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May 18, 2009
By lauren ritt BRONZE, Wichita Falls, Texas
lauren ritt BRONZE, Wichita Falls, Texas
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Love. A difficult thing to find. A reward without end.

Quietly he glides across the black fabric to sit close beside me. His warm skin feels amazing against the icy air as he tries to make me put my jacket on. “I won’t put mine on until you do” he whispers as he gently kisses my cheek. Slowly I sneak over to his hoodie and put it on him. He immediately takes it off and puts it on me so I take it off. He struggles to put it back on me and fails when I push him over as a joke.
He quickly gets up and takes my oversized jacket and puts it on so I will maybe put his on (it doesn’t work) I giggle at his silly attempt and he kisses me and laughs with me. “Why do you always do this?” he says as if he doesn’t already know. “Because when I do you hold me closer” I say in reply to his pointless question as he pulls me closer and kisses the top of my head. I laugh and pull him around to wrap my arms around his hot neck and he laughs as I lay against his warm chest.
Suddenly I realize my phone is gone and he is reading my emails to Coach Miller. I yell at him (jokingly of course) and try to get it back but he puts it in his back pocket so I try to take it knowing it’s a trick but I don’t care so he starts playing my ringtones.
Finally he plays the one that makes me cry and I hide my face in the trampoline netting. He quickly realizes and tries to turn me around but I refuse to look so he forces me to turn to find my face soaked with tears so he picks me up and holds me close against his chest as I listen to his steady heartbeat.
Finally I calm down and get an idea, so I make myself go limp and he starts to freak out and ask me if I'm ok and I don’t answer so he sets me down guessing that it’s a joke. I continue to lay there and he continues talking to me every second I can hear his voice getting shaky. He sits for a second before deciding to pick up my hand and drop it knowing I would say ow if I was actually conscious but I didn’t and my hand lands between his legs and he knows I would pick it up if I could tell it was there so I didn’t and he started to freak out a little more.
Soon he gets an idea to get up and start jumping to see if I would get up because it hurts so he jumps and I just stay limp and hit my head a lot. Quickly he sits down and starts to try CPR but it doesn’t work so he threatens to tell me parents and I don’t get up so he comes back and sounds like he is about to cry and kisses my forehead and starts to go inside to tell so I jump up and yell at him and he glares at me as he runs back.
“I’m sorry” I whisper as he glares at me in a way that makes me laugh. “Don’t EVER do that again” he warns me and kisses me gently before pulling me onto his warm chest again and asking what had happened. I don’t explain and he lets it go.
“Werewolf” I whisper to him as he covers my cold skin with his warm arms. He smiles and calls me a vampire. I argue that I am much prettier as a vampire and brag about what I look like as one before he interrupts me “You’re perfect. No vampire could look better” he says. I smile and wrap my arms around his neck as he pulls me off the trampoline and sets me on the ground next to my shoes. “I love you” I tell him and he wraps his arms around my waist into my jacket. “I love you too” he tells me before backing away so I don’t try to kiss him in front of my little sister (my parents still don’t know) I laugh at him and walk up to hug him and my little sister makes a gagging noise. I laugh at her and so does he so she growls and walks inside.
“Wanna go to the wall?” I ask him and he leads me around to it and helps me climb onto it. “Aren’t you going to get up here too?” I ask and he tells me no and stands behind me leaning me back against him. I finally let him and he holds me up without any of my own effort. Then suddenly he puts his hands on my back and leans me back to kiss me and I am scared to lean back so far so he holds me back for a second to show me its okay and he won’t drop me before kissing me. After a minute he leans me back up and I am still hyperventilating because he scared me. “Its okay” he assures me and tries to pull me of but I won’t go.
Silently I jump off the wall and ask him to come down but he refuses. I try to beg him and give him the “scared little girl” face and he gets an adorable look on his face and jumps down. “There you are.” He says looking around before hugging me tightly and making sure I didn’t hurt myself when I jumped.
