May 19, 2009
By Anonymous

They had been dating for awhile, this boy and this girl, and had everything worked out, from the past to the future. She thought it was love. They got along great, held hands in the hall; he brightened up her days. She smiles. She knew it wouldn’t last, she wasn’t that lucky. She hoped. One unexpecting day they caught her off guard.
She ignored all the rumors, went on with her day. But the lies they kept creeping. Every step to each class came with agonizing pain, she wanted to go home, wanted to get away. She dragged her brown clogs, carried books with her head down. She held it all in as they repeated in her head. Those stories they hurt, she wasn’t expecting, it wasn’t supposed to be this way, not again.
The bell rings, they go out. The bell rings, they go in. At last she sees him. Walking up slowly her head still down. She doesn’t know what to do; she doesn’t know what to say. Does she even want to know? When he starts to talk she knows something’s wrong, his stuttered out story keeps on changing. Those held in tears have been waiting to make their appearance; they spill over the edge, overcoming their barrier. She cries. His lies haven’t stopped, he promised many times before, but he has that power over her that makes her always believe. She said that time was the last, and time and time before. She knows the web has been spun, a web that never stops, but she can still hope. She prays this will end, that he loves her too. He lies.

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