The Battle for Love

May 28, 2009
By iluvedwardcullen25 GOLD, Burlington, Kentucky
iluvedwardcullen25 GOLD, Burlington, Kentucky
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Christi Evenwood was a woman with great prospects. She had the money, great family, and drop dead gorgeous looks. Christi was from a wealthy family in Yorkshire, England. Her family owned the most extravagant estates. She had everything a girl could ever want in life. The only problem with her life was that her parents were urging her to be married and she didn’t think that she was ready for such a challenge. “Oh Christi, you must find yourself a husband before you get too old.” said her mother Katrina. “Mom, I have told you plenty of times that I am just not ready for marriage right now. I know that you and dad are urging for me to be married, but don’t you see I want to live my life a little before I get settled down.” “Sweetie, you have no time to ‘live a little’, you must be married and if that means an arranged marriage, that is what it will be!” “Mother!!! I would never have an arranged marriage! That is completely awful!” “Well my dear, if you don’t pick a man soon that will be your only choice!” With that, her mother left her alone to think. Christi could not believe that her mother actually was considering an arranged marriage! The idea to her was preposterous! Christi knew that she couldn’t ever fall in love with a man in the time her mother was wanting her to find a husband. She just didn’t understand why her mother wanted her to be married so quickly!!! Christi knew that she had to go to her dad and beg him to not have an arranged marriage if she didn’t marry on her own. It was Christi’s only chance on her having her own life for awhile.

Christi got in her Mercedes Benz and drove to her father’s business called, “Evenwood Furniture”. That was the family business and had been for as long as Christi could remember. Their store had become nationwide and was doing very successful. Christi parked her car and walked in to the store. She headed strait towards her dad’s office. She knocked on the door and an irritated voice said, “Who is it?” which of course was her dad. But Christi wondered why he sounded so irritated. “Uh Dad, it’s me, Christi.” “Oh, come on in.” Christi walked in and saw her dad at his usual spot, sitting on his desk with his feet propped up on it. “Dad, there is something I need to ask you.” “Well honey, what do you need?” replied her dad. “It is not something I need; it is something that I want to tell you.” “Well, then by all means tell me.” “Well, has mom talked to you about me having an arranged marriage if I don’t find someone to marry very soon?” “Yes and I approve. Actually sweetie I was considering you marry this man that I have come upon recently.” said her father. “What!! You can’t be serious?? Well what is so good about him? Obviously he must rich because I know that you and mom will not let me marry a man without wealth and a good family.” replied Christi with a bitterness to her voice. “Oh yes, he is of great family and his family owns the business called ‘Goodman’s Construction Company.” “Dad, that is the most recognized construction company around!!!” exclaimed Christi! “Yes, I know dear, that is why I already set up a date for you to meet him tomorrow afternoon at the Goose Cafe’.” said her father. “Dad, I…” “I will not take no as an answer young lady! You are going to meet this young man no matter if you like it or not!” Christi knew that arguing with her dad was pointless because she had tried many times before and she never won, so she just decided to give up the fight while he was ahead. “Okay, okay dad. I will go and see this man, but it doesn’t mean that I am considering marrying him.” “Well, you may think that now, but just wait until you see him.” “Dad, what is this man’s name?” “That is just going to have to wait until tomorrow.” Annoyed and angry, Christi walked out of her dad’s office and slammed the door. As she was walking out of the building, she didn’t see the sign that said “Wet Floor”. She was so busy in thought and wasn’t really paying attention to anything. At that instance she felt her feet starting to give. When she thought she was going to fall flat on her face, someone’s arm grabbed her waist and pulled her up before she fell. When was upright she turned to the man that had caught her fall, and almost fell to the ground. The man that had helped her caught her gaze and she caught his. They stared at each other for a few minutes and then their gazes went away. “Thank... you… so much...” Christi could barely get her words out, and she had no idea why. As she looked at this man, her knees buckled. He was drop gorgeous. He had baby blue eyes, with a brown-reddish look to his hair. He had a body to die for. She could tell that he had enormous muscles and he gave her a look that sent shudders down her spine. She figured out he was a janitor because of the clothes he was wearing; one of those jumpsuit sort of outfits that janitors wear. “No problem miss, just be a little careful next time.” Christi saw his name tag on his shirt and saw that his name was Luke Greenwood. “Well, I better get going.” said Christi. “Wait, what is your name?” asked Luke. “I’m Christi Evenwood.” “Well nice to meet you ma’am. I am Luke Greenwood.” “Well, I have to go, I have lots to do, goodbye.” said Christi. “Have a great day miss, and try not to fall again.” “Well, I’ll try my best. Luke had never seen such a woman as Christi Evenwood. She was elegant, smart, and charming. But he knew he never would be good enough for her. She was an Evenwood, and he was a nobody.

Today was the day, Christi had to go and meet that Goodman man. She was not looking forward to it either. But she had to go. Christi got into her car and drove to the Goose Cafe’. She parked her car and went in the restaurant. She was waiting at the front of the cafe’ when someone motioned for her at a nearby table. She figured it was the Goodman man. She walked to the table he was sitting at and sat down. “Hello, you must be Christi Evenwood.” “Yes, that is me. And you are?” “Why, my name is Brandon Goodman.” “Hello then. So, what do you do in your family business?” “Well, I am the CEO of the company. I know what you are thinking, why am I CEO I this company when my father should be.” “Well, it hadn’t really crossed my mind, but by all means go ahead and explain.” She said with some defiance in her voice. She hated when men thought that they knew everything and that you were some stupid idiot who knew nothing at all. This Brandon Goodman was already starting out on a bad note. “My father, Brian Goodman, is too old to run this business, and so since I am his oldest son I get to be first in line to be the CEO.” “Oh that is fascinating.” said Christi. “Well, what do you do at your father’s business?” “Actually I don’t do any real work there, it doesn’t really suit me, I was thinking in becoming a marine biologist instead.” “A marine biologist? It seems to me you would want to get into your father’s business. Does he have any other children that would like to get into the business?” asked Brandon. Christi was trying with all her might not to completely explode on him. “I do have two older brothers and they have told me father that they would love to be in the family business. Actually they are already working there as managers for different parts of the business.” “Oh, well at least your father has someone to take care of this business after he is gone.” After Brandon had said this last sentence she completely zoned out. All she remembered was eating her steak and broccoli. “Christi, are you ready?” asked Brandon. Christi was shook out of her zoning and said she was ready to go. “Christi, can I take you home?” “No thank you Brandon, I have brought my own car and I would like to get home.” “Well, then I am just going to have to ask you now, will you marry me?” What kind of question was that??? “Um, I have just met you and I barely know you.” “I know, but your father and my father have insisted we get married as soon as possible.” “Why might I ask?” “Because it will be a merger to our businesses.” “Okay, look I am not, in fact, ever going to marry you! You are a self-absorbed man who only cares for himself and his money!!” “Look sweetie, I am going to marry you and you will marry me whether you like it or not!” Now, there was a phrase that Christi heard almost on a daily basis from her family. “If I don’t marry you, what are you going to do to me?” “It is not you I will do something to, it is your mother.” “My mother, what would you do to her?” “Murder her.” Christi gasped and couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “You will not do that, and besides I could tell the police that you killed her and then you would be thrown in jail.” “Oh, I wouldn’t do it, I would hire someone. And believe me there would be no evidence that could prove in court. So, let me ask again, will you marry me Christi?” Christi started to cry and finally she let out a yes. Christi got into her car and drove away crying her eyes out.

