The Party

May 21, 2009
By Anonymous

“Rushing, building, and speeding around everyone is getting ready for their big annual summer party” called the bluebird names Boris. “ There's the first guest, he's driving down to the sparkling blue lake and parking by the curved fence. Once all of the kids arrived, they swam in the lake and rowed in the rowboat until lunch. Then the kids, starving and thirsty, all quickly grabbed whatever they could and ate. “Wow look at that, they're getting the four wheelers out, those things look awesome!” Screeched Boris. The kids rode for four hours straight so eventually boredom overcame me, but I still stayed to see the rest of the fun. They soon started a huge bonfire that roared with flame. All of the kids peacefully roasted smores for a while until one of the smaller children named Cameron edged a little too close to the fire and it popped! He jumped back and started screaming because sparks hit him in the legs. Some of the other kids settled him down though so everything turned out fine. After that they all laid on the dock watching the stars and searching for shooting stars.

The author's comments:
This is a very scary story about a pretty balooga whale.

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