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May 14, 2009
By Christiana_Saint BRONZE, Augusta, Georgia
Christiana_Saint BRONZE, Augusta, Georgia
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(Write handwritten note to G-14 saying: G-14 is a joke, Cass)

Mackenzie Shelton: 17; five foot five; long (to her hips), dark, straight hair (hw note: has SOME curl); blue, green, gray eyes; a bit bossy; INSANELY intelligent; hates math and chem. and biology; loves languages and literature (especially old boring stuff) (hw note by Mac: it is NOT boring); terrible at talking to girls; great at talking to guys unless she likes them; loses things (hw note by Mac: I do not LOSE things, I RELOCATE them); great at cracking codes and history; tomboyish; modest; wears jeans and t-shirts all the time; great at hand to hand combat and using knives and an amazing shot; mainly quiet; loves children; has a beagle puppy and two mini dwarf bunnies; writes; singing abilities unknown; great guitarist and pianist; insanely sarcastic; funny; on the drill team; well-endowed, but petite; good at being unnoticed; well-behaved and well-mannered; origins unknown; Father runs General Douglas MacArthur Military Academy; decent cook; doesn’t sleep much; had braces; a bit naïve; bit clumsy; peaches and cream complexion in the winter and bronzed in warm weather

Cassidy Lawrence: 16; five foot eight; chestnut, wavy hair that falls just past her shoulder blades; the best at throwing knives; deep blue eyes; on the dance team; has a kitten; favorite subject-PT; above average intelligence; slim frame; outspoken; can be bossy; great at blending in no matter what; good at distractions and tailing; impatient; good at hand to hand combat and good shot; indecisive; hot-tempered; very stylish, but modest; troublemaking streak; great singer; great pianist; funny; loves to eat (hw by Izzy: but looks like a flippin’ toothpick); mother and father both work SpecOps; dad is Marine; mom is Army; older brother also in training; Spanish Italian American; center of attention; sleeps like a rock; perfect white smile; olive complexioned; loves babies; hates surveillance; can be distracted but not extremely easily; talks too much; loud; can be a bit violent; talks about her dreams (hw by Cass: why is that in here?) (hw by Mac: I have no idea, ask the other two musketeers); has bad allergies (hw by Mac: is that relevant?) (hw by Charlie: no, but it’s funny)

Charlotte Duncan: 16; five foot seven; long, wavy (curly at the ends) honey-colored hair; loves explosives and cracking codes; average girl; dark eyes; mostly good at talking to boys; average build; rebellious; both parents are military spies; good at finding loopholes and finding her way around the rules; likes to read; but prefers action; great at getting around top surveillance; impatient; hot-tempered; has one brother in the Marines; brother is married with one daughter (hw: she is SO adorable!!); has two cousins at the school; perfect white smile; charming; great actress; can be very mature; loyal to a fault; own sense of style (hw: but I ALWAYS look good); easy to talk to; good sleeper; decent cook; a little clumsy; doesn’t always think things through; stubborn; always very tan; Hispanic; decent singer; plays no instrument; in the drama club; great at hand to hand combat; hated by small children (hw by Cass: she scares them) (hw by Charlie: good, I should scare them); two teddy bear hamsters (one named Houdini and the other named Oreo)

Isabella Doyle: 16; five foot ten; shoulder-length red hair; green eyes; fair, but clear complexion; great with guys; great with computers; not that great otherwise academically; plays the clarinet and the flute; singing skills: decent; isn’t a goody two shoes (hw by Charlie: like Mac) or always in trouble (hw by Mac: like Charlie); talks a lot (and gets in trouble for talking too much; in the band; decent shot; great at knife throwing; great at hand to hand combat; good at blending in or standing out; great cook; has a black lab puppy named Devil; parents are dentists; twin younger brothers at General Douglas MacArthur Military Academy; slim frame, but doesn’t look unhealthily (hw by Cass: is that a word?) (Hw by Charlie: spell check says it’s okay); forgets things sometimes; a little clumsy; sometimes not very observant (hw by Izzy: it’s called tunnel vision); average intelligence; in band; tolerated by small children; enjoys explosives; doesn’t care for reading; terrible speller (hw by Charlie: she’s the reason they make computers with spell check); hot-tempered; very violent (hw by Cass: don’t forget abusive); impatient; loud; sleeps like a rock and doesn’t like being woken up

The author's comments:
This is a fun book I'm writing for me and a few friends. Feedback is welcome.

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