As Christi pulled up in her driveway she felt awful. She was coming to the point of breaking. Not just did she have her parents telling her to get married; now she had Brandon Goodman. And he was a heck of a lot worse than her parents were. For some odd reason, she couldn’t stop thinking about that janitor named Luke that had caught her fall yesterday. She had no idea why though. Christi wasn’t up to taking a shower because she felt so physically and mentally drained. So, she just washed her faced, brushed her teeth and put some pajamas on and headed straight for her bead. As soon as Christi started to drift off to sleep, she heard the phone ring. Of course, the phone just has to ring right when I am about to fall asleep. When she looked at the caller ID, she saw that it was Brandon. “Ugh.” Christi said to herself. Why would he call in the middle of the night like this? She didn’t even want to pick up the phone so she just let it ring and let it go to the answering machine. After she heard the beep she heard Brandon’s message, “Hey Christi! This is Brandon Goodman. I have to tell you that I am going to Ireland because my mother just had a heart attack and she needs someone there to be with her. There is no family down there with her so I have to go. Anyways, I should be there for about 3 to 6 weeks. It just depends on what happens while I am there. So, we are going to have to postpone our wedding. We can have it as soon as I get back. Well, see you then sweetie pie!” Christi actually was excited because she didn’t have to see that arrogant face again for at least 3 weeks! She knew that sounded a little bad, considering the fact that his mother may die, but still she couldn’t contain her self from being so happy! That morning she woke up, she felt refreshed and energized! But then at that moment it hit her, today she told her dad that she would come in and help him with some paperwork! It was 10:00 and she told him that she would be there at 8:30! She rushed into her bathroom to get ready. Christi didn’t even bother to put makeup on because she knew that she was going to get it from her dad. If there was one thing her dad was always known for, that would have to be showing up when someone tells you to show up. She raced to her car and drove off very speedily. When Christi was about half way to the office, she saw blue and red lights behind her with sirens. She couldn’t believe it, just a great start to a great morning! Christi pulled over immediately and waited for the cop to come and give her the ticket. The cop leaned into her window and took off his sunglasses. “Miss, you were speeding.” She knew that, all she wanted was her ticket. “Oh, I am very sorry officer.” “Here is your ticket, and if I see you speeding again like that you are going to have to come into a court and let a judge tell you what punishment you have.” “Okay officer I will be much careful next time. Have a good day. Bye.” As Christi said goodbye to the officer he said bye too. She drove away much more careful this time. By the time Christi got to the office building it was 11:00. She defiantly knew that was going to get it from her dad. She rushed into the door and ran to the elevator. But before she could reach the elevator she completely bumped into someone and almost fell. “Whoa, miss where are you going in such a hurry?” said a voice that she had heard before. It was Luke. Her heart started to pound rapidly and right now she wished she had taken the time to put some makeup on. “Why, Christi Evenwood, it is you again! It seems like I am always catching you from falling!” he said with jokiness to his voice. “Yes, I am in a hurry and thank you for catching me, again. “Maybe we will see each other again sometime.” said Luke. “Maybe we will.” At that moment Christi realized that she was still in Luke’s arms. She really didn’t want to let go, but she knew that she had to because she was late as it was. She walked away from Luke and went up to the elevator to hear a mouthful from her dad.

Luke was actually very happy that he got to see Christi again. He had thought about her ever since he caught her from falling. He didn’t know why but every time he was around her he felt happy and at peace with everything, even though his life wasn’t exactly at peace. His mother was a drunk, but thankfully she was starting to get over it and he had no idea who his father was because he had run away from them when he was only a baby. Luke did have one older brother, named Ryan. His brother had everything that Luke wanted in his life. He had the job, the girl, and the money. But even though his brother had all this, they were still very close and kept in touch. Luke’s brother was a lawyer and was a very good one. Sometimes Luke wished that he could have his brother’s job, but he still loved his job as a janitor at Evenwood’s Furniture.

As Christi walked to her dad’s office she was thinking about that small encounter that she had just had with Luke. Every time she was near him she felt like her life had meaning and like he was the only person in the world. While she was deep in thought she heard a familiar husky voice that she knew was her father. “Christi, if that’s you, come in now!” She knew that she was in for it. She came in very slowly and was scared to death. “Christi, it is now 11:30. Now what time did I tell you to be here?” asked her father in a strict, commanding voice. “You told me to be here at 8:30, but last night I had a hard night and…” Christi didn’t even get to finish her sentence because her father cut her off. “That is no reason for you to be late. Now I had to call my assistant, who had the day off, by the way, to come in and do the paperwork that I was going to make you do. So, I had to pay her extra because I made her come in on her day off.” “Look dad, I am really sorry, can you please give me another chance, I promise next time I will not be late.” “Okay, only because I love you am I letting you have one more chance. But if you slip just one more time I will forbid you to work here at all. Is that clear?” Her dad had a very stern look in his eye, and yet at the same time there was a compassionate look in his eyes. “Yes dad, I hear you loud and clear.” “Good, I don’t have anything for you to do, so you are free to go. I will just call you if I need something from you.” “Okay.” As Christi was walking out the door she was debating whether or not she should tell her dad that Brandon proposed to her. She finally decided what she wanted to do. “Dad, I would like to tell you some good news.” “Okay honey, what is the news?” “Yesterday, Brandon proposed to me, and I accepted him.” “My gosh, I didn’t think that it would happen this quick!!! I can’t believe it! Where is the young fellow?” “Actually, he is in Ireland right now as we speak. His mother had a heart attack and he called me last night and told me that he will be gone for 3 to 6 weeks.” “Oh, that is grave news. I hope that she recovers soon. May my prayers be with them.” “Yes, mine too.” “Well, you are an engaged woman now, you better go and do some wedding shopping! Make sure you tell your mother about this, she will be thrilled!” “I will, well I gotta go! Love ya dad!” “Bye sweetie.” She was really beginning to hate that word, it seems like everyone she knew was calling her that. She walked out of the dad’s office and down the steps to get to the front door of the building. Christi was really hoping that she would meet Luke, but she didn’t see him anywhere, so she figured that he was off doing some other job around the store.

