Emma Miller

June 1, 2009
By AnnaBananaFana BRONZE, Ayer, Massachusetts
AnnaBananaFana BRONZE, Ayer, Massachusetts
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I sighed softly, closing my eyes as I breathed in the fragrant summer air. It was about midnight, and the only thing holding me up was the railing of the balcony. All I could see was Jack's face; his beautiful crooked smile, his bright crystal blue eyes, his angel's features...
I could still hear his voice ringing in my head. It was like velvet, or the world's most beautiful symphony. I longed to feel his touch on my arm again. But what frightened me most was that I was starting to -forget-...His laugh, his voice, his face...They were all beginning to become very dim memories. He had been the one who left, yes -- maybe I should have been angry. But all I felt was loneliness and hurt, like I had done something wrong.
"Emma?" my grandmother called from inside the sitting room. I didn't turn as I heard her come outside, her gown rustling against the stone. "Emma, come in this instant and stop your crying. That Bedrick boy isn't worth your tears."
Finally, I turned towards her, unable to even think of a protest to her words. The squirming in my stomach was returning; that uncomfortable feeling that I had whenever I thought about Jack. I didn't say a word as my grandmother took my hand and pulled me back into the house. I followed in silence when she lead me to my bedroom, and said nothing when she shoved me into it and bolted the door.
I stumbled over to my bed, falling onto it and closing my eyes. All I felt was aching -- my heart ached, my head ached, my body ached. I shifted my hand on my pillow, and heard a crinkling of paper. Confused, I picked up the piece of the parchment that had been left on my pillow. My heart sped as I saw the wonderfully familiar, neat handwriting. It read:

To my Emma,

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. You must understand that I left for your safety -- Calvin would have torn you to shreds if I stayed, only to make me angry. I didn't know it would hurt you this badly. I thought you'd just move on, and everything would be all right.
Emma, you have no idea how awful it's been for me, as well. Everyday has been like a living hell without seeing your face, hearing your voice, touching your hair. All I had to comfort myself with was my thoughts. But, darling, I'm back now, because I couldn't stay away any longer.
Meet me in the meadow behind your grandmother's house tonight, unless you no longer want me, because that would be exactly how I planned it; you moving on, and acting as if I never existed. But, I'll be here until the dawn. Seek me out, because, Emma, I cannot live without my soul.

Love, Eternal,

My heartbeat was almost painful, now. He was here, Jack was here, and so close to where I was laying. I sprang off of my bed, seizing the shawl I had draped over the chair in the corner and running over to my door. I started tugging on it, but to no avail. Cursing my grandmother, I hurried over to the wide window and looked down. It wasn't that bad of a fall.
Taking a deep breath, I swung my legs over the windowsill and let myself drop. I took the impact on the balls of my feet, and despite a moment of twinging up my legs, I was fine.
Squinting through the black of the night, I started running towards the meadow. It felt as if I was flying, and my bare feet barely touched the ground. The bright moonlight illuminated my path, and I silently thanked the Lord that Jack had picked such a clear night.
After a couple minutes of running, I saw a form moving in the distance. I stopped, panting as I waited. Soon, the form became something discernible; slim, tall, muscular, beautiful, and perfect...There he was. Jack. My Jack. I screamed his name, and my favorite smile flashed across his face as he ran towards me, and I towards him.
I leaped into his arms, and he caught me easily. I smiled, breathing in his scent; he smiled like the sun and grass, and, finally, I was home.

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on Oct. 2 2009 at 12:34 pm
emmatheballerina GOLD, Tacoma, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"It is not in our greatest glory in never falling, but in rising everytime we fall"
"I use to want the words "she tried" on my tombstone, now I want "she did it"

That was good. But I do have to kinda agree with writingrocks. It did remind me of Twilight. With the guy leaving for the girls own good, but comes back because he loves her so much. Then again, love stories only have so much variation you know.

on Jul. 10 2009 at 7:14 pm
AnnaBananaFana BRONZE, Ayer, Massachusetts
1 article 0 photos 1 comment
Surprisingly, I haven't actually read those books. (I know, weird. xD) But my friend talks about them, so I could have subconsciously copied them.

on Jul. 9 2009 at 10:55 pm
TheHandThatWieldsThePen SILVER, Shapleigh, Maine
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Favorite Quote:
"Let's waste time
chasing cars
around our heads."
--Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

"I do believe it's true
there are roads left in both of our shoes
if the silence take you then I hope it takes me too."
--Soul Meets Body by Death Cab For Cutie

Wow, really good. Not as a critisicm, but isn't it kind of copying the twilight books, or have you not read those?

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