Fallen Grace

May 7, 2009
By Devin Melo BRONZE, New Bedford, Massachusetts
Devin Melo BRONZE, New Bedford, Massachusetts
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Chapter 1 5 Years Later
The long Deep dark colored hair of Matthew Is whipping around his face as he is running through the forest in the middle of the night,The dark clouds graze over the sky .Mathew is a few miles out of town.His footsteps can be heard stomping on the forest floor,Stopping in front of a bush Matthew crouches down behind it.He licks his teeth and feels the sharp points of his fangs.You hear no panting or any other sound coming from the trees.

Matthew brushes his long,black hair out from in front of his eyes,Still in complete silence Matthew lifts his head over the bush.His light green eyes shining from the moonlight,He spots a open field,In the middle is a big,Black bear.He waits a few seconds and lunges at the bear from the bush....To feast.

I wake up to the annoying beeping sound from my alarm clock,Oh how i hate that sound,Just when you are getting to a good part of a dream it bursts it wide open.I get up from my bed,Almost tripping over a small hole in the floor.I head to the bathroom where its just like the rest of this abandon house i live in,Holes in the wall,Broken tiles on the floor,And your occasionaly spider or 2 crawling around.When i look in the mirror i have a really bad case of bed hair.Good thing this abandon house still has water for the shower or i would really smell badly.I take a quick shower making sure i dont have any hair sticking up on my head.

A few minutes later after i washed the smell of that bear i had for supper yesterday off and my hair is back to normal,Grabbing some clothes I look out the window and see the bus stop.I dont know where my parents are,all i remember is that when i was 4 we traveled the world,One day when i was 7 they ran out to do some arrands but never came back.Parents or no parents A kid has to have an education,Even a kid who is a vampire.

Unlike most vampires you may know who get burned or melt,Whatever you
call it, I can walk in the sun.Probably cause those are just cheap critisism
movies that make fun of us vampires and make us look like the badguys.
Killing people,Sucking there blood,and all that nice stuff.Well im not like.
Im just a 15 year old kid who is in high school who eats animals for my
food,Not human.

I walk out through the back of the house,Dont need people wondering what a 15 year old boy is doing walking out of a abandon building.I feel around in my pocket there i have a speacial gift my parents gave me when i was like 10 years old,Its a green box that i could never open I walk down the
stairs,Which are chipping apart.I walk over to the bus stop and wait.Wind starts to rush through my hair making it fly around.I put my hoodie on,While im doing that a couple of kids walk over to the bus stop and stare at me,I just want to go over there and tell them what they are staring at but im not the kind of person to lose his cool.

I live in,a small town in Colarado,My high school,Cherry Creek High is a decent school.I faked all the papers to enter the school during my freshman year.Im in my junior year now. More people begin to walk over to the bus stop,all talking to each other about things they did yesterday or gossip about people who like each other.
I dont get to talk to anyone,I have no friends at school.I go to school ,do my work then come back home thats pretty much it.

Its about fifty-six degrees out right now.I hear a loud beeping sound,Looking down the street I see that its just the bus.The bus stops in front of the group of the kids,Walking over there i knotice a girl about to walk into the bus.She has blonde hair and dark brown eyes,The color of my hair to be exact.She is probably new in this town.Since im a vampire i have a couple of things you call gifts or powers,One in which i can hear things from very far places also i have super fast reflexes.That comes in handy when im trying to catch my food out in the forest.

I get on the bus,Staring down the isleway looking for a seat but theres only 1 spot left and its next too......Of corse the new girl.Man i usually sit by myself,Not being the social guy i am I start to think of just getting off and walking to school but even if i did use my speed to gett there people are going to wonder how i got there so quick when i was on the bus not 5 minutes ago."Sigh",I walk down the isle and sit next to the girl.She looks at me for a quick second.

"Vampire!" She said after she brushed the hair out from in front of her eyes.

I fell my stomach turn,even though that cant happen when your a vampire.I start to panic how does she know that im a vampire.

"What?" I said mabey to get a answer on how she knows.

"Your wearing a vampire shirt".She says pointing to my shirt which has a picture of a vampire on it with the words"Too cool to be breathing."

I was relieved that it was just my shirt she was talking about.It would be bad if somebody were to find out that I was a vampire.For one it will have to include police,screaming people,me being either killed,locked up in a cage,or just another part of a sick experiment.

"Umm........ yeah i bought this a couple of months ago".I point to my shirt,she nods.

"Yeah i like vampires there so cool".She says with a smile that can probably the cutest thing i have ever seen.

Huh....so she likes vampires....My kind of girl.I lean back in my seat.

"Are you new to this town?"I said flashing a smile,But quickly stop making sure she didnt see my fangs.She nods again.

"Yeah Im new I just moved here from Pheonix, Arizona.She flashes another smile that almost makes me feel like i died and went to heaven......Oh wait i am dead,sort of.Also it explains alot, a very hot girl from a very hot place.I shake her hand.

"Nice to meet you my name is Matthew....Matthew Grace.I said with a cool guy kind of look."But you can call me Matt if you want to"

"Hi matt,My name is Emily Nice too meet you"I think i was about to faint but i retained my composure and looked to the front of the bus.I saw the School down the street through the big window in the front of the bus.I turn to Emily her sparkling eyes in the sun made me proud of myself for staying on the bus."So what classes are you in?"

I see Emily pull out a piece of paper from her pocket and reads it."I have Math first,Social Studies after that,Language after that,and literacy and science for my final too.A big smile came onto my face.

"Those are my classes to.....Looks like we are going to be classmates.I said pointing to the both of us.I feel the bus stop as I fall forward a little bit catching the back of the seat in front of me really fast.I hear Emily Laugh,I get up and Emily follows we walk down the isle of the bus and step out into the sunny day.The sun hit my face like a ray of light i look over too Emily who is searching around,probably cause the school is huge.

"You want me too walk you too class?"I smile as i see Emily smile back."Sure,The way this school is I might get lost.".I laugh and we both head into the school passing by groups of kids.I knowtice that Emily has stopped.I turn to her.

"Whats the matter?".I said with a worried look on my face wondering why Emily stopped.

"Where is your friends?"she asked with a questionable face.I stared at her then my face went half sad and half blank."I dont have any."I said loooking up again.I see her face which is a half sad face."im sorry i didnt need to say that ....my fault!"She looks at me.I look back smiling."Its okay...Well lest head to class before we are late."

We both walk into our homeroom where I walk to my seat and Emily walks over to the teacher.I use my super hearing to listen whats going on.

"Hi I'm Emily a new student."She said looking at the teacher Mr Davis which is our social studies teacher.He looks up and mutters."Okay well for now why dont you go pick a seat to sit in."I see Emily smile as she walks over and plops her stuff on the table next to me.I smile at her and she smiles back.This is going to be the best high school years ever.

The author's comments:
I used to read alot of vampire books so i decided to make one for my own about romance,Action,Comedy and alot more hope you enjoy

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