As Luke saw Christi walking down the steps, his heart started to pump very fast. He wanted to say something to her, but what could he say? She was coming closer. I can’t just ask her out on a date! I mean she probably wouldn’t even want to be seen in public with a low-life like me. Christi was walking to the door, so he dropped his mop and went over to her. “Hello Christi.” said Luke. Christi was completely caught off guard and she just couldn’t believe that Luke was here! She was so happy that she had no idea what she should even say! “I’m fine. How are you doing Luke?” said Christi. “I am doing great. So, what were you doing here at the office?” asked Luke. “Well, I was supposed to be over here at 8:30, but I was late, really late. But I am not fired, so all is good.” “Well, that’s always a good thing.” said Luke. Luke had no idea what to say to her because every time that she was near him, he just couldn’t seem to get his words out! “Well, I have got a lot of things to do, so I need to go. Maybe I’ll talk to you later. Bye.” said Christi. As Christi was walking out of the door, she felt Luke pull her arm into his strong body. She loved it. She was still his arms and she thought he would let her go immediately, but he didn’t. He kept hold of her and slowly gave a gentle kiss to her lips. Christi must have died and gone to heaven because that kiss had to be best she had ever had in a long time. “I was wondering Christi, if you would like to have dinner with me tonight?” asked Luke. Christi knew she should say no because she was engaged, but she just couldn’t say no to this man. “Luke, I would love to have dinner with you. Could you pick me up around 7:30?” “Sure, that would be great! I will see you then and will try not to be late like you.” Luke said in a kidding voice. “Hey! Well, see you later.” As she said that Luke let her out of his arms and she walked to her car in complete awe.

When, Christi got home she was so happy she couldn’t even stand it. Luke had made her so happy today and she had no idea why. Every time she was around him she just felt like she had no worries or cares in the world. She just felt like Luke and she were the only two people in the world. As she walked inside her house the phone rang. Christi was hoping it would be Luke, but it was of course Brandon. Christi picked up the phone and said hi. “Hey Christi, how are you doing sweetie?” asked Brandon. There was that word again, ‘Sweetie’. Luke had never once called her that. “I am doing fine Brandon. How is your mother?” “That is why I called you. She is actually doing better and the doctors’ say that she should be completely recovered in about a few days.” “Oh, that’s great.” said Christi, even though it was a lie. Christi wanted to spend some time with Luke instead of Brandon. “So I will probably be back this Friday or Saturday.” “Okay, that’s fine. I will see you then.” said Christi. “Bye Sweetie!” “Bye Brandon.” Christi hung up the phone and breathed in very deeply because Brandon was coming home and she thought that she was falling in love with another man!

When Luke got home he was very excited for the date with Christi. He loved hearing her voice and just seeing her. It made him so happy. Then something dawned on him that he had completely forgotten to ask Christi. He had forgotten to ask for her address and her phone number. So, he went to the yellow pages and found her last name. She started to call her.

Christi was about ready to take a shower when the phone rang. If that is Brandon I am not picking it up. She looked at her caller ID and saw that it was Luke!! She was ecstatic! “Hello.” said Christi. “Hi, Christi I forgot to ask you for your address. Could you give it to me?” “Oh sure, It is, 2596 Mansfield Court. I live in a subdivision called Corner’s Grove.” “Okay, thanks a lot Christi, see ya tonight! Bye!” “Bye, I can’t wait!” said Christi. Christi hung up the phone and was really happy with her life right now. Christi went straight for the shower to clean off.

Luke had already taken a shower and when he went to look through his closet for something to wear, he had nothing. Well, nothing that you could wear on a date. All he had was blue jeans, cotton white shirts, and overalls for doing farm work. He really had no sense of style whatsoever. So, Luke knew that he had to go into town and buy something suitable to wear for this date. He put on his regular blue jeans and cotton shirt, and went to his car to go into town to buy some clothes.

Christi got out of the shower and looked in her closet for something to wear. She had nothing in her opinion. There was one piece of clothing that she saved for emergencies like this, but she didn’t know if it would be too revealing to wear on a first date. It was a black, strapless dress that came down to her knees. Well, she hoped that he wouldn’t get the wrong idea, but it was all that she had and it was her only choice.

Luke pulled into town and went into a shop called ‘Men’s Clothing Outlet’. He had heard that they carry pretty stylish clothes there, so he decided to go and give it a try. He walked into the store and saw that these clothes were pretty stylish. There were suits, dress shirts, belts, nice socks, polo shirts and even some pretty nice swimming trunks. A man walked up to him and asked him what he was looking for. “Well, I am going on a date tonight with this girl and this is my first date with her. I want to wear something nice, but not something too over the top or fancy.” “Okay, I think the perfect choice for you would have to be a nice polo shirt with a pair of khaki pants.” said the salesman. “Well, I will try it on.” said Luke. The salesman picked a navy blue polo shirt for Luke to try on and a pair of khaki pants. Luke went in the dressing room and tried the clothes on. When it was all on, he thought that he looked pretty good. He walked out of the dressing room and told the salesman that he would buy the clothes. “Okay sir, your total comes to $345.98.” How in the world could I spend that much on two pairs of clothing!! thought Luke. “Wow, that’s a lot of money for just two pairs of clothing.” “Yes, but our clothing here holds up very well and you have a lifetime warrantee if they rip or get destroyed.” said the salesman. Luke pulled out his visa and slid it through the card slider machine. He knew this was a lot of money but he wanted to look nice for Christi. He wanted to see that amazing smile her face when she saw him. If he could see that, then all of the money he spent will be worth it. Luke got his receipt and walked out of the store and got in his car and started to make his way back home. He was on top of the world right now.

