Forbidden love

June 1, 2009
By DRAGON BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
DRAGON BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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You were more then just my friend and my wife, until the end even in the end you, you were my life. Forever tattooed on my head and even my brain for not only me to neither see nor know but the world to see and know. You are dead!

I’d vowed to love you threw sickness, diversity and health. I’d also vowed to protect you from all danger for as long as I could. Never, never did I aspect that day will come.

I’ve missed you so desperately to the point of no satisfaction. No other woman’s soul can even duplicate the way we used to intertwine not mentally, physically but spiritually.

I have developed an Insomnia for living life without you that if I was to call it anything a Malignant would better suit it. So I’d cut my wrist till all life left me but spirit wise, my soul remain in this vessel. Forced to sit in my own pool of crimson life is both pathetic and worthy. All life has left me so why, why am I so lifeless to cheer and heavy as a ton of brick to move am I alive. Why am I condemned to this world like a prisoner.

Then voice says “Forever you will bathe in the sorrow and pain of yours and others, until Heaven and Hell meet on the same plain” forced onto me by God.

Till death comes to me...
Till Heaven and Hell meet on the same plain…
Till the sea turn into fire…
Till our souls intertwine again…so till I am able to slay God for not punishing to stay on earth to dwell on both mine and others pain but for taking you from me. May the Gods enjoy my misery, because soon they will feel it but until then… I will forever love you and I hope you will to

The author's comments:
umm this is a first so i hope its cool.
i wrote this do to a bad break up from my girl.

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on Sep. 26 2011 at 3:26 pm
writinggirl20 PLATINUM, Marksville, Louisiana
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Feels like im dead when reading it sorry to be rude


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