Eventually we decide to head inside but when we get inside I’m still shaking according to him so he makes me put his hoodie on which is way too big for me but very comfortable. We go into my room and he makes me sit on the bed with my blanket and he won’t sit with me so I try to pull him over and he trips over my chair and falls almost on top of me but I like it. We sit for a minute silently before he picks me up and sets me in his lap with his arms around my waist lost in the oversized hoodie. “You’re so cute in that.” He says laughing at my tiny waist coming out of the bottom. I giggle at his comment and he tries to put on my jacket which still hadn’t been warmed up. “Wow you look scary strong.” I say looking at his muscles bulging out of the tiny jacket. He laughs at me and takes it off and hands it to me. “It’s already warm.” I say, surprised that it warmed up so quickly. He smiles at me as I take off his hoodie which pulls my shirt up a little so he pulls it back down for me. I smile a little embarrassed and he leans over slowly to kiss me. His large warm lips cover mine and I kiss him back forgetting to breathe before and instead breathing in his sweet breath.
“You’re so small.” he says as I sneak up and hug him from behind. “So?” I reply and he leans forward lifting me effortlessly off the ground. I laugh as he spins me around once before setting me back down. Quickly I come to the front and look up at his beautiful blue eyes and warm smile. “You’re so short” he says laughing so I give him a joking mad face and stand on my toes to make myself taller finding myself just a few inches taller to look at his lips instead of his chest. “Not working.” I say frustrated. He laughs and lifts me a little higher with his hands a little lower than usual and kisses me. “That better?” he asks laughing.
Soon I start to get cold and so does he but I don’t want to go inside so I sit in the bush. “Please come inside? You’re shaking so hard. Please?” he begs me and I stand up to run out the gate. He chases after me much faster than me and grabs my waist. “Please no? I don’t wanna go inside.” I say and we continue walking but my legs start to go numb so I run to try to get the feeling back and fall in the grass. “Are you okay!!?” he yells running toward me. I don’t answer and he pulls me up but my legs are still numb so he helps me walk back and when we get inside he tries to make me sit but I don’t want to so he leads me to the counter and I hold myself up with my arms and he helps me. Eventually the feeling comes back in my legs and he leads me to my room and makes me sit.
“Thank you” I whisper as he wraps the blanket around me and I lean back against him to feel his heart again. “Wanna know something?” I ask him. “Sure” “I love the feel of your heartbeat. I wish mine was that steady around you.” I tell him. “What do you mean?” he asks. “Put your hand over my heart” I tell him and he does. “Wow. That’s fast” he says feeling the offbeat racing of my heart.

Chapter 2
“So what movie do you want to see?” he asks ignoring my request for my first horror movie. “Please? I really want to see The Uninvited” I beg him. “You know I can’t let you see that. I know how easily scared you are.” He tells me. I continue to argue and he gives in.
We walk into the theatre and I’m already shaking, anticipating the movie. “Are you sure you want to see this?” he asks me half pleading me to say no. “Yes.” I tell him and sit down. The previews start and we laugh at the silly commercial for a car, but then a commercial for another horror movie comes on and I jump every time something happens.
“Why do you want to see this when you know it will scare you half to death?” he asks me. I don’t answer and the movie starts. The first part about the mental hospital creeps me out but I am okay but then something scary happens and I start to curl into a ball so he grabs my hand and squeezes it gently. The next thing comes along and I jump again so he holds my hands in his.
Once again I jump and curl into a tighter ball and he combs his hand through my hair. The next time I jump he moves one of his hands to my shoulder and tries to block the screen but I knock his foot down, so he wraps his arms around me and holds me close to his chest and squeezes me before something scary so I’m not as scared.
Every scene makes me tense up and he helps more every time. After a while of dull scenes I relax and he tries to force me to eat some of his popcorn. “Please just eat something. You’re so skinny. You need to eat.” He pleads me while shoving a piece of popcorn into my mouth.
Eventually I laugh and the popcorn falls into my mouth and so do the tips of his buttery fingers. I laugh at him and he pokes my nose leaving a smudge of butter. “Do my fingers taste good?” he asks laughing as I attempt to lick the butter off my nose. “Yeah, do you like watching me do stupid things?” I ask.
Finally an interesting part comes in the movie and I jump so high it makes him jump. “Woah. Did that scare you too?” I ask him. “No, you did. Are you sure you don’t want to leave?” he asks me and I go silent. The movie continues and he slips his arm behind me and pulls me closer. Once again his warm heart beats against my back and I move closer. “Your arms are cold.” He points out. I move away but before I can get even an inch away he pulls me onto his lap and wraps his fiery hot arms around me until I am warm.
