May 3, 2009
By MV1220 BRONZE, Eastchester, New York
MV1220 BRONZE, Eastchester, New York
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She looked at the mail silently, dreading the thought of opening one of them.
"You should open it" her mother said smiling.
Taking the mail from her hand she walked slowly into the dining room and started at the pile waiting for her.
She sighed heavily and tore open the first envelope.
"Accepted" she read, cringing at the word which opened old wounds.
She grabbed for another one and yet again it read "Accepted."
As she went down the pile she took notice that all of them read the same thing.
"So" her mother said leaning on the doorway "What's the verdict"
Tears flooded to her eyes, burning them as her eyeliner and tears mixed together.
"Accepted! To every dang one!" she cried.
"Honey! That's great!" She said enthusiastically, stretching out her arms ready to embrace her.
Lila shoved passed her and took out her car keys.
"I'm sorry" she said wiping the tears from her face "I have to go."
Knocking on the door to his house was strange. She was so used to just going in that knocking had become a strange thing. His mother opened the door ,she was a typical house wife that popped pills behind people's back when she thought they weren't looking and had way to much plastic embedded in her that she made barbie seem human.
"Is Nick there?" Lila asked hoping that the answer would be no.
"He's out back" she said nudging her head to the backyard.
"I've got mail!" Lila said as she saw Nick swinging slowly on his childhood swing set.
"You've got mail" he repeated
"I got into every single one." she said weakly smiling as she took a seat on the other swing.
He looked at her and took in her smile, her eyes and the shape if her nose for one last time.
"You have to go to one" he said softly.
"You have to go to one because if you stay here with me then your going to regret it. Your going to regret staying because when it fails like I know it will your going to hate me, and it's going to be worse then because your going to regret that all this time you should of gone to college to get a real career while you stayed back to become a cashier at stop & shop." he inhaled then exhaled slowly.
"I love you more than anything Lila Grace, but high school romances never work out after high school and I'm not going to let you be one of those idiots that stayed behind to try to work it out."
"Fine" she said as fresh tears streamed down her face."So what if it does work out! Give me another good reason why I should go!"
" Because" he said looking off into the distance "You've got mail."

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