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May 12, 2009
By mmmary<3 BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
mmmary<3 BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
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Okay, just walk up to him and say “Hi.” That’s all you have to do.

My name’s Lizz and I’m no expert when it comes to boys. I don’t know how to talk to them, be around them, or anything that involves them. But my friends, oh man, they’re like guy magnets. I don’t know how exactly I became friends with them because they’re the girls that boys drool over. I’m just the kind of girl where the guys ask me to hold the door for them. They don’t really notice me, but I have noticed someone or have noticed him for a while now. He’s the kind of guy where he doesn’t ask me anything about the door. His name is Taylen and he’s just so gorgeous with his auburn colored hair that never is too long, his incredible green eyes, and he has a football player type body. I think he’s just perfect.

I have known Taylen since the third grade but I haven’t really fancied him until the fourth grade. He gave me a cupcake one day when the boys were teasing me about my new haircut. You’re probably thinking that I should be able to talk to him by now, but I can’t, I don’t know how. My friends always bug me about it. I know they’re my friends but sometimes I just can’t stand them! They do have a good point though. They say I should go up to him and just start talking. They don’t know how hard it is for me though.

But one day I listened to them, I don’t know why. My whole body was shaking and my hands were getting sweaty, clutching onto my iPod when I walked up to him. I didn’t know what I was doing but my feet kept leading me to him. There was so much going on in my head that when he saw me walking towards him I just fidgeted and started stuttering. He looked at me weird like I had something in my teeth. I didn’t know what to say so I just stood there, like a dork right in front of a hot guy. My wanna-be future hot guy. There was so much going on in my head that nothing came out of my mouth.

Thank God the bell rang right in time, just before I said something stupid to him. I quickly walked away to my class before the final bell rings. “What the hell just happened? I can’t believe I was making a fool of myself,” I thought. I felt my face getting red hot. I cover my face behind my worn out history book. I stay like that until class is over. “Hopefully I won’t see Taylen for the rest of the day,” I thought at the end of class. I dig around my bag pack looking for my iPod. I couldn’t find it for about three minutes until I realized that I had it in my hand when I was being an idiot in front of Taylen. Oh man, maybe I dropped it when I ran away from him! He better not have picked it up, but I know deep down inside that he has it in his hands right now. Oh-my-god!
I tell my friends about my incident with Taylen later on after school.
“So I tried talking to Taylen today.” I say to them.
At the same time all my friends say, “What?”
I just sit there staring in amazement at them until I say, “But nothing happened - I mean something did but I didn’t actually talk to him. I just stood there like a sitting duck that wasn’t quacking. He has my iPod though, I dropped it when I was running away.”
“You ran away? Why?” One of my friends named, Amy said.
They all lean in towards me, and then I tell them the whole story. They just bust out laughing at me when I’m done telling them. They could see my face getting red like earlier so they stop. Soon enough they tell me what I fear the most…
…“You have to go see him.”
My heart starts to beat faster. I can’t even think about him without getting nervous. I can’t talk to him. Not now, not ever. I don’t care about my precious iPod. He could have it.
“No, nononononono! That is not going to happen.”
“Oh yes it is. We’ll pick out your close now before we go, “ Tina, the fashionista in the gang, says.

How did I get into this? They start digging in my drawers complaining how I don’t have the right clothes. There were clothes flying everywhere, that one landed on my head. Soon enough they found something decent. The girls picked out a very bright pink t-shirt (they said it brings out my eyes but whatever) with my favorite cut-up jeans from Abercrombie. I try it on and they all think it looks perfect. Now all I have to do is just try to figure out what to say to him without running away.

The next day when I go to school, he’s the first person I see. I get out of my car slowly. He sees me getting out so I pretend I’m getting something out of my bag. I could just feel his bold green eyes just piercing at me, just as if he can see right through me. I fidget more and as clumsy as I am, I dropped my bag onto the cemented road. I sigh in disbelief and bend down to pick everything up. I hear footsteps coming over to me. I look up and it’s him. I can’t believe this. Why is this happening now, especially when I was making a fool out of myself? He bends down beside me picking up some of my pencils without saying a word. Was I supposed to say something first? The quite between us grows on me. Finally when everything is picked up we both get up at the same time. “Thanks,” is all I say. I start to turn around but his hands stop me. I look up at him with curious eyes.
“You dropped something yesterday.”
My mind freezes, but finally I say something back.
“I always drop something everywhere I go. I’m lucky enough people even give them back to me.”

He smiles his big, wonderful smile. You could see his dimples probably from a mile away. God I love it when he does that. He digs in his jacket for something. My iPod shows up in his hands.
“You have great taste in music Lizz. ”

“Ohmigod! He knows my name! Taylen, the love of my life, knows my name,” I though. I blush instantly. I didn’t know what to say next, but soon enough he asks me a question.

“You want to sit with me at lunch today? We can talk about…music or… something else if you want.”

Wait; did I just hear him right? I start to scream in my head. My heart starts to jump with joy. With everything strength I have, I hold myself up. I lean against my car and say, “I would like that.”

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