Soon the movie ends and he stands up expecting me to do the same but instead he finds me frozen in fear from the movie so he sits back down. “Are you alright?” he asks putting his hand on my shoulder again. “I-I-I’m f-f-fine” I reply quietly. “Don’t even try to lie to me. You are not fine.” He argues and hugs me tightly.
Finally I stand up, still a little shaky. Quickly we walk to the arcade and start to play games so I could calm don before going home. We play a racing game and he has to show me how to go in the beginning so I lose and we play again. This time I win and he makes an adorable pouting face that makes him irresistible so I walk over and hug his neck. “I’m sorry.” I whisper as he stands up and lifts me off the ground. “Payback.” He whispers and whirls me around making me dizzy so I close my eyes and when I open them again I am cradled in his arms like a baby. “Did I make you dizzy?” he asks me and before I can reply he kisses me. After a few seconds the kiss ends and he looks at me for a minute and laughs. “What?” I ask him. “I feel like I’m holding a baby.” He replies laughing.
Eventually, he sets me down but I don’t release his neck. He smiles and pulls me closer as I curl my arms tighter around him and rest my head on his soft shoulder. His heart beats against my cheek and his steady breath flows through my hair like a soft spring breeze. I can feel my heart speeding up and he laughs. “What’s so funny?” I ask him. “Well I just thought you had a fast heart but I can feel it speeding up. Do I make you nervous?” he asks smiling. “It’s not you that makes me nervous. It’s the thought that someday I might lose this that makes me nervous.” I answer. He lifts me up to his level and kisses me. “You will never lose this.” He promises.
Soon, his dad arrives and questions us about the movie only to find that we knew everything about it so he questions us about why we stayed so long after the movie and we both go silent but I can see the smile stretch across his face as he realizes what a stupid question that was and laughs.
“It really smells in here.” He comments to his dad. “It smells like football.” His dad replies. I stay silent and text him my comment on the smell. “I think it smells good. It smells like you. I love that smell.” I type. When he gets the text he laughs and blurts out “I do not smell like that!” I laugh as his dad takes the phone and gives me a funny face. His dad is so much fun to mess with.
Unfortunately we arrive at my house and I have to go right to “sleep” because of the TAKS test the next day, but instead I get out my phone and text him. “Hey, are you still awake?” I ask him. “Yeah, why are you? Go to sleep.” He orders me but I refuse. We talk for a while and he begins to get tired. “Goodnight. I love you. And please don’t look out your window again.” He tells me. “Okay, Okay. I won’t. I love you too. See ya tomorrow. Goodnight.”
The next day before the test he catches me on the way to class and makes me jump. “Hey Jumper.” He says. (Jumper is my nickname because I’m really jumpy.) “Hey werewolf.” I say smiling and touching his fiery hot arm. “If I’m werewolf because I’m really warm then how come you aren’t vampire? You’re always ice cold.” He asks rubbing my arms. I don’t reply and he continues to walk with me until we have a minute to get to class.
When I get to class my teacher is already telling us to get to our seats for announcements so I go straight to my seat and make a face at one of my friends when she looks at me. Once class begins I’m still catching my breath from running to class and being with him. After a while of listening to names being called out I look over to one of his friends and he gives me a funny look so I stick my tongue out at him and he laughs before I realize my tongue is blue from the sucker I had for breakfast so I close my mouth quickly and bite my tongue in the process and stick it out at him again this time just to show him what he did but the blood tastes bad so I ask to go to the bathroom and rinse my mouth out.
About an hour and a half later, I finish the test and pull out my favorite book, “Twilight” of course the first one. I read on and finish the book. For a minute I think about it and realize that it took me three times reading this book to realize what he meant when he called me Bella. It’s kind of true though. He was calling me clumsy and vulnerable and that I needed him to protect me.
He was probably right on all of that. When I got hurt all I wanted was him. When I was upset all I knew that could help was him. He was completely right especially about the fact that he was much stronger than me. Much like Edward and Bella he could snap one of my bones like a twig if he wanted to but I’m not afraid of him because I trust that he won’t.

The author's comments:
This is not all true. parts that are are about an ex

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