...The Big Yellow Sun...

May 1, 2009
By SerenityFalls BRONZE, Piedmont, Missouri
SerenityFalls BRONZE, Piedmont, Missouri
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Linda Ann Westbrooke, age 8, with the personality of a doll. I always told myself ever since I was a baby girl that my mommy loves me, no matter what the mean old lady said. I still remember mommy how beautiful she really was. Her hair was like mine only much longer now probably. It was such a fair yellow, and i loved how in the sun it shined brighter than the sun itself. Mommy had a lovely face, her skin so soft. I used to touch my fingers' to her procilean skin, just to see if it was real...
Mommy had a skinny figure, she was always so tall and slender. No matter how tall she was though, she still tried her best to bend down and hug me with all her might. Mommy had such understanding abilities. No matter how big of a mess I made she still loved me and she still only hugged and kissed me. Oh, and Mommy's kisses. I remember how perfect they seemed.
So caring,giving,beautiful, and filled with love. Her lips' where always so pink, and teeth so white and real. Her image to me is kept in my heart, and I could never erase it now. I'm terrified to forget, yet cautious to remember. I remember the last thing mommy said to me. Before her final hours'.
We were in the hospital in her sick room, and she was feeling so sleepy. Though she was only young and had no chance to pass on, she still said this to me. "Linda Ann remember me, but never over-fill your thoughts', never get to stubborn, and never hurt anyone, and when you need me most my dear, i'll be there next to you... remember the big yellow sun, and know I'm there with you..." After she said those last few words', I say her brush her hand against my hair. Even though she was sweating so much, she still looked more beautiful than ever. She pulled me in and gave me a kiss, and smiled with all her love. She laid back against her pillow and i hear her whisper silently," Linda Ann you're my daughter, and I found a couple to care, hopefully they are not to stubborn, mean, or have no feelings' at all... I plan to stay with you, as best as I truly can. So Linda Ann please, never forget who your mother really...is..." Then the wind began to blow, the angels' arrived and soon enough mommy was no longer alive.
This memory I'm terrified to forget, because it's all I have left. Though she promised me she'd remain here with me, where is she now? Is she so unique and so perfect it's her I cannot see? Is her skin so much fairer that it's invisible to me? I want my mommy back so much, I miss her willing hand. But no matter what happens, I'll find mommy in the big yellow sun...

The author's comments:
I feel very confident about this piece. Try to really feel Linda's emotion through the story...

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