May 31, 2009
By Anonymous

Marie and James were known as a happy young couple. Marie was pretty, nice, and loving girl and James was hardworking, caring, and a gentleman. John on the other hand was James’s older brother. John was different from James, he was strong and when he wanted something, he would get it himself. John was also in love with Marie, but he only loved her for her beauty. John was hoping that Marie would love him instead of his brother, that wish never came true. He knew that Marie would never love him if his brother was still in the picture. So he hatched a plan that would make Marie his, but that plan would end in misery.

It all started one ordinary day; James would wake up in the morning and do his chores. He then found a note that told him to meet John at the ally behind the house.

When James got there, he was in for a surprise. John asked him, “What would you think if I got married James?”
“Well I would wish you the best of luck my brother.” He answered with a smile. “And who might this person be?”
“It’s someone you know and in town of course.” John said in his fake smile that James didn’t even notice.
James then asked, “Do I get to meet her or even see her?”
“No” John replied to James question.
“Why?” James looked in surprise.
“It’s a secret and you will find out soon enough.” He told his brother.
“Can I tell Marie that you have someone in mind then?” he asked his brother.
“Yea, if you want.”
“Great then”

James turned his back to walk out of the ally, but John then pointed a gun at his brother’s back and pulled the trigger. While James was falling down to the ground, someone else was there. John could see Marie looking in surprise by what he had done to his own brother. Marie ran to James side and held him in her arms. She was then crying over her loved one’s dead body, while John was frozen in place, looking at James in Marie’s arms. He ran away from the crime scene and cried out in tears. He regretted what he had done to his brother and most of all, to his loved one.

Later on people found Marie and James dead body in the ally. They quickly tried to pray James’s dead body away from her, but they couldn’t. For hours, Marie sat there and cried over James. She soon let go of James body and the town’s people took the dead body away and somewhere else.

John ran out of town and droned himself in a near by lake. Marie on the other hand lived a long and lonely life. She never married and only dreamt of what might have happened if James was still alive. She died when she was 86-years-old and she died happily, because she would be with James.

More than 400 years later the two lovers are reunited once again. James, who is now called Mark, is an artist in New York City and Marie, who is now Anna, is an auctioneer.

This story starts when Mark and Anna happen to meet each other at a museum of classic painting. They accidentally bumped into each other while looking at a painting of the Mona Lisa. They soon met each others eyes and some how they both remembered something that they couldn’t explain. They stared into each others eyes as if they can see right through each other and seemed as though they knew each other for as long as they remembered.

“Hi, my names Mark. What’s yours?” he asked.

“Um, my names Anna. It’s nice to meet you.” She said shyly.

They talked a little, but they mostly spent time looking at each other. They talked about the paintings they went by and their personal life. The night was coming to an end and they had to say good-bye to each other, but they didn’t really want to. Before Anna turned around to go the other way, Mark moved his mouth to say something.

“Um, wait.” He yelled out. “Would you um, would you like to um you know go out with me for a cup of coffee?”
She giggled and replied, “I would love to.”

That is how Marie and James came to be again.

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on Jun. 24 2009 at 4:15 pm
djh.1997 BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
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i hope im not offending you, but what is your name? i live in two rivers also

on Jun. 22 2009 at 5:00 pm
unearthlyhaphazard GOLD, N/A, New York
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The idea behind it is really well formed. I was just wondering, would the 400 years later mean that Anna and Mark live in the present, or 2409? Because if it's the present, I think you should change James shooting John to him stabbing John with a knife, because they didn't have guns back then.

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