Christi heard a car pull up to her driveway. She knew it was Luke. She was so happy she couldn’t even stand it! She heard the doorbell and she rushed down the steps to the door. As she opened the door she gasped because Luke looked amazing! “You look great Christi.” said Luke. Luke was completely stunned when he saw her, she was just so beautiful. “And so do you.” replied Christi. They both walked to the car together. When Christi was just about to open the door to get into the car, Luke stepped in front of her and opened it for her. That was so sweet and thoughtful thought Christi. Brandon would never do something like that for me! “Thanks Luke!” “No problem.” As Luke got in the car Christi could not help but stare at Luke muscles on his arms. She was glad that he had worn a short sleeve shirt! Luke started up the car and they were off to their date. “So, Christi, where do you want to go tonight?” asked Luke. Christi couldn’t believe that he was asking her what she wanted to do; normally Brandon would have already picked the place, whether or not she liked it. “Well, I thought we could go to this restaurant called Al’s Spaghetti House. I have heard that the spaghetti there is amazing.” said Christi. “Then we will go there! I love spaghetti so this should be enjoyable.” When they got to the restaurant, Luke got out and opened the door for Christi again. “You know Luke, you don’t have to do that, I know it must be a pain.” “Oh, no, I was raised to be a gentleman and it is not a pain for me, it is a pleasure.” Christi had never met a guy like Luke. He was sensitive, caring, courteous, and very handsome. She loved that about him. When they got to the door of the restaurant, Luke opened the door for her.

They walked up to where the person that set tables was and asked for a table. “It will be about a 15 minute wait.” “Well, that isn’t too bad.” said Luke. “Yea, I know people that say they have 3 hour waits!” said Christi. “Well then it is good then!” said Luke. They both talked for what seemed like hours. Christi could just say whatever she wanted around him and would not have to think about it. Luke was exactly the same way. In the middle of their conversation, the server called their name and said they had a table. “Well, that wasn’t too bad, now was it Christi?” asked Luke in a kidding kind of voice. “Of course not, it was only 15 minutes!” Christi said with a chuckle to her voice. They sat down at their table and got their menus and started to see what they could order. “So, do you have any idea of what you are going to get Luke?” asked Christi. “I am getting Al’s Special Spaghetti.” “I think I will too, all my friends say I must try it, so I think that I am going to!” The waiter came to the table and asked them what they wanted to drink and if they were ready to order. “I will have a coke with Al’s Special Spaghetti.” said Luke. “And I will have they same thing, except I want an iced tea with sugar.” said Christi. “I sure hope that this will be good!” said Luke. “Me too!” said Christi.

They talked about all sorts of topics, whether it was about religion, politics, and even raising a family. They agreed on everything that either of them brought up. As they were talking, Christi felt something on her foot, and she figured out that Luke was playing footsies with her. Of course she did it back! She was so happy right now that she didn’t even remember that she was an engaged woman! The waiter came back with their food and drinks. “Here is your dinner; I hope that you enjoy your food.” “This looks delicious!” exclaimed Luke! And, it was amazing. Christi thought that this was the best spaghetti she had ever had in her life! “Wow, all of my friends were right, this is the best spaghetti in town!” Christi didn’t notice that she had a spaghetti noodle hanging off her lip until Luke gently took it off with his fingers. His single touch on her lip made her melt! “I thought that you wouldn’t want spaghetti hanging on your lip!” said Luke. “No, I wouldn’t want that, thanks a lot for that!” The waiter brought the check and Luke insisted that he was going to pay no matter what she said. So, Christi just let him do it. “Luke, since you paid for the dinner I insist that I pay for the tip.” “Okay, if you really want to, then that is fine.” Then, they got up and walked out of Al’s Spaghetti’s House.

As they both got into the car, Luke asked Christi what she wanted to do next. “Luke, this date has been really fun and I was just wandering if you could take me home. I am really tired and please don’t take this as a way of just brushing off this date. I really loved every minute of it.” “I don’t take it wrong at all. I will take you home Christi.” said Luke. Christi was so glad that he didn’t take it the wrong way. She loved this guy more and more.

Luke pulled up to her driveway and got out of the car. As Christi expected, he opened the car door for her. “Thanks Luke.” “For what?” asked Luke. “For giving me one of the best nights of my life, I mean, Brandon would never do anything like this for me. You are so sweet and the most wonderful man I have ever met!” said Christi. Luke was blown away when she said this. He may have had only one date with her and talked with her a few times, but he was beginning to fall in love with this woman. “Well, I am glad that you had a good time.” Luke gave Christi a kiss on the cheek and started to walk away. Christi could not believe that Luke did that and she was so happy that he did. But, she wasn’t satisfied. She wanted something more than just a kiss on the cheek, so she turned around and started to walk back to Luke. When Christi was walking towards Luke she saw him turn around too. When they both walked up to each other Christi was the first to say something. “I just wanted to thank you again for…” Christi didn’t get to finish her sentence because Luke started to kiss her. Christi had never kissed anyone like this before. While she was kissing Luke she felt like they were meant to be doing this now. Once they stopped kissing Luke said, “You really talk too much. But I like that about you. Well, I better go. I’ll see you tomorrow at work.” “Bye Luke.” As Luke walked off, Christi felt as happy as she could be and she didn’t care that she was engaged.

When Luke got home, he felt like he was walking on clouds. He had never been this happy before in his life. But Luke knew that he could never have a serious relationship with Christi because she was engaged to Brandon. He wished that she would have meet Christi before she got engaged. Luke knew that she didn’t love Brandon, but Christi’s father had set her up to marry him and he would not let Christi marry someone without any money.

When Christi walked into her house, the phone rang. She rushed to the phone in the kitchen, hoping that it would be Luke, but it was Brandon. Ugh. Not him. Christi thought. Christi was debating whether or not she should pick up the phone but she picked it up because every time Brandon had called her since he has been gone, she has never picked up the phone. Except once that is. “Hello.” said Christi. “Christi, I am so glad that you picked up the phone because I have something really important to tell you.” said Brandon. “Well, what is it Brandon?” asked Christi with a disgust in her voice. “My mother has completely recovered and the doctors say that she is going to be fine. So, right now I am coming to your house so we can celebrate.” “Oh, that is great Brandon. I am so glad that she is okay. How far away are you?” “I am about an hour away. I should be there around two A.M.” “Well, I guess that I will see you then.” said Christi. “Okay, love ya sweetie!!” When she hung up, Christi was really mad that Brandon was coming. She was hoping that she could go on some more dates with Luke.

Christi heard the doorbell ring, so she went downstairs. It was Brandon. “Hey Sweetie, I missed you!” said Brandon. He gave her a kiss and she hated every second of it. “So, what have you been up to since I have been gone?” asked Brandon. “Nothing out of the ordinary.” said Christi. “You know Christi, something about you looks different. It seems to me that you have an overall glow look.” “Well, it must be that new lotion I have been using.” Said Christi, hoping her lie would cover up the real reason of why she had an overall glow look. “No, I mean you just look very happy.” said Brandon. “Well, partly because I missed you. I am really glad to see you Brandon.” Brandon looked very surprised when Christi told him this. Christi knew she had to say something like that, or Brandon would have figured out that she went out with Luke. “Well that’s good then. I must go sweetie, I have to go into work very early tomorrow. See you tomorrow then.” said Brandon. “Yes, of course. Goodbye Brandon.” said Christi. Christi was so glad when Brandon left because she was starting to run out of lies to tell him.

