Happy Ever After

June 1, 2009
By Jordan D BRONZE, Grafton, Ohio
Jordan D BRONZE, Grafton, Ohio
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There was a boy named Richard and a girl named Nicole. They didn’t know each other until they met at the school football game. It was love at first sight. Nicole was so nervous around him but she never let it show because he was so calm and confident. She loved that about him. They started talking more and more, later and later. They couldn’t stop. Richard treated her like a princess and Nicole was so taken by Richard she’d do anything for him. But as time went on things became rough between them. School was coming to an end and Richard would soon be leaving in the fall for college. They didn’t know what they could do or if they could last while he was away. They constantly fought but ended up having an amazing summer together.
The day came and Richard and Nicole were saying goodbye. Richard knew Nicole was crying on his shoulder, but he didn’t know how to react because she had always been the strong one, not him. As they looked at each other with tears running down their faces, Richard wiped her cheek and leaned in to kiss her. Nicole turned away and started to run. Richard grabbed her arm, pulled her back, wiped her tears, and kissed her. He told her he loved her so much and this wouldn’t be the end for them. He got into his car and drove off. Nicole just stood there crying. She couldn’t believe he was really gone.
As time went on, Nicole found herself wishing Richard were there to hold and comfort her all the time. It was now around New Years Eve and she was going to a party that night with Megan. There were so many people there and as it got closer to midnight, the thought of Richard crossed her mind for some reason. She decided she would text him and see how he was doing. But as she went through her contacts, her phone vibrated and it said new text message from Richard.
She opened the text and it said, “I see you miss beautiful.”
Nicole was so confused. When she looked up to look around, someone came up behind her and squeezed her really tight. She turned around and saw Richard. She felt as if she was in a fairy tale. She couldn’t believe it. Richard and Nicole just looked at each other. Then he leaned in and kissed her. She didn’t pull away that time. They spent the rest of the night together in each other’s arms catching up on everything. Richard had told Nicole that he was moving closer and transferring schools next year. Nicole had just recently decided on what college she was going to in the fall. They were only going to be thirty minutes apart now. They promised to keep in touch and when Nicole went to college they would see each other every weekend.
With all the time that had passed, nothing had changed between them. They both knew that deep down they were meant to be. No one knew or understood them better than each other.
A few years later, after they had graduated college, Richard took Nicole to his apartment one night. Nicole opened the door but couldn’t see anything.
She felt Richard grab her hand and say, “Follow me.”
Nicole saw a little light across the room and as she got closer, she saw it was a candle. There was a small box sitting next to it. She opened the box and turned around to face Richard when she saw the ring inside. He was knelt down on one knee.
Richard grabbed her hand and said, ”Nicole, marry me and make me the happiest man alive.”
She immediately said, “Yes!”
Nicole and Richard couldn’t wait to tell their families. They were going to get married as soon as possible because they were ready to settle down and start their lives together.

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