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June 3, 2009
By Amanda Dresser SILVER, Donald, Oregon
Amanda Dresser SILVER, Donald, Oregon
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You are my boyfriend. I love you so much. We were so much different than each other but as time went on we became so much alike. We fight all the time but soon get over it. We will never break up. Well at least I hope not. You were the first guy I could care less what I looked like in front of you. We have lied to each other. We have heard rumors about each other. But we will soon tell the truth no matter what it is. I love you with all my heart. You are closer to me than family is. You are also my best friend. You don’t judge me by what I do. I hate it when you go to jail. I cry my eyes out. Even though were never together when you get into all this trouble. I remember when you got in a fight. What I saw was sad. I didn’t know what to do because you were on the floor. We weren’t talking at the time. I was about to cry. I wanted to go beat up that guy for tripping you. It is so weird my best friend and I were talking to those guys like an hour before that. It all happened so fast. I couldn’t have done anything. Do you remember when we first saw each other after we started going out. I do! I didn’t think we were going to last. First of all because you were older than me and because at the time you weren’t my type!  We have now been off and on for 9 months. That sure is a long time. Baby I love you so much. Promise me we will be together forever and ever.

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