As Christi pulled up into work the next morning she was so excited because she was going to see Luke! She walked into the front door of Evenwood Furniture and immediately saw Luke with a mop cleaning up a spill of coffee. As soon as Luke saw Christi, he dropped his mop onto the floor. Christi laughed to herself and thought it was like him to do something like that. Christi knew that she couldn’t talk to him too much because people would start to become suspicious and then this would get to her father. “Hello Mr. Greenwood.” said Christi. “How are you this morning Ms. Evenwood?” asked Luke. “I am great. I am just going up to help my father with some paper work. Would you like to take the elevator with me?” “I would love to Ms. Evenwood. I think someone told me that that was a spill in the lounge.” Christi and Luke both walked to the elevator and as soon as the door of the elevator closed they started talking the way they wanted to talk. “I hated talking like that Luke. It just felt so awkward talking to you like that.” “I know, I feel the same way. So, before you go to work I want to give you something.” Luke pulled out a box. When Christi opened it she gasped. It was a diamond necklace. “Luke! How in the world did you pay for such a thing?” asked Christi. “I am very good about saving my money and I had some money that I save for special occasions and I thought this was one of those times.” “Luke, I love it really, but I can’t let you spend…” Christi couldn’t finish her sentence again because Luke kissed her. Christi could have gone on kissing him forever but she was about to her floor. “I told you, you talk to much.” Said Luke in a jokily way. “Here, let me put the necklace on for you.” said Luke. “My floor is almost here, I can’t let people see you putting a necklace on me because they will become suspicious.” As soon as Christi said this the elevator opened and she was at the 60th floor. “Luke, follow me.” Christi took him into the lounge and locked the doors and pulled down the shades so no one could see inside. “You can put the necklace on me in here. But try to hurry because I don’t want to be late for work again.” “Okay.” said Luke. Christi pulled her hair back so Luke could put the necklace on her neck. When he clasped the necklace, he kissed the back of her neck and uttered something that made Christi almost faint. “I love you.” Christi turned around to him and kissed him and said, “I love you too, but I just don’t think this will ever work because I am engaged.” “We will find some way Christi.” “Okay, I really have to go. Bye. Oh, and make sure that you clean up that spill.” said Christi. “I get right on that Ms. Evenwood.” As he said this she unlocked the door to the lounge and went to her father’s office to check in for work. “Hello dad, I am not late, am I?” “Oh, no dear, actually you are right on time. Brandon called me yesterday and he told me he went over to your house last night, he told me that you said you missed him. Did you say this?” asked her father. “Yes, I did father.” “I knew you would grow to like him my dear. Now, I hope that we will be having a wedding sometime soon.” Christi didn’t even hear what her father was saying because she was so still thinking about what Luke had said to her. “Christi?” “Oh, yes dad, I hope that the wedding will be very soon!” “Do you two have a date on when you would like to have it?” “Well Brandon has told me that he wants to have it in a couple months, but do you think that will be enough time to plan a wedding?” “I think that it would give you plenty of time! I know that you are having the ceremony at our church, but where would you like the reception?” “Well, I was thinking that we could have it at the Columbian Hotel.” “Then, that is where it will be!” “Dad, I better go and get that paper work done.” “Right, well we can talk later.” Christi could not even believe that she was talking about wedding plans with Brandon when she was in love with Luke. She didn’t want to make her father sad because she knew that he loved her, but he would never let her marry a man like Luke. He didn’t make much money, the house he lived in wasn’t the best, and his family wasn’t very good either. But Christi didn’t care about that, all she cared about was that she loved Luke just the way he was and no one could stop her from that.

Christi was so glad that she was off work, because she was going to get to spend some time with Luke! Brandon had called her earlier that day and told her that he was working late tonight!! She was so excited!! Christi got on the elevator and pushed the bottom floor button. When the elevator door opened she saw Luke putting up the rest of his janitor things. Luke saw Christi coming out of the elevator and to him; she looked as beautiful as ever. What he really wanted to do was run to her, and start kissing her, but he knew that he couldn’t do that in a place like this. He saw her coming closer to him. Christi said something to him in a whisper, “Luke, come to my house tonight. Brandon called me earlier today and said that he had to work late tonight.” “That is fine with me Christi.” said Luke in a whisper. “I’ll see you tonight!” And just like that, she was off.

Luke was almost ready to go to Christi’s house when his mother yelled for him. “LUKE!!! Come here I need your help!” “What is it mom, I have to go somewhere right now, or I am going to be late!” “I would let you go, but all of the cattle have escaped. Someone left the gate open and a coyote got in the fence and now the cattle are on a stampede!” “Okay mom, I will help you. But can I just go and make a quick call to someone?” “Okay, but make it fast!” Luke rushed into the house and quickly dialed Christi’s number. Click. “Hello, Luke, why are you calling, you should be here by now.” “I know, I would be there, but our cattle have just gone on a stampede because the gate was left open and a coyote got in the fence. I have to go and help my mom round up all the cattle and put them back in the fence.” “Oh, well how long do you think you are going to take?” asked Christi. “Well, I am figuring it will take a couple hours, but it could be longer or shorter depending on where the cattle went to. Do you mind waiting that long?” “Well, when you get all the cattle rounded up, call me, and then we can see if it is not too late.” “Okay, I have to go now, but I love you very much and am very sorry that this happened.” said Luke. “It is not your fault that the cattle are loose, I mean, it wasn’t you that left the gate open. Was it?” “No, oh no, I bet it was one of the teenagers that work here on the farm.” “Well, that is good to know. Just call me when you get done! I love you too Luke.” “Me too; bye.” Click. Luke hung up the phone and ran out the door to go and help his mother with the cattle.

Christi wasn’t all that mad that Luke had to be a while before he came for their date, because she knew that he would be here right now if this didn’t happen. There was one thing on her mind that she hoped wouldn’t happen. She hoped that Brandon didn’t call and tell her he was coming over. Christi just wasn’t up for Brandon coming over. If he called, she decided that she was going to make up something, so Brandon wouldn’t come over.

