticed it before but Seth had the warmest blue eyes. They looked like they were filled with compassion and sorrow at the same time I raised my head while Seth lowered his and we met with a cautious kiss.

And when it did happen it felt like the world stopped and it was just me and Seth. It felt like all the birds were singing and that there were fireworks above us. Most of all it felt magical.

Until Alexander and the family showed up. Then it got ugly

Alexander went berserk he tore Seth away from me and then they went all out “Thou errant common-kissing skainsmate!” Alexander yelled going for Seth’s throat “Now’s not the time for fighting or Shakespeare!” Seth retaliated blocking every attack Alexander made and finally finding an opening attacked Alexander. I was frozen I didn’t even notice the tall red headed male grabbing me and pulling me deeper into the forest then I’ve even ventured. I looked at him to see it wasn’t Dorian but the guy who attacked me! Could this be their father? Their father! The man who attacked me was their father! “Why?” I began “Why did you attack me before?” I said pulling away “So you wouldn’t mess up my plan!” He yelled back snarling at me. I pulled back again “What plan! You’re their father for christ’s sake! You should be happy for Seth!” I yelled and I kept pulling away “Ha! their father! Since you’re going to die anyways I might as well tell you...I’m not their father I’m their uncle! I am going to kill their father for stealing my woman much like what Alexander is going to do to Seth!” He began laughing and dropped his guard I pulled away quickly and began running back towards the way we came.

I came into sight of the lake and managed to get back to Seth, who stared at me. I must have looked terrible and then they saw what looked like their father attack me. “You stupid little runt!” He yelled “You can never escape me!” and he broke my leg I tripped and hit my head which started bleeding right away. I kicked him with my good leg but it had little effect. He grabbed my arm snapped it. I screamed and the next thing I knew Seth was in front of me tearing his uncle apart. Alexander grabbed a sharp tree branch and tossed it to Seth. Seth stabbed his uncle in the heart and his uncle stopped moving, and turned into dust. Seth looked at me and he bit his lip. “She needs a doctor” Veronica said “I mean NOW! Look at her!” She almost yelled at Seth. Seth glanced around and picked me up and headed towards his house. Seth had managed to put his shirt around my head to stop the bleeding, before he moved me to his mom’s truck.

Seth held my hand the whole time. I was scared. I was also unconscious by the time we got to the hospital so I don’t know what happened. When I woke up I saw my brother, Seth, Alexander, Veronica, Dorian and their mom with someone who looked like the creepies uncle but gentler. I tried to move but I couldn’t, my leg was propped up. The first thing I said was “What happened?” and my brother looked at me with relief on his face “You went home and saw someone breaking in you put up quite a fight, apparently but the guy managed to break your arm, broke your leg and hit you in the head. He was found with some of our stuff later on wrapped around a street pole.” Aiden said smiling at me “You’re a fighter that’s for sure” Alexander added with a wink I looked at Seth’s mom with my doctor and I knew that he was the creepies real father. I smiled and said “Let’s go home”

As soon as we got back to my house the Creepy’s left to go back home. I walked to my room with Aiden’s help and went to bed. The very next day was our schools grade eight graduation ceremony and I was the master of ceremonies. The church part was the easy part, the hard part was the dance. At the dance we had supper with our families and everyone got an award. I received the art award, the literacy award and the yearbook award. The Charlotte did her valedictorian speech and then we had a slideshow. After the slideshow finished the parents left and it was just the grade eights left to dance. My dress was ocean blue with little sequins sewn all over it. I dance with Seth and Seth only. By the time the night was over I couldn’t wait for summer and I knew I would have the best summer ever

The author's comments:
Katie is a typical teenager. Good friends, good grades and an awsome brother. That all changes when four strangers move into her neighbourhood. Seth, Dorian, Alexander and Veronica are not you typical teens. They harbour a secret no one knows and things get spicy when Alexander and Seth both fall for Katie. How does she deal with it all?

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This article has 4 comments.

on May. 14 2011 at 8:00 pm

Wow!!!!!!! Just like TWILIGHT

This is the best book i have read

good job keep writting <3

on Mar. 19 2011 at 10:22 am
Suki-Alanna BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
1 article 0 photos 3 comments
I agree with COCOLOCO10293. It was a little bit like Twilight, but very original all the same. I liked it.

on Oct. 23 2009 at 2:54 pm
I loved it! So original! Some parts was a little like Twilight but it was really sweet! :D

TWILILUVA89 said...
on Oct. 23 2009 at 2:52 pm
This was the worst story ever! It totally copied Twilight!

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