Luke knew his mother and some of the teenagers that worked at the farm couldn’t possibly get all of the cattle rounded up and into the barn by them selves, so he went inside and started to call his brother Ryan. Click. “Hello.” said Ryan. “Hey Ryan, it is me, Luke. Look, all of the cattle are in a stampede and we need some more help down here if we are all going to get them rounded up.” said Luke. “Okay bro! So, would you like me to call two of my friends to come down and help also?” asked Ryan. “That would be great! The more help we can get the better!!” “Okay. I will be there in about 30 minutes. See you then!” Click. Luke was so happy that he got three more people to help him out. He went out the door and went over to where his mom was standing. “Mom, I just called Ryan and he said that he could come and help. He also said that he was going to call two of his friends to come and help also.” “That is wonderful honey!” “Yea, I know!” Luke was getting a few of the cattle into the fence when he saw Ryan’s truck pull up on the driveway. He and three other guys got out of the truck. They ran up to where Luke and his mom where. “I thought you said that you had two friends that you were bringing?” said Luke. “Well, I called Brian and Eric and Eric said that he could bring one of his friend’s over to help too.” “That’s great! So, what is his name?” “My name is Kyle Brown.” “Okay then, let’s go round up these cattle!” Said Luke!

Christi was getting worried that Luke was never going to call, but just when she was about to give up hope, the phone rang! Thank gosh! Christi looked on her caller ID and saw that it was Luke. She was so happy! She picked up the phone and said, “Hey Luke, did you get all of your cattle rounded up?” “Yes, yes we did. I called my brother and he brought three of his friends to come and help. I am so sweaty and dirty right now, you have no idea. I am just going to get cleaned up, and I will be at your house in about 30 minutes. Is that okay with you?” asked Luke. “That is great! I’ll see you when you get here! Bye!” “Goodbye Christi!” Christi hung up the phone and was very excited because it was only 10:00, and she still had some time until Brandon came home. He told her, he would be at her house around 1 o clock. Tonight was turning out great for Christi!

Luke was cleaned up and before he left, thanked everyone who helped round up the cattle. After he said this, he got into his car and started to drive off to Christi’s house.

Christi heard the doorbell ring, and rushed downstairs to go and get the door. She opened the door and of course it was Luke! “Luke, you look great! You wouldn’t even have known that you rounded up cattle for hours!” “Well, I am glad that I look okay. You don’t look to bad your self.” said Luke. “Luke, I really didn’t want to go out tonight because Brandon could be out, since he is working late and all, so I was wondering if we could just have a date at my house tonight.” “That is completely fine with me. So, when is Brandon coming over tonight?” “He told me that he would be here around 1 o clock. But sometimes he comes earlier without warnings in advance, so I would suggest you leave around midnight.” “That sounds great to me! So, what do you want to do?” asked Luke. “Well, have you eaten yet?” “No. Do you want to cook for me?” asked Luke. “That is what I was planning on doing. And since I have a pool, would you like to swim?” “Well, I don’t have my swimming trunks, but I could just swim in my shorts, if that is okay?” “That is fine.” “Now, I am going to cook dinner. And I am going to fix it by my self. I want it to be a surprise for you.” “Alright then, I will just watch some T.V.” “Okay, it will be ready in about 40 minutes.”

“Luke, dinner is served.” said Christi. “It smells delicious. What is it?” “It is chicken parmesan with Italian bread, served with red wine.” “Sounds great!” “Wow, this is amazing Christi, where did you learn to cook this well?” “My nanny taught me.” “But your mother didn’t?” “No, she was always busy with helping dad out with the family business. To tell you the truth, I was always closer with my nannies that my actual parents.” “Wow. I have a pretty good relationship with my mother, but I never knew my father because he ran off when my mother got pregnant with me.” “That is awful!” exclaimed Christi. “Yes, but I never knew him, so I don’t know the man he could have been.” “Well, he runs off as soon as your mother gets pregnant, that doesn’t show much character.” “No, it doesn’t.” “Well, was your other brother born before you?” “Yes, we had the same father, but from what my mom tells me, he couldn’t stand to raise two children, so he just ran off. My mother said that he was fine with just one, but when my mom told him that she was pregnant a second time, he just couldn’t do it.” “That’s terrible.” Yes, it is, but its okay, because I know that I have family that loves me and you love me too.” “Yes, I really do Luke.” “I didn’t make desert, is that okay with you?” asked Christi. “Of course it is okay! So, do you want to go swimming now?” asked Luke. “Okay, you can go on out to the pool, let me go and put my bathing suit on.” “Okay, I’ll be outside.”

When Christi came outside, Luke was in awe. She was wearing a red bikini and she looked amazing! She had curves in all the right places and the bikini made her look gorgeous! “So, how do I look?” asked Christi. “You look absolutely amazing!” said Luke. “Thank you. Is the water cold?” asked Christi. “I don’t know, but we are both going to find out!” exclaimed Luke. “What do you mean?” Christi didn’t even get to find out because Luke picked her up and threw her into the pool and then he jumped in after. “Luke, it is really cold!” “Here left me warm you up.” said Luke. Luke put his arms around her and started to rub them. Christi turned around to face him and starting to kiss him.

Christi thought that she heard something, but she didn’t pay any attention to it because she loved making out with Luke. It was Brandon, but Christi didn’t know this. Brandon pulled up in his BMW, and saw that there was another car, besides Christi’s in her driveway. He rang her doorbell and no one answered, so he went around back and saw Christi and Luke kissing each other in her pool. Brandon had a feeling that she was seeing someone else, because she seemed so happy than she was before he left to go see his mother. Brandon had a plan that would guarantee him to marry Christi. He had already threatened to kill her mom, but he knew that someway Christi would reveal him. So he chucked that idea. He had something better, something that would make Luke not interfere with him marrying Christi.

When Christi got to work that next morning she saw Brandon walking towards her. “Hello, sweetie.” said Brandon. “Hi Brandon, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at work?” “Yes, but my father told me to come over here because he wanted me to talk to the head janitor here.” “Why?” asked Christi. “Well, we need some new janitors because my dad fired some of ours because they were not doing good jobs, so I came here to come and ask the head janitor if he knew anyone that was a good janitor.” “Okay then, why did you come to me and tell me this? It doesn’t concern me at all.” “Since you do most of the paperwork for your father’s business, I figured you had the telephone number of this head janitor.” “Why don’t you just go and talk to him now? He is right over there.” said Christi. “Well, I would, but my father likes me to do talk business with people in places where it is not so public.” “Well, if you want his number, you are going to have to go over there and ask him for it. Look, I have to get up to the office, or I am going to be late. See you later.” And with that Christi walked off towards the elevator.

Luke saw that Brandon was walking towards him and wondered why he was. “Hello, are you the head janitor here at Evenwood Furniture?” asked Brandon. “Yes I am sir. What can I do you for?” “Well, at my father’s business, some of the janitors have been fired because they are not doing a good job over there, and I was just wondering if you knew any good janitors around that need a job.” “Well, I do know a few, but how many are you looking for sir?” “I was wondering if we could just take this conversation at my house later this evening. My father doesn’t like me doing business in public places. Is that okay with you?” “Yes, what is your address?” asked Luke. “It is 2345 Gooseberry Lane. Oh, what is your name?” asked Brandon. “It is Luke Greenwood.” “Thank you Mr. Greenwood, I can’t wait for us to talk this evening. Good day sir.” Luke had no idea why Brandon wanted to talk to him about this, but he had a feeling that it wasn’t going to be about hiring new janitors.

Once Christi got off work, she looked for Luke, but didn’t see him. So, she called him on her cell phone. Click. “Hello.” said Luke. “Luke, it is Christi, and I was just wondering where you were. I just got out of work and I couldn’t find you, so I go worried.” “I am at my house getting ready to go over to Brandon’s house. He told me he wanted to talk about hiring new janitors for his father’s company.” “He talked to me about that this morning. Do you think he knows about us?” asked Christi. “I highly doubt he does, but I won’t give away anything, if he starts to question on that subject.” “Okay, that is good to hear. Well, do you know when you are going to be done with Brandon?” “I don’t. He didn’t tell me how long he planned this, so I will just call you when I am done.” “All right. I hope you have a good time.” “I do too. Love ya!” “Me too!” exclaimed Christi. They hung up and Christi hoped that all Brandon wanted to talk about was janitors instead of her and Luke’s relationship that they had formed.

Luke pulled up to Brandon’s house and was taken my awe. His house was enormous! He had never seen a house as big as this. It looked higher than some of the skyscrapers in New York City! He went up to the door and rang the doorbell. The door opened immediately and saw Brandon in the entryway. “Hello Luke.” said Brandon. “Hello Brandon.” “Come in and take a seat in the living room.” said Brandon. “So, what are the janitors that you said you had in mind in telling me about Luke?” “Well, there are two of my friends and they have been trying to get a janitor job, but they just can’t seem to get the job.” “Why ever not?” asked Brandon. “Because they don’t even have their high school degree and when they go to an interview, they never act the way they should.” “Oh, I see.” “But don’t get me wrong, they are amazing janitors and I am not just saying this because I am their friends. They just can’t get hired because of these two things.” “Well, I will let one of her employment interviewers interview them and see if they can get the job. “That is great!” “Would you like something to drink Luke?” asked Brandon. “No, I am fine.” “Okay then.” “Okay Luke, let me get right to the point. I know you have been seeing my fiancé. Last night I saw you two in her pool kissing. I knew something about Christi had changed because she wasn’t acting the way she was before I left to go and see my mother. I am warning you, you will stay away from her, from this day on.” “And how are you going to make that happen?” asked Luke. “I will kill Christi at our wedding if you do not go to her after you get done talking to me and tell her that you don’t’ love her and never want to see her again. Also tell her that you have found someone else. I want you to leave England and go away somewhere else. If you do not do exactly what I saw, then I will kill Christi at our wedding.” “You can’t kill her, someone would figure it out.” “I don’t think so. I wouldn’t kill her, but I have people that work for me that would. They would be hiding in the church, where no one could see them. If you don’t do what I saw then I will make those men shoot her.” “Christi will never agree to marry you now, she loves me too much.” said Luke. “Oh, but you are wrong again Luke. When I proposed to her, I told her I would kill her mother if she didn’t accept me.” “So, that is the only reason why she is marrying you?” “Yes, yes it is.” “Here is a question for you Brandon. If you kill her, how are you going to get her money that you would gain by marrying her?” “I already have talked with her father, and he told me that if by some chance Christi would die before or after we would get married I would get all her money that she would inherit because he thinks that we love each other so much. He told me that it is what Christi would want.” “I am not going to tell Christi that I don’t love her. I am not going to see that look on her face when I tell her that.” “Well, then she is guaranteed to die.” said Brandon with a grin on his face. “Do you really want her to die, just because you won’t go and tell her I don’t love you?” asked Brandon. Luke knew this was right, but how could he do this to her? He loved Christi with all of his heart. “How would you know I wouldn’t tell Christi that you are putting me up to this?” asked Luke. “You would wear a microphone inside of your shirt and I could hear you from mine.” “Brandon, you are the most evil man I have ever known in my entire life.” “Well, at least I am rich and always get what I want.” “Okay Brandon, I will go to Christi’s house now and tell her what you told me to tell her.” “Good. Now here is your microphone. Don’t take it off, or she dies. Now go!”

Christi was getting worried because Luke had not called yet and he had been at Brandon’s for over two hours! She heard the doorbell ring and went to open it. It was Luke, and he looked like someone died that was very close to him. “Luke, what is wrong with you? You look like it is the end of the world or something.” Christi gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek. This was killing Luke to do this because he knew that her heart was going to be broken into pieces when he told her this. He felt his eyes watering up and held back his tears because he didn’t want Christi to get even more worried than she already was. “Christi there is something very important that I need to tell you.” “Well, what is it Luke?” “You have better sit down.” said Luke. They both sat down on the couch and Christi took Luke hands and put hers through them. Luke let out a long sigh and started to tell Christi what he had to say to her in order to protect her. “Christi, being with you has been great, and I have loved every minute of it. But I have to tell you now, that his relationship is not working. I don’t love you and never wish to see you from this day on.” Luke saw the despair in Christi’s eyes and saw her eyes tearing up. She was crushed. “Luke… why?” said Christi, about ready to cry her life away. “The truth is, I have found someone else, and I love them more than you. All you were to me was a fling, nothing more.” All Luke wanted to do was cradle Christi in his arms and tell her that he loved her and the only reason he was doing this was because her fiancé said that he would kill her. “Who… is… the… girl?” asked Christi. “You don’t know her because she lives in Scotland.” “Scotland!!” yelled Christi. “How can you form a relationship with someone miles and miles away?” “Before I met you, she and I were together. We met in Scotland when I went there for my high school senior trip. I visit her once a month. We love each other so much. I have decided that I am going to move there with her. I am planning on asking her to marry me.” “Luke, you told me that you loved me and that you loved no one else but me. You lied to me. You lied about everything!” “Look, you must marry Brandon, he does love you, and you will be happy with him.” “How can you say that Luke? You know that he doesn’t love me anymore than I don’t love him. Do you know that when he proposed to me he told me that he was going to kill my mother if I didn’t accept him?” “No, I didn’t, but he is the best for you.” “Is this what this is all about? Do you think that Brandon is better for me? Do you think that just because he has money I am going to be happier with him? No, I will not, because do you want to know why? I don’t’ love him like I love you. So, if this is what this is about, tell me now!” “That is not why; I told you already I love Sara, and not you. I never want to see you again.” “Well, I still don’t have to marry Brandon, just because you said so.” “No! You must marry Brandon! You don’t want him to kill your mother, do you?” “I do not. You are right about that, but why do you and me never have to see each other again? Can’t we at least be friends? I would love to meet this Sara that you love so much.” “No, we can never see each other again, because I don’t wish us to and would hate it.” “You hate me that much Luke. I don’t believe it.” “I have to catch my flight; it is at 3 o clock.” “You mean you are leaving tonight?” “Yes, everything is packed and ready for me to go. It was nice knowing you, goodbye Christi.” “Don’t call me Christi you monster. You must call me Mrs. Goodman.” “But you aren’t even married yet, but I will be next month.” “Well, goodbye Mrs. Goodman.” Christi didn’t say goodbye, she couldn’t bear it. Luke couldn’t stand it anymore; he rushed out of the house and burst into tears. His life was completely ruined. And it was all because of one man.

Luke got into his car when he got a call on his phone. It was Brandon. Click. “What do you want?” said Luke in a gruff voice. “Nothing of importance, I just wanted to tell you how marvelous you told Christi that you didn’t love her anymore. It was amazing.” “Look bud, I don’t want to hear anything else from you, telling her that broke my heart and hers, so I don’t want to hear about you at all in my life!” And with that, Luke hung up on Brandon and continued crying.

Christi was in complete shock. She was still crying and it had been over an hour. She heard the doorbell ring and hoped with all her heart it was Luke. Oh, I hope that he changes his mind! To Christi’s disappointment, it was Brandon. “Brandon, what are you doing here?” “I just wanted to stop by and say hi!” “What is wrong with you Christi?” asked Brandon, knowing exactly why she was crying. “I don’t want to talk about it Brandon.” “Well, when we marry you are going to have to tell me about everything, so you might as well tell me now.” “Okay, would you like to come in first?” “I thought you would never ask sweetie.” “Okay, can we get something straight first?” “Anything sweetie.” “I am sick and tired of everyone and you in particular of people calling me sweetie. It is getting on my last nerve and I swear if I hear that word again and I will slap you.” “Okay, I will lay off. Now tell me what is wrong with you.” “Let’s sit down. About an hour ago, Luke came in and told me that he didn’t love me anymore.” “You and Luke had something going on?” asked Brandon with a slight grin to his face. “Yes, but you don’t have to worry because he said he never loved me and that he has someone else that he loves.” “That is awful.” “Yes, I know, and the thing is, she lives in Scotland!” “Scotland! That is very odd.” said Brandon. “I know it is. He also said that he never wants to see me again. He doesn’t even want to be friends.” “That is completely uncalled for. I say you should just forget about this man and move on with your life.” “I know I should, but it is hard because I really loved him. I loved him with all my heart and I thought that he loved me too.” “Well, sometimes things happen that you didn’t think every possible.” “I won’t ever see him again because he is leaving for Scotland tonight. He is catching the 3 o clock flight.” “Well, I think you should forget about him and think of the wedding that we are going to have.” “You are right Brandon. My father has already booked where the reception is going to be. And you already knew that we are have the wedding ceremony at my church, right?” asked Christi. “Yes, I knew this.” “Well Christi, I have to go now, I need to get some sleep. Bye.” “Bye Brandon.” Brandon was gone and Christi was left by herself, sobbing on her couch.

Luke finally was at the airport and had finally had stopped crying, although he knew that he was going to be crying a lot more once he was off the airplane. Luke got his luggage and walked into the airport terminal. He already had his ticket purchased so he didn’t have to go and buy his ticket. He went straight through security and got all his bags checked. The security guard that was checking him looked at him and said, “Are you all right man?” “I am fine, said Luke.” said Luke, even though he wasn’t even close to being fine. “You just look like something traumatic has happened to you.” “I told you I was fine!” yelled Luke. Some people stopped and stared at him, but Luke didn’t care what those people thought, all he cared about was Christi. “Okay, I was just wondering what was wrong with you.” After Luke was finished being checked, he put his luggage into the luggage bin and went to go to his plane. He gave the woman his ticket to get aboard the plane and then walked to where his plane was and walked into the plane. He found his seat and of course he sat next to someone that was big and heavy. “Excuse me sir, but can you please get up for a second, my seat is at the very end of this row.” “The man got up slowly and let Luke get to his seat. Luke sat down at his seat and looked out his window. The heavy man looked at him, but said nothing to Luke. Luke was glad that the man didn’t ask him why he looked so messed up. It would just have ended in Luke yelling at the man and creating an uproar that would probably get him kicked off the plane. Luke fell asleep, and when he woke up her heard the pilot over the speaker say, “We are about ready to land, if you will please fasten your seatbelts.” Luke fastened up his seatbelt and then the plane started to land. It was dawn and the sun was coming up from the clouds. It looked so beautiful, but not as beautiful as Christi was. Once the plane had landed, Luke immediately got up and got off the plane. Once he finally got his luggage, he walked out of the terminal and motioned for a taxi. A taxi pulled over for him. Luke got in and the driver asked where he wanted to go. Luke had no idea of where to go, because none of his family lived here, and he had no friends that lived down here, so he asked he taxi driver, “Do you know a hotel that is close by?” “Well, there is one about three blocks away. It is called The Greens Hotel. It is not very expensive, and not very dirty.” “Can you please take me there sir?” “Yes, that will do.” And the taxi was off to the hotel. “We are here sir.” said the taxi driver. “Thank you, how much will it be?” “It will be ten sterling pounds sir.” “Here you are.” said Luke. “Thanks you very much.” Luke got out of the taxi and walked into the Greens Hotel. He walked up to the front desk and asked for a room. “Can I please have a room for at least a week? I just came here and I need to get a job and then go and buy and apartment.” “Okay sir, do you have your credit card with you?” “Yes, here, it is.” “Thank you sir.” said the lady. “Okay, you are here until Monday morning.” “Thank you.” “Your room number is 310 on the second floor. Here is your room key.” “Thanks again.” said Luke. So, Luke got on the elevator and went up to his new home for the next week.

Christi didn’t go into work that morning, because she couldn’t even get herself out of bed. She didn’t care if her father fired her because now she had no real reason to go into work anymore. She wouldn’t see Luke. Every t

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